Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Korean Pancake

I finally tried those Korean pancake things from the street vendors. If you like chewy doughy things, then this is a must try if you come to Korea! This is a delicious combination of green tea dough (which doesn't have any green tea flavour), brown sugar, peanuts and a hint of cinnamon. Oh so tasty! I usually see the street vendors flattening the pancake in a lot of oil, but the vendor that I got it from used less oil ++!!
I bought 4 and I scarfed down 3/4. The sugar burnt my finger when I was cutting it, good thing I didn't burn my tongue, I already burned the top part of my mouth from hot cheese.
These are available in boxed sets so I gotta bring some back to Canada.

I also updated my makeup sale on mmmiumakeup if you're interested =)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Eye Makeup Remover Comparisons

I ran out of my Softymo super point makeup remover last week so I settled for using the Biore pre moistened clothes, which didn't work out at all! I think the formula or something isn't good for my lashes and I lost a few =/
The mascara I used is the MM Lash Expander Frame Plus for comparison.
I wanted to get either the Shiseido eye and lip makeup remover or the Clinique Take The Day Off but ended up not getting it because they were 36000won and 28000won respectively. Yikes!
Instead, I got an eye makeup remover from Banila Co. It's called It Fresh Sensitive Lip and Eye Makeup Remover for 8000won (100mL) and it's complete garbage, crap, shit and rubbish. It took off the eyeshadows, but the MM mascara didn't even show signs of coming off!!!!

I held the cotton pad on the mascara for 10 seconds and wiped down once and it didn't even budge.
I think this was oil-free so that was part of the problem. However, the Softymo makeup remover I used felt like it was oil-free but it worked fine on the mascara, even if I had to hold it on my eyes longer.
*sigh* Well this won't go to waste, it's gonna end up as my brush/applicator cleaner, just like the Mandom Express Remover haha.

In desperation for an eye makeup remover, I went out yesterday to get the Laneige one. It's for water proof eye makeup and it says in the tiny print that it's "powerful removal". I got this for 15000won and it has 150mL. There is also a regular formula that's not for water proof makeup.
It's a decent eye makeup remover, in the way that it removes the mascara but it takes while. I think it works a lot faster at removing the MM mascara than the Softymo and I also loose fewer lashes.
There's no scent and this formula has an oil and cleanser layer. After mixing, the layers split really quickly so I have to give it a shake again if I need more. My eyes don't feel greasy after using this nor does it make my eyes uncomfortable.

I held the cotton on for 10 seconds then wiped down once and it removed a little bit of the mascara. After a few more swipes, the mascara comes off clean and it didn't leave smudges on my arm or eyes. I'm quite happy with this makeup remover so I hope it doesn't fail me!

For yesterday's look, I finally decided to use my forgotten Maquillage palette in GY865 that I got in Hong Kong.
I have a bit of trouble getting this palette to work. They're brown shades, so it should be easy to use, but the tutorial on the Maquillage website makes this palette look kind of sloppy. I don't know if it's because I'm using a heavy hand, but in person, the middle brown shade makes my eyes look very messy as soon as I'm done applying them.

You don't really notice it in the pictures, but once I apply the middle brown shade, it just looks like I slapped it on the wrong spots. After a few mintues when the shadow settles down, then I think it looks fine.
I also think the white shade (top right corner) is difficult to work with. It feels like an almost cream shadow and I think it's a super pigmented white shade that's really shiny. The purpose of that shadow is to create a "just taken a picture" effect.
According to the She.com video tutorial, when you get your pictures taken with a flash, that light should hit your eye right in the middle and that's what the white shade is supposed to create.
I don't have a problem using the GR366 palette, but the GY865 palette needs a bit of practice to prevent it from looking sloppy.

Coffret D'or FS eyes as base and then I followed the tutorial from the Maquillage website/booklet. I lightly dabbed the top right shade in the middle of my eye and lightly blend it with my finger. I have to be super light with this shade due to its pigmentation and if I over apply, then it just ruins the whole look because it's waaay too shimmery/shiny.
Finished look, no lip color. I'm surprised that my lips don't look as pigmented as they usually do.

I'm totally kicking myself in the ass right now. Remember how I got the Lunasol 10th Anniversary palette the day it came out?? Well, I should have waited until it came out in Korea because there's a GWP with that set at the Lotte Department Store!! It's a 5 piece Lunasol brush set as a GWP!!! I didn't expect that all of the Lunasol items would be available in Korea. Darn my impatientness!!!!!!
While browsing through the Lotte website, I also discovered a whole lot of GWP and sets with almost every brand of makeup at Lotte so I gotta keep an eye out. Currently, the new Laneige White Plus line has a promo going on and there are tons of freebies.show+more-less

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Day With The Girls

It's been a while since I went out with a few girl friends, I feel so deprived haha. I met up with Aichaku and Beauty Addict (Yumeko and Beauty and the Bitch wasn't able to make it =/) and had lunch at this Korean restaurant that was famous for its mandoo and hand cut noodles. I swear there were only 5 things on the menu. The noodles were SOO good and the mandoo tasted like wontons..which I like XD
Aichaku had the spicy noodle and Beauty Addict (I hope you don't kill me for posting your pic!!) and I opted for the non spicy ones hehe.

I didn't take a lot of pictures, it was such a crummy rainy day. We walked around Myeong Dong and I did some major shopping haha.
I had a great time with you girls! I can be very shy when I meet new people haha, I'm usually not that quite =D

In other news, my students are making me pull my hair out. Yelling at them and having my coteacher nag them in Korea doesn't work. I saw a student throw something in the class 2 times so the second time I asked who it was but no one admit to it. I threatened to punish the who class if they didn't admit to it and still no answer. So I said to the whole class to take their chairs to the hallway. I think the coteacher was freaked about what I would do so she urged the student to raise their hand and they did.
This is what I made the student do, hold his chair up for 5 mins, if it touched the ground, I'd put a textbook on it and add an extra 5 mins. If it fell, I'd put another one and so forth. These students can't stand being humiliated so this is one of my best punishments at the moment.

On the same day, I actually made a whole class do it out in the hallway just before lunch. Some students would walk by and laugh. Unfortunately for that class, their homeroom teacher just so happened to be teaching in the class next door XD

I feel like I'm started to get addicted to makeup bases. I have a strong urge to get Maquillage's new Styling Keep Base UV (30mL SPF24++). It's 55,000won, 10,000won more than I paid for my P&J Foundation Primer UV (26.9mL SPF40 PA++).....hmmmmm.....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

"The Interview"

I got tagged! Might as well post it up now cuz I have nothing better to do. Well.. I actually just finished recording the sounds from my neighbour, I tell you, he's a nut case. He was just arguing with his gf about using the computer and touching her on the head?!? It was loud haha..Tim's gonna edit the video of sounds and you'll laugh once you hear what I heard XD

I was tagged by Chyix!

What is your current obsession? Folding paper stars
What is your weirdest obsession? Twirling my hair
What are you wearing today? A purple short sleeve hoodie, t-shirt and jeans
What's your favorite comfort food? Warm desserts XD
What would you like to learn to do? Dance; I'm a terrible dancer.
What's the last thing you brought? Skinfood TCM hair tonic
What are you listening to right now? the recorded sounds of my neighbour going nuts with rage
What is your favorite weather? sunny 23C light breeze
What is your most challenging goal right now? Eating less to help me lose some weight
What do you think about the person who tagged you? I don't know her that well yet, but I hope to!
If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would it be? Hong Kong
What would you like to have in your hands at right now? coca cola
If you could swap lives with anyone for one day who would it be & why? Lara Croft. Even tho she's a game character, I admire her. I've been playing TR (still is) since it came out.
If you would go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? Japan
Which language do you wanna learn? Japanese and more Chinese
What do you look for in a friend? Loyalty and trustworthy-ness
Who do you want to meet in person? Ayumi Hamasaki!
What's your favorite type of music? I like a variety so it's hard to choose
Any favorite model? Janice Man
Things you wish you could change in the past? Nothing I can remember at the moment
Fashion Pet Peeve? yoga pants and ugg boots
Do you admire anyone's stye? Lena Fuji
Describe your personal style. I try to wear girly things, but it's very casual...a lot of Converse. I wish I could wear heels, but my feet are wide =/
What's your favorite ice cream flavor? Demetres honey vanilla
What's your favorite makeup brand? right now..Maquillage
Do you get enough beauty sleep? yes or no? why? Sometimes, depending on what day it is.
Why did you start your (beauty) blog? I wanted someone that I could talk about makeup to without it going out the other ear.

Hmm..I hope this was good.
I tag a few people that needs probing!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie (OD Control)

Did I talk about this Majolica Majorca item yet? I keep having the feeling I did. Let me know if I did cuz I gotta delete this one hehe.

This product is a makeup base and I believe it's the only one that MM came out with. I got this in Hong Kong and I can't remember how much it was...$10CAD??? (sorry I always use difference currencies, but you can convert to whatever currency to use to get an approx. amount).
I didn't start using this product until a few days ago, prior to that I've been finishing up my little jar of the P&J Moisturizing Foundation Primer and I've been using the P&J UV Base. I'm quite strange...since the P&J base cost so much, I almost don't want to finish it up so quickly. I use the P&J UV base only once in a while.
I never really saw the point of using a makeup base, even though I knew it was good for many reasons. I was told by an SA that it prevents the foundation from seeping into my skin too much, but I don't know how true that is. There's a point in me using a makeup base now because I've started to use foundation more often (about a month ago).
Other than the bases I've mentioned, the only other one I've tried was the Laneige base in the lavender shade. I got it 2 years ago and I didn't bring it to Korea with me, which I really regret. I'm probably gonna get another jar here cuz the one at home will be no good, I think it's 25000won.

This base comes in a cute plastic tub and it only contains 20g of product but I think it'll last me a while.
Back in Toronto, an SA at Pacific Mall told me this base was for oil control, so I assume OD control has something to do with that.
The base feels like a gel and spreads really easily and smoothly. I only use a pea sized amount because a little goes a long way.

There is no color and it doesn't brighten or anything and it smells kinda like plasticky face cream. There's also no sun protection and it doesn't feel sticky like other bases. When I first tried it, I assumed it wouldn't hold my foundation very well because it didn't feel tacky/sticky when applied. I was quite surprised that there was minimal fading, even after an 8 hour work day.
Another plus with this base is that it keeps my skin very moisturized! It doesn't even feel like it. Usually after a few hours, I will notice a bit of flakyness on my cheeks and this didn't happen with the MM base. Even using the P&J Moisturizing Primer, my cheeks will get flaky sometimes. Had I known this, I wouldn't have asked Tim's dad to help me get a full size jar of the P&J primer...which is on the way right now. Oh well, I still like the P&J primers..they smell so nice and it's not like they do a bad job at keeping my foundation on XD

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lipbalms + Winner

Here's the winner of my mini giveaway: Melissa!
I've sent you an e-mail so please check! =) I feel like I'm falling behind on my posts, commenting and catching up. I just haven't been in the mood.

I've finally tested out all my lipbalms. I mainly use them before I sleep that way I won't be biting/wiping off the lipbalms so they can fully moisturize my lips.
I just have a quick comparision of these balms.

1. Rosebud Salve
2. Paul & Joe Milky Lip Treatment
3. Korres Guava Lip Butter
4. Lush Honey Trap
5. Lip Rescue
6. Aveeno
7. Strawberry Burst
8. Paul & Joe 061

Least Waxy/Sticky
1. Rosebud Salve
2. Korres Guava Lip Butter
3. Lush Honey Trap
4. Lip Rescue
5. Paul & Joe Milky Lip Treatment
6. Strawberry Burst
7. Aveeno
8. Paul & Joe 061

As you can see I love the Rosebud Salve. Why haven't I heard of it before! Thanks to Fuz, I got a chance to try this great product. It's super moisturizing and it doesn't make my lips feel sticky. Now I can't go out without throwing it into my makeup bag.
The Paul & Joe ones were such a huge difference. The Milky Lip Treatment is similar to a gloss. It moisturizes my lips very well, but I didn't like having a lipgloss feeling when I went to bed. The lipstick was a big disappointment. After trying their other lipsticks, which were smooth and moisturizing, I was surprised that this didn't feel the same. It feels like a lipbalm but with a hint of shimmer and it wasn't super moisturizing.

I've discovered these amazing things in Seoul: game rooms. It's like going to Playdium (does anyone remember that!?) all over again, except it's a lot cheaper. Although there aren't as many games as Playdium, the game room included a sticker photobooth, massage chairs, karaoke, board games, books/magazines, computer and console games, ping pong, batting cage and good ol arcade games! I went with Tim and a few friends and it only cost 7500won for 2 hours! Cheapness!!!
The batting cage and I don't mix, I'm terrible at baseball.

I want these shoes so badly... They're by Onitsuka Tiger and they're the Tokidoki Lunetta Flats for 150,000won. They would totally get destroyed if i wore them here so I don't know how worth it they'll be. *sigh*

Beauty and the Bitch, please message me! I need to let you know about this coming Saturday.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Fruity Cream

I'm a sucker for cute packaging so I ended up with these thing. These cute things are hand creams! I have no idea what they're called, but they're from Japan. I got these in Hong Kong for $55HKD for 30g and they sell for 12000won here.
The fruit cap might look like it won't screw/stay on properly, but I've had it rolling around my purse without cracking open.
I think the cream has a gel like consistency without being too runny.
These aren't really worth it because there is so little hand cream so it's mainly for the cuteness. The things I like about these hand creams are the smell and how it makes my hands feel so soft!

The pear cream smells like a juicy sweet pear. I haven't opened the apple one yet, but when I took a whiff of the sample, it smelled pretty good. These hand creams also come in orange scent in a cute orange container. Although they smell really good, I'm sad to report that the scents don't linger too long.
The cream makes my hands feel very soft, but once I wash my hands, it doesn't feel as soft anymore.
These are also available in lipbalms which are also packaged in the cute fruit shapes. You can get them on Sasa.com.
Speaking of Sasa, has anyone noticed that Imomoko.com's layout looks awfully similar to Sasa's?

I was a bored bored girl this week..4/5 days were spent hanging around the office with no classes to teach. Good thing I was allowed to leave after 3 hours on Weds-Friday XD Since I was so bored, I decided to open my DIY felt thingys.
I made a bunch of cookies and a cake by using the patterns that were provided. I'm terrible at embroidery so up close, the stiches look really bad. I'm also not what I used to be at creating crafts, I think I'm too impatient for them now, but I still managed to get these made hehe.

Happy weekend everyone! =)
Oh btw, you still have about 30 hours to enter my mini giveaway XD

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Contest Entry

I got my grubby hands on Kevin Zhou's books in Hong Kong. It came as a set of two I think for about $12CAD. The book on top is mostly makeup tips and tutorials while the one on the bottom focuses on skincare and basemakeup application. I wish sooo much that I could read more Chinese. I can pick out a few words to read, but not enough to understand -__-' *sigh*

The tutorials and pictures are very clear. This is one of my favourites. I know very plain, but it's such a pretty natural look. The items used were from Beauty Maker, which I couldn't find in Hong Kong. In this tutorial, I believe you use a brown gel liner and then smudge it onto your upper lashline and finish off with black liner on the upper lashline.
For the cheeks, contour and add highlight under your eyes. It doesn't say what color blush, but it looks pink. The contouring shade in the middle is similar to the ones by Benefit.

A very useful guide to where apply makeup depending on what you want to be the main focus on your face. I would usually go for the one in the middle.

I did an entry for Chyix2's spring contest. I don't like taking self portraits...it takes me forever to get a picture that I think is decent. Anyway, the look for spring is a mix of green and pink. I love pink shadows and I thought green would be a nice touch. Kinda reminds me of Easter eggs.
I forgot to take a picture of the MM Neo Automatic Liner BK911.

The base makeup I used is on the side of my blog.
I used the mint green shade from the Maquillage palette on the outer and mixed both of the pink shades for the inner (from the Coffret D'or palette). Since it was for spring, I lined my eyes very lightly to keep the look fresh and natural.

I used the MM Lash Expander Frame Plus. The mascara melted a little bit when I used the heated lash curler >_< The pink gloss is Stila Gumdrop. I think it's so nice, but my pigmented lips make it look like I didn't even put on pink gloss!
Finish off with the Coffret D'or blush (all 3 color stripes) just under the apples of my cheeks up towards the hairline and highlighted the areas under my eyes.

Did you notice anything? My eyebrows are growing out very nicely!!!! I think it's getting more fuller and they're getting fuller in the areas between both brows...the brow there was really sparse. It's not turning into a unibrow..haha that's not what I meant.
I've plucked the strays inbetween my eyes and brows, but I'm still not too sure how to shape them properly without making mistakes.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gathering Update!

To Yumeko, Aichaku, Naomi and Beauty Bitch!
For some stupid reason, I kept thinking that the 23rd was a Saturday...
Anyway, I was planning on having lunch at Myeong Dong to make it less of a hassle since it's in downtown. We'll have either Kraze Burger or Mr. Pizza then do a bit of shopping and maybe have the fondue from Baskin Robbins. How does that sound?
I just need to know if everyone is good for Saturday or Sunday. Once I know, then I'll do a confimation next week and the meeting time and place =) Hope everyone can make it!

*I'm so retarded..I forgot the date...hahaha.. Either Saturday 25th or Sunday 26th.
Annd...any food is fine...but we could always decide when we get there XD

Eyelash Curlkeeper + Giveaway

This is the eyelash spray I mentioned in yesterday's post. It's called Eyelash Curlkeeper by Privacy. I can't remember how much it was, but I'm sure it was cheap. There's 20g of product in this tiny can.
It's no complicated at all. I saw the instructions somewhere on one of the Japanese beauty e-stores. You spray a bit of the Curlkeeper on the front metal part of your lash curler, then you press the handle 1-2 times to get the spray on the curler evenly. You gotta work fast because this spray will dry quickly. Then proceed to curl your lashes. Easy right?! The only thing you gotta be careful of is not to over spray the curler. I made that mistake a few times. I over sprayed it on the curler so a bit of it got in my eyes...it stung because there's alcohol in it. It works just like hairspray and hairsprays tend to have alcohol in it.

I'm quite happy to report that this lash spray worked very well! Today I didn't use any eye makeup because I sat in my office the whole day (no teaching). I just curled my lashes as normal with the spray and by the end of an 8 hour day, more than half of my lashes remained in the curled position. This makes me uber happy! Right now, it's been about 11 hours since I used the spray and most of my lashes are still curled =D

I finally went to Red Mango, I had to see what the hype was about in the states. The frozen yogurt was pretty damn good, even without the fruit. I think this will be my new addiction after Smoothie King.

When I went to Kyung Hee University on Sunday (the one next to my box) a lot of the cherry blossom petals were already on the ground, but I still made good use of them.

One more picture of me and Tim, I like this picture a lot. I hope I'm not making anyone puke XD
I have no idea what that church/cathedral thing is in the background. I think it's part of the university. It's gothic-ish style with stain glass that have Greek gods/goddesses, globes, dragons and doves, but no crosses. I wonder if it's even related to anything religious.

I've been blogging for so long so I thought it was time I do a mini giveaway to my lovely readers. The prizes are a couple Cettua collagen masks and the mouth masks by DHC plus some Skinfood samples. The DHC mask is so cool, it stays on you like a sticker but made with a jelly substance. Anyway, here's what you gotta do:

Tell me you want in on this giveaway in this comment box plus tell me:
A) Why you started blogging
B) What makes you interested in beauty blogs.
Remember to leave your name and e-mail address!

You will have until Saturday April 18 11:59PM my time in Seoul...which is 13 hours ahead of the time in Toronto (around 10:59AM on Saturday). I can't remember which timezone, so you can do the math =p The comments should be showing up with the time in Korea.
I will pick the winner with random.org. Your number will depend on what order you place your comment =)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Flowers Everywhere!

I meant to do a post on Friday, but I didn't have time...my luggages finally arrived from Hong Kong!! Tim's luggage was filled with food and mine had the misc stuff I didn't bring along with my first luggage. They were things like magazines and other toiletries. Did I tell you that I got my hands on the Kevin Zhou books!? My Eyelash Curlkeeper was also part of the stash, it's a hairspray for the lashes! I'll try to do a post about it soon.

I spent my Saturday wandering around Yeuido to look at the famous sakura area. Then I spent the Sunday taking more pictures of sakura at the university near me. This post has pictures from both days. The sakura was from Saturday and the EOTD and necklace was from Sunday. I have more pictures to post from Sunday but I'll do that later on.

For my EOTD, I used the Lunasol Anniversary Palette. I applied the darkest brown shade halfway up my lid for more oomph. I think it helps make my eyes look better than just using the shade as a liner. Please refer back to this post for a picture of the palette. The difference isn't as noticable in the pictures, but in person, I think it does.
I finally got a heated lash curler, just a cheap one from the drugstore. I'm not sure if it's the cheapness of the curler or I'm just too impatient to let the mascara dry, but my lashes clump up when I use the curler. The Lunasol mascara sucks at volume/curling so you barely notice the curl even after using the heated lash curler.

I got this camera necklace in Hong Kong, so cute XD It says it's made in Korea so I don't know why I didn't get it here. Most of the cute jewellery I see in Canada and Hong Kong were imported from Korea.

I took tons of pictures at Yeuido. There's a whole street that was blocked off due to the amount of people. I don't know how long the road was, but it felt like it was never ending. I never got to the end of the cherry blossoms. I've got a huge pimple right inbetween my eyes @__@ Stupid things just like to pop out at the same spot all the time!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Stuff To Look At

Check out this blog for the P&J's new collection. She has swatches up as well. My Chinese isn't good enough to understand everything, so you could always Google Translate everything XD

Also take a look here for this MUA's video tutorial using the latest RMK Base Makeup. It's in Cantonese and Japanese. Me wants!!!! I don't think it's out in Seoul yet, plus I'm sure the price will turn me off from buying it XD
I translated what I could hear from the first video.

For the Super Basic Concealer, the MUA says that there are 2 shades because it helps create a nice highlight on your eyes while concealing. The powder on the bottom helps create a glowly highlighted finish because it contains some shimmer.

For the Powder Foundation EX, all you need to do is spread the powder lightly with the sponge to create a flawless look. The powder foundation is supposed to apply very easily like their liquid foundation so there aren't any uneven spots. He says if you try the foundation yourself, you'll notice that it feels like you're applying liquid foundation because it is so smooth. The sponge is supposed to be made in a special way that makes applying the foundation very easy.
For extra coverage, simply pat on the foundation with the sponge after the first layer. Even if you apply more than 1 layer, you won't notice any cakeyness
The top part of the foundation is used with the brush. It contains shimmer to create a glowly finish.

OK..I'm convinced...they got me at the part where the foundation doesn't cake and applies like a liquid. I'm terrible at applying powder foundation evenly which is why I use liquid foundation. I wonder if the RMK foundation will live up to this claim?
The cherry blossoms and magnolias are blooming like crazy! This was at the university near my box. I'll be heading to Yeuido(?) station this weekend to check out the famous cherry blossom area.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Night Routine

I've talked about my skincare routine a couple months ago in this post. After visiting Hong Kong, I got some new things to add into my daily skincare routine, this time it includes some new products for night time. I've stuck to using the Orbis products for the day time because the moisturizer is very light so I figured I should get something more hydrating for night time.

My cleansers include the Softymo Super Point Makeup Remover, Orbis Cleansing Liquid and Lush Coalface.
The moisturizers are the P&J skincare items: Moisture Lotion, Moisture Cream and the Eye Treatment Cream.
For extras, I use a lipbalm, Ardell Lash/Brow Accelerator on the brows and Canmake Eye Essence before bed. I also use the Treatment Oil 1-2 times a week and the Skinfood Black Sugar Scrub 2-3 times a week depending on how dry my skin is.

It sounds very complicated, but I'm sure it's waaaay fewer steps than some people out there XD
The P&J items were a great addition to my routine. Not only are these products super hydrating, they also smell soooo nice, like floral and citrus scent.
A quick note about the Moisture Lotion and Cream. Sometimes my cheeks feel tight after I wash my face, once I apply the lotion, my skin immediately feels relieved and moisturized.
The Moisture Cream is super hydrating and doesn't break out on me. I do have a minor rant, it feels slighty sticky/oily on my skin. I don't mind this at all since it moisturizes very well.
Out of all the products I've used on my skin, I think the P&J ones are the most moisturizing, it even beats the Laneige Emulsions.
I almost forgot about the Skinfood Black Sugar Foam Scrub. I still think it smells like lemon dish detergent but it doesn't bother me. I like how it makes my skin feel super smooth, but the sugar granules are a bit too rough. It melts away as I massage my skin, but I just don't like the initial feeling of it. I'm gonna be getting something else after I'm through with it.

I saw on a blog (can't remember which one) that minty green polishes are supposed to be the IT color. Lucky for me I got this in September so I didn't have to hunt for one. This is the PA polish in A86. It costs about 280yen but I can't remember how much I got it for.
I used 2 coats plus the PA topcoat. I think it's a bit difficult to apply the polish evenly, if you look closely, you can seem some streaks.

Most of the time, I don't like eating dinner with my teachers. I just feel so alienated by them and it's so difficult to communicate, even with my coteachers. But it's interesting to see what's for dinner because I don't eat Korean food outside of school. I have to admit I'm quite sick of Korean food since I eat it everyday for lunch, I miss eating Chinese food.
I don't remember what this soup was called. Mine was the only non-red one because I don't eat spicy food. The flavour was yummy but it was super salty!

Some sam-gip-sal (??) fatty pork and rice. I think I was the only one that ate the lean parts of the pork XD I didn't eat the kimchi either, it was mainly pork, soup and rice for me.

The last class of grade 9 students to see me were a funny bunch. They were obviously impressed that a person who looks Korean to them could speak perfect English, so there were plenty of oooohs and ahhs.
When I walked around to check if they were doing their assignment, I usually talk to them. The boys were REALLY shy!! There were 2 boys whose faces turned red when I spoke to them. They tried to cover it with their hands while being teased by their classmates haha.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Korean Pow Wow!?

SOOO....big news. I'm not sure how many of you know, but Yumeko is coming to Seoul again!!!! Haha..I say again because she was here a few weeks ago and I wasn't able to catch her. I know there are a couple bloggers in Seoul as well and I'd like to organize a little get together for those who are in or visiting Seoul at the same time.
Naomi (Beauty Addict), Beauty and the Bitch, I'm looking at you girls. Aichaku (Aichaku Beautification), I read you're coming to Seoul as well so hopefully you'll be able to come too.

Here's what I was thinking: On Saturday April 25, we'll do some major shop visiting and cafe-ing in the Hongdae area, namely Hongik, Sinchon and Ewha Women's University. There seems to be more to do around those areas. We can always get on the subway and go elsewhere too.
Then in the evening we'll go to Mr. Pizza...because Mr. Pizza has "love for women" and go hang out at a tea cafe if there's time.

If there are any beauty bloggers out there in Seoul who would like to join, please let me know. I'd like to have the details posted a week before the date, so you'll have 2 weeks to msg/cbox me XD
I'm hoping that day will be good for everyone. I have school during the weekdays, and I don't wanna be a zombie walking into class hehe. I'm so excited!

Art Award

Me artsy? Haha...not since my highschool days. Did you know that I took a "life drawing" class in highschool and had to draw naked women and an old guy who's a vet to our school?? Haha...thank goodness he was wearing something, even if it was only a g-string...he also falls asleep if he's keeping the same position for more than 10 minutes.
I was tagged by Miss Imperfect!

List 7 things or people you are passionate about. List the person that gave you the award. Put the award logo. 7 other bloggers you feel are worthy of this award.

1. Skincare and cosmetics. You don't understand how many reviews and such I go through to get one product...like P&J for example.
2. Travelling. As much as I hate flying, it's worth it in the end.
3. Ancient history. I especially love the European and Egyptian histories. I've been bugging Tim for so long on when we'll go see some cathedrals and pyramids.
4. Eating. I'll never be stick thin XD
5. Cats. Had them since waaaaaaay too long ago. I also like a lot of other furry animals haha.
6. Coca Cola. I have cravings of this stuff, never Pepsi!!
7. Theme parks. I'm such a kid, I LOOOOVE Disney World and Sea World.

Do I really need to tag people? I'm terribly lazy....soooo..I TAG ALL OF YOU!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Simple FOTD and Hongdae

Good morning and good evening! Depending on which side of the world you're on. I'm still going through my lipbalms so I can do a quick review on all of them on the same post.
I'm slowly getting better, thankq for all the well wishes =) My voice sounds like a manly frog speaking English/Chinese since yesterday. I'm kinda hoping that tomorrow I'll still be in the same state so I can call in sick. You won't believe how badly I want to call in sick.

I didn't do much on Saturday. I wandered around Hongik University, I'm sure it was the Hongdae area. Anyway, there's quite a few things to see...a lot of mini stores that sell pretty clothing and a lot of accessories.
I just did a simple look, didn't feel like using a whole bunch of stuff on my eyes. I did a look similar to Fuz's Korean actress inspired look, it's just black liner and very little eyeshadow. It seems so rare that I don't use eyeshadow.

I've been using the UDPP for a few years already and I noticed yesterday that the Coffret D'or shadow creased! Hopefully it's not the CoD shadow that's creasing, but if it's the UDPP, I still got another new tube to go through before cracking open the BE Prime Time.
I used the MM Frame Expander Plus mascara plus the Fiberwig. I wanted to really "beef" up my lashes since I wasn't doing any special shadow look. I think I was using the P&J lipstick in 062.

I'm a bit tempted to use falsies, but I'm sure it'll end up in failure then I'll get so frustrated.
In the close up, I actually forgot to apply the Coffret D'or shadow before tightlining, so it smudge a wee bit when I attempted to apply it. The liner is also a bit thicker than in the picture. I've tried the MUFE Aqua Eyes, but it smudged terribly. I really like the texture of the MUFE liner but I had to give it up. The P&J liner stays on but it's not as soft as the MUFE liner.
Oh! My eyebrows are started to get fuller too! I've been usin the Ardell Brow and Lash Growth Accelerator for the past week and a half and it's really starting to make a difference. I don't use it on my lashes because I have the Canmake Lash Essence.

So in the Hongdae area, there's a lot to see. According to some foreign teachers that I know, the areas south of the river (can't remember the name) is considered the rich area. It's actually a HUGE difference compared to the area that I'm living in. There's more shopping, restaurants and university students, so it feels a bit safer to be walking around at night.
I met the Pon De Ring Lion!!! I wanted to take the blankets and plushies that were behind me.

Going back into the subway and this was at around 5:30pm on a Saturday.
Again..what's with the "cock"?! I'm sure it actually says cockls, but still! Final picture, what were those girls thinking? Even though it was a high of 15C, everyone else was still wearing jackets and such. The makeup on the girl to the right looks weird. It's like she drew her eyeliner all the way up her eyelid. I would never ever dress like that in public...

The lovely DHC Store. I went inside and it was empty!! It's so awkward to have the SA following you when the store is empty. I found collagen capsules for 25000won, I might go back to get it. It'll save me more money than adding it into my 4000won Smoothie Kings everytime.