Friday, April 17, 2009

Fruity Cream

I'm a sucker for cute packaging so I ended up with these thing. These cute things are hand creams! I have no idea what they're called, but they're from Japan. I got these in Hong Kong for $55HKD for 30g and they sell for 12000won here.
The fruit cap might look like it won't screw/stay on properly, but I've had it rolling around my purse without cracking open.
I think the cream has a gel like consistency without being too runny.
These aren't really worth it because there is so little hand cream so it's mainly for the cuteness. The things I like about these hand creams are the smell and how it makes my hands feel so soft!

The pear cream smells like a juicy sweet pear. I haven't opened the apple one yet, but when I took a whiff of the sample, it smelled pretty good. These hand creams also come in orange scent in a cute orange container. Although they smell really good, I'm sad to report that the scents don't linger too long.
The cream makes my hands feel very soft, but once I wash my hands, it doesn't feel as soft anymore.
These are also available in lipbalms which are also packaged in the cute fruit shapes. You can get them on
Speaking of Sasa, has anyone noticed that's layout looks awfully similar to Sasa's?

I was a bored bored girl this week..4/5 days were spent hanging around the office with no classes to teach. Good thing I was allowed to leave after 3 hours on Weds-Friday XD Since I was so bored, I decided to open my DIY felt thingys.
I made a bunch of cookies and a cake by using the patterns that were provided. I'm terrible at embroidery so up close, the stiches look really bad. I'm also not what I used to be at creating crafts, I think I'm too impatient for them now, but I still managed to get these made hehe.

Happy weekend everyone! =)
Oh btw, you still have about 30 hours to enter my mini giveaway XD


Yumeko said...

wwow i think u did good
the cake is so cute
i bought a book on these but i have zero patience to make them badddd


btw that apple one really smells good i think!

Linda said...

Those are so cute! I'm a sucker for packaging, too.

miemiemie said...

hahaha i'm impatient with making stuff as well. i'd be like, oh crap i'll just buy it than make it hahaha same goes for baking and cooking -_-

the apple and pear look yummy! nice packaging haha

stillmarionette said...

whenever i see the fruit creams i want to try it too!

the felt figurines are cute :] wish i had the patience to do that, but i'm not much of a sewing person

Anastacia said...

AWE! So cute stuffs! very prety cosmetic products!
The first time I see it!
So pretty 'n girly :)

LK said...

Wow, those are really creative!! Good work! :)

I'm a huge sucker for packaging as well; maybe that's why I decided to become a graphics designer haha :P

Jamilla Camel said...

Fruit smell + Kawaii packaging = lemming!

Your creations are so are very good at crafts, despite you protests!

I hate being bored at work...on the other hand, I wish things would slow down sometimes for just a couple of days!

ning * star said...

the face shop carries those hand cream as well, but only 30 mL
horrible and terrible SMALL.

the craft is cute. lol, i didn't notice any imperfect from the picture. I think u did it nicely

-Yu- said...

the packaging is absolutely adorable. A lot of hand cream scents does not last long.

The stuffed cakes and cookies looks so yummy to eat.

Sofie said...

I agree! The packaging is adorable and it's usually that which draws me into buying things T_T;

And those crafts looks so cute! You are really good! ^^ (can't make anything close to it to save her life)

dreamer0703 said...

"I got these in Hong Kong for $55HKD for 30g and they sell for 12000won here"............miumiu, next time just translate them in one currency, i can't tell it's good price or not...haha, your embroideries are cute!

" KT " said...

They have those fruit creams here at my local japanese market, marukai - and I've always wanted to get them.
Especially the pear one!

and I've always wanted to try the cake felting projects, i see so many pattern books on ebay, but the translation is a pain.

I would sooo buy those off you tho!

~Mel said...

hey girly.. cute stuff!! hmm.. never noticed the similiarities of the websites.. but doesnt' bother me that much as long as my orders are fulfilled! =)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

homemade craft looks really cute!! ive seen those lipbalms around!!

Blair said...

Ahh, I think I prefer using my hands to sew, I can't work the sewing machine for some reason!

The tiny cake looks deli, mind keeping it out of my sight, I might chomp it hahaha.

The hand creams are cute though, you can whip out an 'apple' and proceed to open it and apply your hand cream nonchalantly. Gimmicky but we like em!

ekimura said...

Ive always seen those fruit creams but I never got em since I didnt know if they were any good! thx for the review!

and the cake and cookie handmade thingies are too cute XD
its so popular in Japan right now and they just look too good X3

eri said...

so cute! all you beauty bloggers are just so crafty!

abby of mia picolli piaceri said...

wow....cute li'l do you do 'em??? please please please!!! i soo adore reading your posts ;)

Anonymous said...

omgg the cookies and cake look so adorable! like those plastic toys u get when ur little XDD


✿Ji✿ said...

Awww the sweets look so cute!♥

I really wanted to see bolt, I promised my little brother to go with him, but I couldn´t find the time to watch it!;__;

The apple fruit cream packaging looks so real!*-*

angie519 said...

What are you talking about?! Your cookies and cakes look amazing!!!!

I didn't know you had that P&J lippie! I love it dearly! =)

I hope you get some Sephora sales too!!

Hahha awwww!~ Yeah, you need to leave the peel on for 5 minutes! Let me know if you want me to get it for you!

izumi said...

those fruits look amazingggggg.. i would just buy it for the packaging and the smell xD haha.

i love your embroidery.. cakes.. cookies.. yumm :) it looks fine from here!

beeyoutiful7 said...

Those cake look good LOL

Good job!

someday, I will learn something and be somewhat talented like you and other blogger ladies <3


paperdollrevenge said...

Yummmm and so cute looking too! I've seen those creams but of course they cost more here. They are small and cute though. and I'm so glad you did some DIY! They came out so cute!

M said...

i always thought those fruit containers were very cute looking. but awkward to fit into your makeup bag heheh.

omg htat's so cute! the crafts looks great! i don't know what you're talking about

L said...

my goodness... KT was right, u did an amazing job!!! how frackin cute man! we should have a blogger, crafter convention one of these days!!!!

Kasumi said...

yeah imomoko does look like sasas! when I first went on that page i was like.."huh??" lol.
You did a very good job with the patterns :)
Cute fruit hand creams hehe.

aichaku-愛着 said...

i'm a sucker for packaging too. i'm going to look out for these fruits - they'll make really good gifts! those crafts look good enough to eat, you did good!

btw, not enough powders, i want to get more haha. ;D got ur email, & replied