Monday, January 30, 2012

Sephora Freebies and Hair-Do

Thank you for the comments =) Always like reading them.
Even though I don't blog as often, I still try to fit in a post whenever I have time. And this time I got off school early.

I went to Sephora to get my early birthday freebie and was quite surprised at what they offered. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment duos! It's the cherry tinted and un-tinted balms.
I wouldn't have ever purchased the full size for $26CAD so it was nice that this was the gift.
Here they are compared to the Rosebud Salve...cute little minis right?
The cherry tint didn't show up on my lips...blah! I think I like the Rosebud balm better though, it has a bit more slip than the Sugar Lip Treatments. But it's also nice that the Sugar ones have SPF.

For a school assignment, I had to come up with a hair-do. I took some inspiration online and from manwomanfilm on YT and made it my own.
The theme is a costume party and the hair is done to resemble a zebra. The imaginary dress has a lot of tulle and chiffon fabric that flows past the ankles.
My friend was kind enough to let me experiment on her.
I braided a silver ribbon on the bottom so it looks a bit more stripe-y and more like a zebra. The mohawk wasn't a high as I wanted, but you get the idea.
In my last semester at Seneca, I also have 1 more special effects class, this time doing more disgusting this 3rd stage frost bite
Hope I didn't gross you out too much!


Mary said...

wow that's a great freebie. Hopefully that will stay around for my birthday later this year.


Ms. Champagne said...

haha i love the third stage frostbite, looks pretty gross ;) Good job! The hair looks really nice too.. a little bit rocker chick, a little bit feminine and undone!

take care
xoxo champagne

pandablush said...

Hahaha that looks awful! :)

Btw how are you going? :)
Love the hairdo :) Messy and chic x

misscindee said...

omg. i thought that was real for a sec. im glad its not a real injury. love the hair hunnie. sometimes i wish i could take my head off my body and place it infront of me to do my hair. it would makes things easier. lol

Pop Champagne said...

omg at first I thougth you did that to your thumb! then I read what you wrote... thank goodness its only make up!!!