Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bobbi Brown Shimmering Nudes Palette

Finally my review of the BB Shimmering Nudes Palette, took me long enough eh?
I got this as part of a swap with Cuttibebe and I was very excited because it's my first BB item. Can you see that it's broken? I pulled it out of my makeup case too quickly, good thing the shadows stayed in one piece =p
This palette is very pretty in terms of neutrals/nudes. I can't seem to get enough neutral colors especially because I teach. Some people might think this palette is rather blah because the colors don't pop out.
The palette comes with 6 shadows and a liner shadow. The shadows are (from left-right), Nude Beach, Nude Mist, Naked, Nude Glow, Mica, Nude Spice and Espresso. The Naked and Espresso shades are matte while the rest have some sort of shimmer in it. The Nude Mist is supposed to be the Shimmer Wash shadow but it appears more matte.

I don't think this palette is shimmery at all, it looks kinda matte to me. You see how there are shades that seem to have the same tones to them? I use those 2 together. There are shades with pink, purple and brown tones. Unless I have serious eye problems, that's what I see. Even though there are hints of pinks and purples, the shades still remain mostly on the brown side.

I love how the colors apply so smoothly and evenly. The shadows are super soft and if I'm not careful, I might get it everywhere. The brush is great for the palette as it picks up the perfect amount of shadow in 1-2 swipes.
Although the colors are perfect for those neutral OL looks, I'm not particularly fond of this palette. I apply the shadows at 7am and come lunch time, the shadows have turned into a muddy brown shade. Is this oxidizing?? I've tried touching up when this happened, but in the end, it didn't work out...Tim even asked why my eyes looked like they were bruised!

I wish the shadows didn't do that because I really love the colors. Maybe I'll try again with a different primer, but for now, the current neutral palette I reach for would be the NYX shadows and the Lunasol palette from the Anniversary Set.

Monday, May 25, 2009

GirlAboutTown Collection Contest Entry!

Thank you for all the lovely comments from my previous post <3 I'll try to get to replying as soon as I can!
Katie on GirlAboutTown is holding a collection contest! I hope I did this right. I don't really collect anything bizzare except the usual makeup stuffs, other than that I collect mini food! Some of you might already know I'm obssesed with collecting Re-Ment and Megahouse miniature foods.
When I went to Hong Kong in February, I was only able to nab 2 sets and a house. Stupid guy only opened that store after 7pm and he might not even be there. There was only one store that I found that sold mini foods at a reasonable price (located at Yau Ma Tei).
The first 2 sets were the ones I got in Hong Kong and in the second picture you can see my collection of eye shadows. Eye shadows add up to most of my collection of makeup and I'm just obssesed with eye shadows.

This is the mini house that I got in Hong Kong. I've sent it back to Canada so I don't have pictures.

And here's the rest of my collection from a previous post.

I don't have better pictures because these are in Canada.

Some news of my Korean experience from the past 10 months. You know you're cheap when:
1. You save all the food trays that come with lids from Costco.
2. You mash all the small pieces of bar soap together and hope it won't fall apart and go down the drain.
3. When your bf uses a 6kg watermelon as a free weight.
4. When you use a fleece blanket, string and sticky plastic hooks on the window frame for a curtain.
5. You use extra class handouts as cushion for sending packages.
6. You take apart the hinges on plastic boxes so you can organize your makeup.
7. When you save all the shoe boxes and a Baskin Robbins foam box to store things.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Eki's Cosplay Contest

I finally finished my look for Eki's cosplay contest!
I'm actually a nerd and I dressed up as 2 Final Fantasy characters for Halloween once. They were Rinoa and Yuna. My friend's mom helped me make the costume (which btw isn't super detailed but you get the idea). Since I'm not in Canada I don't have access to my costumes so I decided to do something a bit easier: the anime school girl.
Here's my inspiration. I'm not sure what anime/comic it's from, I just googled it hehe.

I only had to buy 2 things which were the lashes and the knee high socks, everything else I already had. For the burgundy bow, I borrowed one of my student's bows which lucky for me, was also burgundy.
I used the NYX shadows in Taupe and Suede from Angie. I love these shadows! They're not super shimmery so it's great for those neutral school looks. I used Taupe all over the lid and Suede on the outer corner. I didn't line the bottom lashline because I don't like how it looks on me.
I was SOOO happy that I managed to put on the falsies in one try, but I had trouble getting them to curl up so my eyes didn't look big enough imo.
The MM lipgloss was from Yumeko. It's #21 and it's a clear shimmery pink.

My bf Tim helped me take the pictures. He managed to take like 100 pictures but I've narrowed them down to these ones, otherwise my blog would be full of pictures!
I took these at Kyung Hee University, too bad blogger butchered the quality of the pictures.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

AbcgrrrL's Contest!

Hey, if you haven't heard already, AbcgrrL is having a great giveaway! Check it out on her blog here!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Curling Comb

I made a video to make up for my lack of posts. Remember that pink curling comb my friend sent me? I made a tutorial on how I use it. I'm sure there are many other ways of using it but this is what works for me.

I took some sticker pictures yesterday, they were so cheap!

Time to go shopping!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I have successfully stayed away from blogger for 2 Tim wouldn't pester me about it. I've left a few comments while I was at work on the comment boxes that worked on my school computer.
I got a little surprised in the mail from Smilecuziluvu! She offered to send me some samples of her Etude House lavender and green bases, which smell very girly. I didn't expect her to send me a bunch of other stuff! The Bigelow body wash smells very minty and yummy, can't wait to use it! Thanks so much!! <3<3<3

It's watermelon season now and although they're popping up at almost every corner (literally), the watermelons aren't cheap! This 6kg watermelon was 8000won, I think they're much cheaper in Canada. There's no difference except the fact that they're so perfectly round and green. Note..that's not my arm haha, I'd be scared if it was.

I want to enter Eki's contest and Pink's conest, but I'm having trouble thinking of an outfit without having to buy more than 2 new things just for it. Watch me end up with similar outfits for both if I do enter XD

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Powder My Nose!

Sorry my posts are super long, I didn't want to play around with the coding again, it's too annoying.
I recently got 2 new powders, the Primavista Keep & Reset Pressed Powder and the Lunasol Micro Finish Powder N which is a loose powder.
The Primavista comes in only one shade whereas the Lunasol comes in transparent or natural beige (I have natural beige which came with the Lunasol set)

I mentioned once that the Lunasol powder is a bit too light for me, but after a few minutes it blends in with my skin. The powder is super fine and easy to spread. It doesn't look cakey and even if I pat too much on my cheek, it's easy to spread out without looking uneven.
As for lasting powder, it's not that bad. After a few hours, the usual area on my nose will start to get shiny. I don't bring this out with me for touch ups because it's inconvenient.
I think this is a lot better than the loose powder I was using before (Lavshuca Loose Powder in Lucent). When I apply this after foundation, my skin looks a lot smoother and because there's a light tint in it. It helps even out the little bits of uneven-ness on my skin and sets my foundation very nicely.

The next powder is the Primavista pressed powder from a swap with Nic nic. Primavista also has a loose powder if you prefer those ones.
I wanted to get a pressed one so I can take it out with me. I already have the Coffret D'or pressed powder, but the Primavista one looked very interesting because there are 2 parts to this. The top pale pink portion is a transparent powder while the bottom beige portion has a really light tint to it, kinda like the Lunasol powder but not as light.
You can mix the 2 powders or use each on its own. The beige portion is supposed to act like a founation touch up because it has the slight tint to it. I like to mix both the powders together, it's just easier that way.
The powder refill and case are sold separately. The case is made of plastic and it's a pale pink with a deep purple border and bow to match the rest of the Primavista products. It comes with a soft flat brush and a piece of plastic which sits just on top of the powder. I don't really like this concept because it's so inconvenient. I rather the company make a separate compartment for the brush.

I use the powder to touch up after blotting my face. I think it does very well in terms of oil control and my skin looks fresh after application, no cakeyness. I have a feeling that in the hot humid months, my nose will get oily even if I touch up with the powder.
I think if you were to choose a pressed powder, I'd recommend the Primavista one. I like how there are 2 powders that you can mix or use on its own and I also love how they included a brush!
I'm not sure if I've posted this video before, but it's a Primavista demo by makeup artist Gary Chung in Hong Kong. The video is in Cantonese, but it's pretty straight forward, he just explains each product.

I tried the Lunasol Nuance Change Foundation yesterday. This is a transparent shimmery cream and I think it's supposed to be used as a highlighter. I used very little on my cheeks to create a more dewy look. If I overy apply, my face will look like a disco ball. I'm not planning to buy the full tube, I still have the T'estimo highlighter to do that job.

I did my nails yesterday. I originally wanted to get 3 horizontal bars of colors, but my nails were too short and I didn't want to get fake nails. I walked into this tiny ass pink nail salon and the 2 girls that worked there didn't speak English! Luckily, a customer there spoke English. She happened to be friends with one of the workers and she helped me translate. The girl worked at a hagwon (private institute) and teaches English.

The worker said my nails were too short so I started to panic and didn't know what to do! Then the girl asked if I wanted something similar to her nail colors so that's what I did. I came out with orange and green nails that had white polka dots. It's not the same as the girl's nails because the colors were on different fingers and she didn't have the polka dots. It was 15,000won for the job which would have included tidying up my cuticles. I didn't do it since it was my first time, next time I will tho, the girls there were so nice. The polishes are the China Glaze, I don't know what color.

On Friday, my school had a field trip. I had a choice between going to a tomb with the grade 7 and 8s or going to the Children's Grand Park with the grade 9s. I chose to go to the park because my grade 9s talk more so I wouldn't be too bored.
There were at least 8 grade 9 classes and I only managed to take one class picture with their homeroom teacher.
My students are a strange bunch, the poses that they do crack me up. They really enjoyed talking to me during the trip, not like at school!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Teacher's Day

I'm like having brain farts this week. I keep forgetting if I've commented back on some blogs, I forget to post up certain pictures...ggaah!! Should I be feeling this overwhelmed with blogging?!?! lol. Tim says I spend too much time on blogger, like I'm addicted....but how else do I reply to comments and such?? I feel so bad if I don't reply to comments or write comments! How do other bloggers do it everyday!?
Ok..enough complaining..
As I've said before, tomorrow is Teacher's Day, but my students are doing celebrations today due to a field trip tomorrow. My students love meee!! They're starting to say hi to me more when the pass by.

Some students bought cakes for their homeroom teachers and the teachers share with everyone else in the office. I didn't have teachers have a thing where they only eat with spoons/forks. I was watching like 8 of them dig into the center of a huge cake. If there are any leftovers, the students come back to see if they can get a bite.
I think there was too much leftover cake because any student (mainly boys) that came to ask for cake, got a HUGE piece in their mouth!! The weird thing is, the teachers shove the cake in the mouth for so...

In one of my classes, the grade 7 students decorated the board for the coteacher and I. They also played some Korean thank you song I think haha...oh these students...sometimes I like them, sometimes I want to strangle them. They spelled my name wrong hahaha..

I know I'm supposed to be on a makeup diet, but I got this before going on the diet. Tim's dad sent us a care pack and also helped me get some P&J in Hong Kong. The parcel was sent by sea so I waited about a month for it.
I totally forgot about these P&J items before getting the Lunasol stuff. The P&J goodies include a Moisture Cream, Pencil Liner 01 and Moisturizing Foundation Primer 03. The primer is transparent and has no sun protection, I think I should have gotten 02 instead which does have the sun protection.

I almost forgot about this tag!

I got tagged by Anastacia, Donnarence, Ning and Adin!

I'm honestly not too sure what this is for haha..creativity?? I know this is the lazy way out, but I tag anyone who hasn't been tagged yet =D

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

School Happenings

I got back from class to find TWO love packs on my desk!!!
The first one is from Nic nic in Japan. We did a swap and I got the Sofina Primavista Keep & Reset pressed powder that I wanted plus lots of extra goodies!! I LOOVE the cookies kit kat!!!! I had it in Hong Kong and wished I bought some more and Nic nic totally satisfied that craving. She also sent Morinaga hi-chew candies in lychee flavour, it reminds me of the lychee chewy candies I used to have a lot of back in high school. I looovee the samples that she sent, can't wait to use it =D=D=D Thankq Nic nic!!!

The Primavista Keep & Reset Powder is supposed to be a finishing powder and touch up powder in one compact. I'll do a review when I have time.
The other package I got was from a friend in Brampton, Ontario. She totally surprised me!!!! Yes! Now I can get updates from the West hahaha. She also sent this hair torture looking device. It's supposed to help add volume and make large curls. I'm still trying to figure out a quick and easy way to use it. My hair bounces back to its flat limp self so easily so I hope to get this brush to work with my hair! Thankq Gloria!!! <3<3<3 I'm gonna hit you back!

So..funny things that happened at school today.
First, I was walking around the class to make sure the students were doing their assignment. I have 1 female student who's really loud, but she speaks a lot of English so I don't mind too much. When I passed by her today to check up on her, she claimed her friend behind her said something about me so I asked her what was it. Then she said out loud, "teacher your bust is too big". LOL...where do they learn this stuff?!?! Damn Gossip Girl! (it's popular with those students) Good thing it wasn't a male student who said that haha.
Next story, as soon as I walked into my grade 7 class, a male student said out loud "hey baby". @__@ I joked to the student that he'll get beaten up if he doesn't be careful who he says that to hahaha.
Finally, this Friday is apparently Teacher's Day and students give notes and sometimes gifts to their teachers. I was sitting in my office and noticed 2 of my grade 7 girls standing by the door waiting to be let in by another teacher. Then one of them timidly came up to me and said that she had a note for me for Teacher's Day. OMG...cutest thing EVERRR!!!

Time to sleep, gonna comment tomorrow..good night~!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Powder Pic + Random

I forgot to post this picture with the Lunasol post. I've only used it once, I keep forgetting that I have it. I thought some of you might like to see the color of it closer than in the video.
Can't really do a review of it yet, but I'm happy to give you an update of the Lunasol foundation! Whenever I blot or scratch my face (I know so bad when I have makeup on, but it's gentle!), I didn't notice any of the foundation coming off. Still no dry spots and still looks fresh after 8 hours! I think I might have found my HG, unless the P&J foundation somehow ups the Lunasol one.

I don't have much to update because as you might have noticed, I don't do my FOTDs/EOTDs until the weekend. During the weekdays, I wake up too early for good lighting and I'm too tired. Hopefully I'll get something more decent up before the week ends.

I wanted to say thank you to my lovely followers and those who read my blog! I'm quite surprised at the amount of people that read my blog, considering I've only started last August-ish. I'm planning a contest when my follwers hit 200 as a little celebration and a thankq! =D

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lunasol Base Makeup

I'm almost done tweaking the new layout on another blog, but I can't seem to get the right bar in the proper position, you can see what I'm talking about if you go to my test blog in my profile. Gaahh!!
I decided to make a took me like 4 tries to get it right, even then, I missed a lot of things I wanted to say haha.

When I said the beige ocher neutral thing, I meant that I'm in the ocher shade which is considered a neutral tone and not the yellow tone (beige). I don't know why Lunasol labels their yellow tones with a YO instead of the usual BE. I sounded so confused haha.
And thankq again to Yumeko for the lovely brush roll and swap!

I know it was a bit early to do a review of the foundation, but I really like it!!! I wore it for at least 8 hours today and it still looked fresh! Aside from the usual t-zone areas that I have to blot, the rest of my face looked like I just put on the foundation. I didn't notice any dryness or a lot of excess oil on my cheeks either.

The 01 primer/base is the "moisture" formula. I read this from Lotus Palace's review on MUA so that's how I decided to get the 01 haha. I don't think the green tint really helps reduce the redness at all, or even out anything for that matter. I think I still would have chosen this whether I read her review or not because green is supposed to help reduce redness on the cheeks. Since this is the moisture formula, I think it made a difference on my cheeks. I didn't get a dry spot at all today. Sometimes when I use the P&J foundation, my cheeks get a tiny bit dry.
I think the foundation (OC03) gives me a medium coverage and it's a perfect match. I still use a light hand with this foundation to keep it natural looking so I use my fingers to blend/pat it on.
I like how it's got a milky sort of texture, it feels really light weight and it glides on very smoothly and evenly.
The primer has SPF22 PA++ and the foundation has SPF17 PA++. Both have 25mL in them.
I originally wanted to get Maquillage's new primer and foundation, but I got Lunasol instead because they had the set.

The SA tried the YO03 and OC03 on my cheeks. She applied a lot of it too! Under the white light, you notice that one cheek was yellow, so I chose OC03 as my best match. Thank goodness the SA sat me down to try both shades because I was about to walk off with the YO03 shade.
For those of you who didn't watch the video, this is what the set came with: Nuance Change Foundation 01 Natural Glow, Under Eyes Base, Morning Wakening Massage, Night Refining Cream and Micro Finish Powder N 02 Natural Beige. These are pretty big considering how they're supposed to be samples.

I think I might end up liking this more than the P&J Light Cream Foundation haha. I sometimes wonder if I even needed this foundation. I know it'll take me forever to finish the P&J one but something inside of me told me to get this set. So that completes my Lunasol Anniversary promo items!! hehe.
I need to go on a major makeup diet from now until my trip to Japan, this set cost 110,000won.
I'm starting to hate the Lunasol blush that came with the 10th Anniversary palette. It's so difficult to blend evenly because it's so pigmented and sometimes I end up with uneven cheeks >_<
For the crafty ladies, I secretly took a picture of these crochet books. I wanted to take more pictures of the Rilakkuma book but the pesky SAs were around.

Oh gosh, it's already 1:40am and I'm not asleep yet.
Earlier today, I finally mailed out my mega box of winter clothes. It was either 80,000won to ship it by air, or 32,000won to ship it by sea. I chose sea and it's gonna take 2-3 months to get to Canada..blah! And tonight I saw a really drunk girl. She was drunk to the point where she couldn't stand up and people had to hold her. I think she wasn't even wearing her shoes anymore hahaha. So unattractive.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Pretty In Pink

Thank you to those who helped me out with the HTML! I hope I can get it up this weekend.

I love pink. I think I had a pink obsession back in the first year of uni. Pink shadows will always be my first love even though I tend to go for more neutral shades nowadays.
I have 4 pink shadows: MM Frozen Splash Eyes PK705, Lunasol Soft Silver Lighting, Coffret D'or 3D Lighting Eyes 01 and the Integrate PK760 from Yume. I love em all, but the Coffret D'or one is still my HG pink shadow if there's such a thing.

Yesterday I did a look with the Integrate palette. It's a very simple look. First, I used the MM cream as a base. Next, I applied the left shade (very pale pink) all over the lid up to the brow and the right shade (quite a dark pigmented pink) all over the eyelid. Then I dabbed the middle silverish white shade on the middle of my lid, applied the P&J pencil liner in 04 and finally smudged the deep purple shade on top. Told you it's simple!

The lighting in my office doesn't do the shadows any justice. It even brings out my dark eye circles even though I used concealer, blah!
Although the look is simple, I like how the pink looks very sweet and innocent.
I think this palette is comparable to my Coffret D'or 01. They both last very long and are quite pigmented.

Here are the swatches. I was standing right next to the window. The shadow is shimmery, but not over done.

I wandered around and saw the Amore Pacific HQ at Yongsan and the Hanskin HQ at Gangnam. I'm not sure if there are other offices around Seoul. I really like the Hanskin building, it's like swiss cheese.

What could be in this huge Lunasol tote!? I'll show you this weekend XD

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Oh, here's the audio of my crazy ass neighbour. Don't say you've had a bad day till you hear how this guy's day ended haha.
It's really long, but it's totally worth it!!! The stuff in brackets is what we thought he said. I don't think he said "fermented" in the end, but it sounds like it.
I suggest you use headphones to get the maximum experience haha and count how many "fucks" there are XD

Are you f*ing kidding me? (A REAL Korean drama) from Tim Chan on Vimeo.