Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jill Stuart Debut

Another scheduled post....
Apparently, there has always been a Jill Stuart counter in the Shinsegae Department Store. I never knew about it because it's at and area of Seoul I haven't even heard of. I can't remember where either haha.
I went to a book store earlier, and flipped through the Korean version of In Style or Cosmo and saw JS items in it! I had no idea that JS was availalbe in Korea, so now I had to look for the counter.

When I went on the JS website, there was "Korea" available, I think it's new, otherwise I would have seen it there earlier. So I found the nearest JS counter and it was a Shinsegae Dept at Myeong Dong and they recently opened up the counter on August 14.

I went there the next day with buying the blush in mind. I didn't think it would cost more than 60,000won, but it did, it was 75,000won and I got it anyway. I got a JS cellphone charm as a GWP.
I also bought another Orbis Cleansing Liquid. My last little haul in Korea!

This is Fresh Apricot. The brush that comes with it is really cute, but I'm terrible at using small brushes for blush, so to me, it was difficult to get it even on my cheek. The powder is very soft and nicely pigmented, but not so pigmented that it's difficult to blend. I like how I can mix the colors or use each individually.

For the FOTD, here's what I used. I just wrote the tutorial on the picture. I also used the JS blush, just under the apples of my cheeks up towards the ears.

Terrible lighting in here.

Well I'm gonna be at the airport by now! I'm very worried that my luggages are too heavy. It's so difficult to pack a year of your life into 2 luggages. I hope to find something at the Duty Free shop.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lunasol Lippie!

I bought a new lipstick and lipgloss the past 2 weeks, one here and one from Japan, but that'll be another post.
This lipstick is the Lunasol Full Glamour Lips G in Coral Pink #2.
I think I love this lipstick just as much as my Maquillage PK705. It's super smooth and creamy and lasts quite a while. The only difference I find is Lunasol is a bit more pigmented and less shimmery than the Maquillage Moisture Rouge (sheer).
Both lipsticks were 35,000won, so about $30CAD. I'm rather tempted to buy another one just because it's more expensive online ($42USD on Ichibankao), but I know if I get another one, it'll be another pink.

I can't remember what I used for my eyes, you can't see it anyway lol, but on my lips is the Lunasol lipstick. Surprisingly, it shows up quite nicely on my pigmented lips.
I like my bangs at this length, that way I can sweep it to the side if I want. I only wish it wasn't this blunt.

I'm gonna be taking down my makeup sale probably tonight because I'll be tight on time to go to the post office and such.
This week has been SOO slow!!! It's only Wednesday. All I do is laze around at home and watch sitcoms or movies. Can't be spending all my money now because I closed my bank account now.
I know Anastacia has tagged me, but I haven't got time to do it right now =/ will soon tho, thanks =D

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back Home Soon

I'm leaving Seoul to go back to Toronto this Friday. There's a lot I have to deal with such as packing so I probably won't have time to reply to comments to catch up on posts. I will try to schedule some posts for everyone to read =)

Some thoughts after my year away from Toronto.
So back home to Toronto...
It's been a good year. I got the teaching experience I needed, but in the end, I still didn't get accepted to the teaching programs in Toronto. Hopefully next year. It's been a tough year as some of you might know, mainly due to my school. I didn't leave with a good impression of my school and the way the education system is. I did however, make some good friends here and from blogger.
Even though it's great to be out somewhere away from my comfort zone, I don't recommend anyone to teach here. Just not yet, because the English programs are not set in stone/standardized so nothing goes smoothly for anyone, even if they like their schools.

I know you read my blog sometimes, and I thought I'd just say it here because we don't talk much nowadays.
I want to and not want to go back home.
I feel like there's some unfinished business with some and I just don't want to deal with it. Being away for so long really opened my eyes to how some people really are. Sometimes I don't think people care about you as much as they say. So going back, I feel like I don't know how to face certain people anymore. I want to run away from it all, but that'll never solve the problems between us.
Well, the good news is, I've reconciled with a close friend, and I'm glad to be talking with her again. Even though we don't talk all the time on msn, she still messages me to see how I'm doing when others don't.
I don't want to keep chasing something that's just going farther away from me. The more I want to, the farther away you all seem to go. So what am I supposed to do?
Just so many thoughts on going back home to reality.

Kao Liese Bubble Hair Color

While in Hong Kong, I saw many ads on Liese hair color set that's supposed to color hair using bubbles. I also saw this on Ichibankao and Imomoko, so I thought why not give it a try. I haven't dyed my hair in over a year anyway.
The set cost $68HKD, cheaper than most hair coloring sets I've used. I got the Cassis Berry color.

It's pretty straight forward, mix the stuff and apply it to your hair. The pink packet in the front is a leave in nourishing conditioner after you've rinsed your hair. You can use a conditioner of your choice after you rinse the color out too.
My hair before. The color from last year is almost gone so it's back to super dark brown again.

Once you pour the little bottle into the large one, you put the white cap back on a gently tilt the bottle side to side about 8-10 times until it's mixed up. The instructions says you're not supposed to shake it like most other hair dyes, otherwise it'll create bubbles inside the bottle and therefore not come out properly.

After mixing, replace the white cap with the pink foaming top.

To get the product, you squeeze from the center of the bottle while keeping it upright. The foam comes out kinda light but it doesn't slip or melt.

I applied the foam gently all over my head before using my fingers to massage it in. Once you start massaging the foam in, it gets a bit thicker. The great thing about this foam is, there was no dripping and it didn't stain on my skin as easily as other hair dyes.

I waited for 30 minutes then rinsed it off. I was surprised the color rinsed off pretty quickly, then I applyed a generous amount of conditioner and let it sit for a minute before rinsing. Once I towel dried my hair, I apply the whole packet of leave in conditioner, which is enough for my length of hair and maybe not any longer.
The results afterwards...

It's great how it didn't drip and it was easy to apply. Even if I thought the foam was gonna start dripping while I waited, it didn't happen. The whole concept of the bubbles is so the product reaches the root of your hair because it's kinda liquidy. Also, it didn't sting my head at all.
The bad thing is, my hair didn't turn out as red as I thought! It looks more brown than red. I thought it was cool that the bubbles would easily go through my hair to get the roots, but I noticed the day after, the back underside of my hair wasn't colored properly. It was darker than the rest of my hair. Also, the smell of hair dye is so strong I could even smell a bit of it the next day, even after shampooing.
Would I buy it again? Yes, just because I like how I didn't get the bathroom messy with hair dye. I didn't even get it on my shirt. Even though it wasn't really even the first time I used it, I'm sure next time I could massage the color in better to get the underside of my hair.

Friday, August 21, 2009

More Circle Lenses

Just a quickie!
Here's the other pair of Geo lenses from Asian Fashion City. These are the Geo Angel Browns. According to Asian Fashion City, the difference with the Angels and Nudy is the Angels have a black rim on the outer edges of the lenses while the Nudy ones don't. The Nudy lenses are also lighter, which I suppose means more natural.
I hate to have a complaint about these lenses, but they didn't stay centered very well. If I look all the way left/right, I can feel the lenses moving. Other than that they look quite natural and you only notice your lenses if you look closer imo. I don't think these really make my eyes that much bigger, but it gives them that bit of somethin somethin.

Eye makeup is JS jelly eye color in 08 and 01 and lined with MM Neo Automatic Liner in BK911. The JS e/s are very vibrant and pigmented, but I noticed that they faded after a few hours =/

I went to On The Border again for some Tex Mex food, so tasty.
I'm gonna miss this restaurant, Toronto doesn't have a nice selection of Tex Mex food..not that I know of at least.

Mister Donut!

Eri, Begsbee, and Alice, nominated me to do the Meme award =) (i hope I didn't forget anyone!) I'm sooo far and behind on this haha, so I don't even know who's been tagged and did it.

Award Rules:
1. Acknowledge the person who gave the award.
2. Nominate seven other blogs.
3. Share seven personality traits so we can get to know you better.

1. I'm lazy - terrible thing...because Tim isn't and he gets annoyed when I "forget" to do things like wash the dishes or do the laundry
2. I talk a lot - is that a trait? if there's something that sparks my interest, I tend to talk too much
3. I complain a wee bit too much - I'm trying to improve on this XD
4. I over analyze things - like if someone said this, did they really mean otherwise?
5. I can be quite loud
6. I love laughing, but who doesn't right?!
7. I baby talk whenever I see animals, esp baby ones...then I give them names. For example, the new baby pygmy hippo at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, I started to a baby tone, "Awww..look at the cute baby hippa-potta-mus! He sh-ooo cuuuu-teee!!!"

Funkiimonkee tagged me for 10 things I love a while back =D
1. Kitties!
2. Staring at my makeup collection. If I buy something new, I like to look at how perfect it is before using.
3. My mini food collection
4. Eating
5. Shopping
6. Watching nature shows and foodtv
7. Hong Kong
8. Video games, esp Tomb Raider
9. Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French, Mexican, Indian, Hong Kong style and American foods!
10. Hong Kong style milk tea
I'm sorry I didn't tag anyone. I'm still behind on a lot of posts so I haven't gone through who did it or not yet =p

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Current Cleansers

I feel like I change cleansers brands so much, but in actual fact, I probably use the same ones for at least 2 months.
This time, my cleansers have changed from the Orbis Cleansing Liquid to the Hanskin Cleansing Oil Black Head and from Orbis Mild Cleaser to the Softymo Airy Whip.

The Hanskin oil comes in a hard plastic pump bottle with 200mL of product. It's like your typical oil cleanser, nothing too special. It has a slight citrus scent to it and that's about it.
Compared to the Orbis Cleansing Liquid, the Hanskin doesn't wash off as clean. My skin feels a bit oil afterwards so I follow up with a facial cleanser (I always do anyway).
I prefer the Orbis over Hanskin because Orbis washes off cleaner and doesn't have a scent to it.

As for the Softymo Airy Whip, I first saw this on the Muse's blog. I've been wanting this for a long time already but Adambeauty does not ship aerosol cans overseas.
Airy Whip is pretty much a standard facial cleanser except it comes out like mousse. I like how it's kinda pre-lathered up for you. The mousse is dense and really holds up, even when you massage it on your face a few times.
It's got a pleasant fragrance, almost floraly and not too strong. The product rinses off clean without drying out my skin.
There's 180g of product and if you ever have a chance to order or get someone to do a CP for you, you should try this out. Not expensive either, I got 2 bottles at $35HKD each.

Here are just a few pictures from Japan, most of the pictures are on Tim's laptop.
Ayu is plastered everywhere in Japan! It got me excited haha.
This is the outside of a drugstore in Tokyo. I love how they have all the cosmetics I want in one store AND with no SA to be a bitch about it!
Can anyone tell me what this is?? All I know is, there are tons of these kinds of ad trucks driving around, but this particular one got me wondering.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ST: My Newest Love

I finally got me my Samantha Thavasa purse in Tokyo! I kept seeing these in the Vivi magazines and couldn't wait till I found one of the stores.
I believe Samantha Thavasa is only limited to Japan and New York. I only found one store available from the US site and on the Japanese sites, there's plenty of em. Some big celebrities have advertised for the brand in Vivi, such as Paris and Nicky Hilton, Beyonce and Solange, Jennifer Lopez and I think Victoria Beckham.

The bags are just so gorgeous. The range from casual to more dressy, and with a variety of wallets as well.
I got one of the newest purses which is advertised int he Vivi magazine as well as Beyonce. precious 285yen purse, the most expensive accessory I've ever purchased.
I love the design on this. The inside has the same design, except the words are black with a white background. This comes with a small clutch that's attached to the bag.
I forgot to take a picture of the inside and I probably won't remember since I won't be using it in Korea. I just can't stand all the pushing and shoving so I don't wanna risk ruining my bag.
The arrow just points to the same one from Vivi, except in pink.

There's another one I want so badly, but this time it'll be easier for me to go to NYC to get it.
When I have enough money again... XD

I also got Ayumi's 10th Anniversary book from Japan. It's got a bunch of supposedly never before seen photos and messages from Ayu. I think it's also sponsored by Vivi, hence the Vivi written all over and being advertised in the magazine.
I wish I could read Japanese right about now.

Just before I went on vacation, I ate at Marion Crepes at Wangsimni Station and the guy took a Instax picture for the store. I never saw the picture after it finished developing, but here it is now!

I'm waiting for this book to come out in Japan in September, hopefully I'll be able to nab it online or have Tim's dad help me get it from HK.
Don't know who this cat is? It's Maru from Japan!! Check out his blog and YT channel! Super duper cutie!

Please bear with me, I'm slowly reading all the updates and commenting ^__^v

Monday, August 17, 2009

Asian Fashion City

A few weeks ago, Adrian from Asian Fashion City, contacted me and offered to send me 2 pairs of Geo circle lenses. I was uber surprised and excited about this because I've wanted to try circle lenses for a while but didn't know where to start looking, especially in Korea.
I ordered the Geo Angel Brown and Geo Nudy Grey, which I thought would look the most natural.
I think the package came sometime within the past 2 weeks while I was on vacation, so it was a nice surprise to come back to.
*Oh I forgot to mention, Thankq Adrian!

Asian Fashion City sells a variety of goodies, from BB cream, MM and circle lenses, so it's like a one stop shop. They even sell some cute clothes. Do check it out when you have time!

I haven't tried the Geo Angel Brown yet for this FOTD, probably will this weekend.
The lenses in all its glory. I chipped a nail trying to pry the cap open, I didn't realize that it was attached to the metal.

So before I put the lens on, my regular ol' eye.

And to show you the eye makeup used. I used the Jill Stuart Aquatic Nymph and the Coffret D'or model as inspiration.
Jill Stuart 01 Diamond Snow and 08 Crystal Sky and Coffret D'or's newest single eyeshadows in WN-33.
The Coffret D'or shadow is quite pigmented and not super shimmery, good for lining the eyes. This is the same shade as the one featured on the Coffret D'or model.

For some reason, the JS 08 shade didn't show up well in pictures, it looks rather brown here.

Do I look different? I think it's a pretty cool look. The only complaint is, if you look closely at my eye, you can see a bit of the brown from my natural eye color peeking through. The lens is also not centered very well, maybe it's my eye shape.
I didn't wear them for a long time so I can't tell you how they feel after long wear, but I'll definitely wear them again so I'll let you know soon.

The end for now, I gotta plan lessons!
Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm loving them so far, hope to try some more colors in the near future too!