Monday, January 30, 2012

Sephora Freebies and Hair-Do

Thank you for the comments =) Always like reading them.
Even though I don't blog as often, I still try to fit in a post whenever I have time. And this time I got off school early.

I went to Sephora to get my early birthday freebie and was quite surprised at what they offered. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment duos! It's the cherry tinted and un-tinted balms.
I wouldn't have ever purchased the full size for $26CAD so it was nice that this was the gift.
Here they are compared to the Rosebud Salve...cute little minis right?
The cherry tint didn't show up on my lips...blah! I think I like the Rosebud balm better though, it has a bit more slip than the Sugar Lip Treatments. But it's also nice that the Sugar ones have SPF.

For a school assignment, I had to come up with a hair-do. I took some inspiration online and from manwomanfilm on YT and made it my own.
The theme is a costume party and the hair is done to resemble a zebra. The imaginary dress has a lot of tulle and chiffon fabric that flows past the ankles.
My friend was kind enough to let me experiment on her.
I braided a silver ribbon on the bottom so it looks a bit more stripe-y and more like a zebra. The mohawk wasn't a high as I wanted, but you get the idea.
In my last semester at Seneca, I also have 1 more special effects class, this time doing more disgusting this 3rd stage frost bite
Hope I didn't gross you out too much!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy New Year~!

Hi Hi!
I haven't disappeared completely, so busy with work and school! So bad for not posting in a while... =___='!!

I was on AdamBeauty recently to restock on my favourite mascara (Fiberwig) and decided to peruse some of the other items that were available. Along came the Dolly Wink mascara and liner combo! It was about $15USD for the mascara/liner combo which is a pretty good deal. Only the volumizing formula was available.
I'm always a bit iffy on using new mascaras or liners because I don't always have good experiences with them; they just keep smudging!! But seeing how it was a good deal, it went in my shopping cart.
I'm sure there are a billion reviews on these products already, but I still wanted to share my 2 cents on it =D

I'm used to using the Majolica Majorca automatic liners (which has a turning base to get the product out), so I didn't expect to see the Dolly Wink liner to not have the turning base.
I was quite surprised to see that the pen tip was so thin, slightly thinner than the MJ one I use.
Compared to the MJ BK920 liner, the Dolly Wink is much darker and doesn't have the shimmery finish like MJ. It was also a lot easier to apply and get the color on my lashline in one swipe. Whereas I usually use MUFA Aqua Liner 0L as a base for the MJ liner.
Throughout the day, I was just thinking to myself that it's gonna smudge, but it stayed put pretty well. It didn't smudge to my lower lashline, but it did fade a bit, mostly on the inner corners. It's nothing too noticeable unless you look closely at the lashline.
The mascara I was definitely very iffy on using, since the Fiberwig is the only mascara that didn't smudge. Even the MJ mascaras somehow smudged on me.
Cool thing about it is that there's a small pointed sort of end to help reach the tiny corners and lashes.
So I gave it a try in hopes that it could be just as amazing as my precious Fiberwig...but it didn't stay. Not that it smudged like crazy, but throughout the day I noticed a bit of darkness around the edges or my eyes..not impressed. Even if I layered the Fiberwig on top, it didn't do much.
Another thing I wasn't impressed about was the layering. When applying 1 layer of Dolly Wink, it was fine, then when I tried to add a second layer, it clumped easily.
Oh well, I tried, back to Fiberwig it is.

Ever since taking a course in fragrances (as part of my cosmetic curriculum), I didn't give fragrances much thought. I owned a few already, but threw most of them out after moving because I haven't used them for such a long time (I'm sure the top note has fleeted already).
So, after taking my fragrance class, I really wanted a new fragrance that was lighter than the current one I had (Anna Sui Dolly Girl Bonjour L'Amour) and something I would use more often... along came Jo Malone.

If you go to Holt Renfrew at Yorkdale Mall, there is an SA that works at the counter name Joe. He was super nice and offered me plenty of samples until I found a fragrance I liked.
I was initially attracted to Jo Malone because my manager wore the Wild Bluebell. It smelled so light and fresh so I figured I could find something light from Jo Malone.
I was going to purchase this myself as a Christmas present, but Tim beat me to it. Probably because I mentioned the fragrance so many times to him.
He got me English Pear and Freesia.
It has top notes of melon and pear, with middle notes of freesia and rose, finished off with musk, patchouli, amber and rhubarb.
I find the scent to be a bit like spicy pears. It's also light, sweet and delicate.

According to the Holt SA, Jo Malone is a unisex fragrance that can be layered, but seeing the price point of it, I doubt I'll get another one to layer, this 100mL bottle will take a long time for me to finish.
I'm a bit peeved at the SA though. I mentioned that the fragrances were labelled as a cologne, so he told me that it only says that so men wouldn't be turned off from seeing it labelled as eau de toilette. He told me that it sounded too feminine and men wouldn't buy it. So instead, Jo Malone labelled them as cologne when it's supposedly an eau de toilette.
Lies!! =_______=
Seeing how I took the fragrance class and knew the differences between parfum, toilette and cologne, I should have known better. I knew colognes didn't have the longest lasting power, but I was still sucked into wanting the fragrance. Oh was a gift from Tim and I wasn't going to complain, I just got an atomizer to spritz more on when it faded.

Happy New Year once again and hope you all have a great weekend! Until next time!