Friday, February 19, 2016

Skinfood in Toronto - PSA!

I spotted a small selection of Skinfood products at The Bay's Beauty Underground at Eaton Center! It included the Lettuce Cucumber line, Peach Sake line, sheet masks and a couple of wash off masks. Impressive (but doesn't come cheap)! They also have a small selection of Tony Moly too.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Heroine Make Haul

I can't believe it's been a year since I've posted! Time really flies..

I did a mini restocking haul from Sasa with two new things that I haven't tried before.

BCL Browlash came out with a new film mascara called WP Washable Long & Curl (a volume formula is also available). If this brand sounds familiar to you, I did a review here a while ago on two of their other mascaras. I'm eager to try this out as I'm a fan of fiber mascaras.

I also restocked on the Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara Film type. The formula is slightly drier, but I find that it's great at holding my lash curl and doesn't smudge on me. It has a curved bristle wand with a fast drying formula. It can be removed with warm water, although I find this one takes a bit longer to remove than the Fiberwig mascara (which BTW, they changed their packaging!).
I restocked on my go-to liquid eyeliner by Kiss Me Heroine Make. I think I've been using this now for the past few years, I can't even remember when I bought the first one.
The package has changed slightly, in that the pen is now black with shimmers. Hopefully the formula hasn't changed. This works better on me that Dolly Wink, which tends to smudge later in the day.
I normally use the Laura Mercier Hydrating Foundation Primer, but Toronto has been much more humid and hot this summer that I notice my foundation slipping off faster.
I saw the Heroine Make Make Lasting Base on Ratzillacosme and was very happy that Sasa (and also Adambeauty) started carrying it on the website. The packaging is not only so cute, it has SPF50, uses zinc oxide and supposedly doesn't have any harsh chemicals (like alcohol).
The formula feels very light and doesn't have the slick silicone feel to it. It's sticky, but not sticky, if you know what I mean, almost like the Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Primer texture.
It gives my skin a slight brightening effect and is great at keeping my makeup in place throughout the day. I didn't even need to retouch! Even when my skin starts to get oily, my makeup looks more like a soft glow rather than oily.
The only downside is there's not expiry date on it, but since it's relatively new on the market, sunscreens are normally good for 2 years or so.
Overally, this is great for those who want to cut down a step in their makeup routine as it is a primer and SPF in 1 product. I love how it's fragrance-free and doesn't use any of the chemical filters (I prefer it that way) and I've noticed that it really helps keep my makeup in place during the warmer summer months in Toronto.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Skin Aqua Sarafit UV & Solanoveil BB Milk sunscreen

I got 2 new sunscreens for summertime! I did lots of research on which one to get and bought the Solaneveil BB Milk sunscreen and Skin Aqua Sara Fit UV Dry Keep Powder from Adambeauty.
I'm a huge lover of high SPF sunscreens, even though I know it's not that big of a difference from SPF 30, it gives me a piece of mind whenever I'm using it. 
The biggest annoyance about most Japanese sunscreens is they don't have the expiry date. Even though Adambeauty is pretty good at keeping their selections recent, I checked Ratzilla Cosme and found out that Adambeauty only carried the 2011 packaging for the Solanoveil BB Milk sunscreen. I'll probably have to throw this out if I don't finish it this year to be on the safe side. The Sara Fit UV however, came out with this packaging in February.
The Sara Fit UV SPF 50 is supposed to keep your skin dry and powdery feeling, even when you're sweating. I saw the commercial on Youtube and the sweat will supposedly bead off your skin, which it didn't on me. It did dry down to a powdery finish (I use this one on my neck) and seemed to last pretty long throughout the day without feeling sticky at all. The sunscreen comes out as a white with a gel-like texture and dries down quickly on my skin.
My only concern was the smell. It smelled like there was a lot of alcohol in the product, but at least there wasn't any fragrance to mask it.

I got the Solanoveil BB Milk SPF 50 sunscreen because I wanted to use less makeup in the summer. It provided some light coverage and had a semi matte finish. I had to massage/blend it well onto my skin, otherwise it there was some streaking. It didn't cover too much, it just evened out my skin slightly, so I just brush a bit of powder foundation on top for a bit more coverage.
The texture is very liquidy, so applying it on sections of my face makes it much easier to control.
I think there's quite a lot of alcohol in this product too because I noticed by nose looked a bit dry after using it, plus it dried down pretty quickly.
This product is supposed to be water and sweat proof, but I haven't actually tested it while swimming.