Friday, July 31, 2009

Concealer Comparisons

This is a scheduled post...
Finally did some comparisons with the concealers side by side. I only own 4 that I use for my eye area, and 1 of them doubles as a regular concealer.
These aren't the best pictures of my eyes, mostly because I never took good care of my eye area. I never gave it a thought until last year, so it's in pretty bad shape puhaha. But I did my best to show you some pictures. I had all the concealers on for at least 3 hours.

I forgot to label the before/after on the pictures.
First is the Maquillage Liquid Concealer in Natural and Sana Concealer. The Maquillage concealer comes in a clicky pen dispenser. Sometimes the product doesn't come out immediately so I press it 2 times. The second time I press it, there's enough for 2 eyes. I don't use the brush attachment, just my fingers.
The Sana Concealer just comes in a yellow tube with a pointed dispenser. Nothing special. I did a short review on this a while ago, but this time I'm comparing it with the rest of the concealers.
Prior to getting the BM and Lunasol concealer, I used both Maquillage and Sana at the same time because Sana didn't provide enough coverage, but it helped neutralize the darkness. The Sana Concealer gave my eye area a pretty good base to apply the Maquillage.
The first picture is without any product.

This next picture, Sana is on the leftside and Maquillage on the right. You can see how Sana helped reduce the darkness, but didn't cover much. Same goes for the Maquillage concealer. It's got light to medium coverage, so this won't work for those who have dark eye circles. You can still see that the area near my nose is still a bit dark.

3 hours later, there's some creasing on the Maquillage side. There was no creasing on the Sana side, but there wasn't enough coverage anyway.

The next comparison is with the Beauty Maker Aqua Concealer for under the eye area. This is in shade #2? (natural) The Lunasol Concealer is the Under Eyes Base 01.
The BM concealer comes in a sleek black compact with a mirror inside. The product is super creamy and smooth.
The Lunasol concealer is a sample, which is taking me a long time to finish. The sample is just in a tube. It appears slightly orangey imo.
This is the before shot:

On the left side of the picture is the Beauty Maker and the right side is the Lunasol.
You can see both faired well against each other. The only difference I noticed was Lunasol appeared more orangey. Also a little bit goes a long way for Lunasol. If I over apply, my eye area would look orangey.

After 3 hours, both did held up very well, although I experienced some slight creasing for both.

After doing the tests with all the concealers, I think BM would be my favourite out of the lot. It covered very well and lasted a long time. Even though it might crease a bit in the fine lines, this could easily be fixed/blended in with a q-tip. BM is also affordable, on Imomoko, it's only $13.

My new baby! A few years ago, I bought the Fuji Pivi. It's like a mini printer but for your cellphone. I got too lazy to use the Pivi because I had to send photos from my cellphone using infared so I got this camera instead.
As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to get it one day. I've already been eyeing this camera for a while. This is the Fuji Instax Mini 7. It's similar to a Polaroid, but these pictures are the size of business cards. Very cute and only 75,000won! I went back to the camera store to get it just in time for my trip =p

Anyway, I should be in Hong Kong by the time this is posted. I won't be blogging till 2 weeks later. Thankq for the comments on my previous post, I'll get back to blogging as soon as I'm back =D

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Namsung/Seoul Tower

1.5 more days till my trip!! Whoohoo!!!! I'm trying to squeeze some posts in before I start packing.
Here are some pictures from my visit to the Namsung Tower. As I said before, it looks similar to the CN Tower. If you ever come to Seoul, you can't really miss it when you go downtown or near Myeong Dong.
These first ones were taken with my Lumix FX38. I'm pretty amazed at some of the shots.

These next ones were with Tim's Sony camera. I have no clue his lens details, I just know it's an old Minolta lens and probably another Sony lens. I can't believe how badly Blogger butchered the quality of the pictures. If you want to see them properly, you can go to Tim's photo stream on Flicker.

No, this isn't a random stranger, our friend was posing for Tim puhaha.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My pictures can't seem to be clicked on to enlarge, anyone have any idea why? It was never like this before..bah!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day At The Aquarium

It's been quite a productive weekend for me. I've only got 1 more weekend here in Seoul. For the next 2 weeks, I'll be on vacation, then I come back for one more week of teaching and if all goes well, I'll be gone the following Saturday.
On Friday, I went to the Namsung/Seoul Tower with Tim and a couple friends. It's similar to the CN Tower, but not as tall and admission is a lot cheaper (7000won). I took quiet a few pictures but I haven't edited them yet. Then..I stayed out at a bar till 3am.

On Saturday I went with the same friends to the Co-Ex aquarium a second time. Tim had 4 free tickets from his school. This time I had a camera with me and I took plenty of pictures and videos. I got home at 9pm and went out again at 10:30pm to go to a bar then a club. For those of you who knows Seoul, I went to NB (Noise Basement). It's like a sardine can!
It was the second time I went there. The first time I stayed out until 5am, this time I left at 3am.
I realized I'm not the type of person who likes clubbing or staying out until the sun comes up. As much fun as it could be, I just don't really like dancing and seeing how so many people are not themselves when they go to a club. From personal experiences, why would people go to a club and give others their numbers when they already have a bf/gf? It just boggles my mind.
Oh, and while I was at the club bar, a girl rubbed herself on me as she was squeezing in between people and my arm got wet. Guess what? It wasn't water! It was the sweat from her back! Her white dress shirt was see through because of the sweat @__@

OK enough talk, I've got tons of pictures to show. The aquarium is super random. There are rabbits, monkeys, chickens to the usual fish and penguins..penguins having sex.

I had my fill of Red Mango. I'm sad this location only had about 6 toppings to choose from, and they didn't have strawberry sauce!!!

September issue of Vivi with Ayu wearing circle lenses on the cover.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Hair Styling

I don't have an excuse for being MIA puhaha. Wow a week of not blogging and I missed out on a lot of posts. I'm so out of it, my mind is on vacation and going home, but that doesn't stop me from making another video! I still got so much planning to do for my vacation..where to go, what to do, and seeing if I can still meet up with some bloggers in Tokyo! I'll send you girls another email soon!
This one is another way of styling bangs. I don't use the fringe styler anymore, but you can still check back on a previous post about it.
I just use a regular plastic brush, if you use a round brush, it'll work a lot better.

I have creepy eyes hahaha.

So I've just finished teaching my first week of summer camp at another school. It's been interesting, mostly frustrating though.

1. I feel like I'm in a sardine can on the subway because I take a different one from the usual one for my own school. This subway leds closer to the downtown area and no matter how packed it is, people turn around and back their asses into the subway.
2. The students don't listen to me, not surprising
3. I have a student that is probably suffering from asperger syndrome. I'm almost 100% certain that he is not being treated. This is the same for many students that suffer from disabilities at school here, a lot of people just shrug them off.
During game time today, this student decided to stick his finger through the grate of a large stand-up fan and ended up with a bloody finger. He didn't have a reason to do it, he just told me he wanted to see if "this sort of pain is possible". I told my teachers that and asked if he was being taken care of properly. They laughed and just said, "probably, maybe he's taking pills". Wow...

This is for Helen:
I applied for teaching here through a small company in Toronto. They hire for the Seoul Metropolitan Office Of Education which is like the big cheese of public schools. The original company website isn't there anymore, I suspect they have been closed down.
Here are the ones I know of:
Foot Prints
Dave's ESL

If you're thinking of coming to Korea, it's a pretty big decision. You just need to remember that the English system isn't set in stone and as a result, there are plenty of headaches to be had. I haven't had a good experience, even for my summer camp at another public school, so I suggest you to do your research before heading over to Korea.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Random Saturday

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Being very outdated...I finally saw Transformers 2 yesterday! Now I really want to see Harry Potter but Tim isn't too thrilled about that.
I went to CGV to see the movie and it was LOUD, way louder than the theaters in Toronto. Then I went to the washroom afterwards and this was the stall..puhaha.

Nothing to special for my Saturday. Just saw a movie and went to Hongdae for Greek food, not too sure what it was called. We had a 2 person meal for 27,000won. It included a small Greek salad, some strange cream soup, 1 slice of bread cut up wtih taziki sauce for dipping, 1 skewer of vegies, chicken and seafood, 1 gyro and some sort of tomato pasta that was kinda sweet. Even though there was a large variety, the food was mediocre...can't wait to have some real Greek food back in Toronto.

Lazy lazy Sunday... I took a nap..and now I'm gonna watch How I Met Your Mother..

Friday, July 17, 2009

Beach Bum

Today would have been a brilliant day for doing an FOTD, but the rain decided to pour when I got home! The rain isn't like anything I've experienced in Toronto, here it's like a constant shower!! If it's windy, there's no escaping the horizontal rain.
I wanted to do a look for the beach or anywhere that just calls for minimum makeup usage, but this darned gloomyness just ruins the front shots, so I just did a side one. *le sigh*

Simple makeup. I used the P&J Moisturizing Primer first then the Protective Primer UV and concealed with Beauty Maker Aqua Eyes (yes I finally have a BM item!). Topped it off with Coffret D'or pressed powder, the blush from the Lunasol Set, Coffret D'or FS eyes 03 (gold), Fiberwig mascara and P&J lipgloss 04.
I didn't want to line my eyes. If I go to the beach, the last thing I'd want to worry about is my eyeliner smudging or fading.

About a month back, I helped one of my readers, Sarah, do kinda like a CP. I did a small one for her a few months ago, but she asked me to help her with another one. I'm not gonna go into detail with it, but it was a big package hehe.
Sarah was nice enough to send me a little gift because of the CP. She sent me the Beauty Maker Aqua Eyes Concealer in the darker of the 2 shades (I think 02?). Thankq Sarah!!! I was so excited to get it in the mail because I totally forgot I had a package coming!
I've only used it once so far and it feels uber creamy and smooth.

Ah the last day of school. Some students seemed surprised that it was my last day. Technically it's not my last day since I'll be back for a week in August to do the sumer school program.
Like how I blend in?
I got some letters from a few students! They were such sweeties. I forgot to take individual pictures with them..doohh!

And..OMG...I think I ate a slug infested lettuce leaf today at dinner. I was eating galbi and wrapping it with lettuce. I grabbed a smaller piece of galbi so I ripped the lettuce in half and ate the top part. As I was waiting for more meat to cook, I looked at my remaining lettuce and saw this small gray thing. I looked carefully and saw it moving!!!! IT WAS A FREAKING SLUGGG!!!!!!! *GAG, PUKE BARF*!!!!! Lucky I didn't eat it.. I was a bit too shocked that I didn't take a picture of it. I gave it back to the waitress..and I wasn't able to bitch about it because I didn't speak Korean!!!
The moral of the story? Check your lettuces before you eat it!!!!!!!!!!! And don't go somewhere that seems sketchy..haha

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some Regretful Purchases

I saw Fuz's videos on her 10 purchases that she regrets, and I thought I'd show you what I regret buying. Hope you don't mind that I used your idea Fuz!! =D And I hope she'll be back soon.

I just so happened to grab 10 things when rummaging through my stash.

1. Ma Cherie Perfect Spray
  • Doesn't do anything in terms of hold
  • The mist is very fine so it kinda dries up into the air before I get enough product on
  • Although it smells like cherries, the scent doesn't last long

2. Ma Cherie Jelly Wax

  • No hold, even though I can get a bit of volume with this stuff, my hair falls flat really quickly
  • The gel doesn't feel sticky enough to hold anything in place

3. Etude House Black Head Heating Scrub

  • No difference after using, black heads didn't look like they were going to budge
  • No heated feeling

4. Banila Co It Fresh Lip and Eye Makeup Remover

  • I should have known that this oil free concoction wouldn't do anything for the MM mascara
  • Even for regular eye shadows, it took a while before it was removed completely

5. Etude House Lash Designing Vitcara (curl)

  • Smudges
  • The wand is curved and has a comb design on both sides, however, it's kind of difficult to work with
  • I didn't really see it help keep my lashes curled, nor did it do a good job at curling

6. Paul & Joe Lipgloss 03

  • A bit too coppery for my taste, but still trying to make it work

7. Paul and Joe Lipstick 13

  • I didn't look carefully when I did a swatch at the store, the color is too orangey
  • Doesn't feel as moisturizing as Coffret D'or, Maquillage or the LE P&J lipstick I have

8. Paul & Joe LE 061

  • Sheer, only shine, should have known, I got greedy when I saw the P&J makeup stand

9. Paul & Joe Moisturizing Foundation Primer 03

  • Doesn't have SPF, I should have gotten the 02 shade, but I didn't know whether it suited me or not, now I know cuz I have a sample! I still haven't used this bottle, yup, still brand spanking new. I tried a sample of the 03 primer from Fuz and I love how moisturizing it is.

10. Etude House Baby Skin Veil Pact

  • Even though I got the darker of the 2 shades (02) it still gave me a white cast

Oh, I think someone asked me if I'm Korean, nope! I'm Chinese, my parents are from Hong Kong but I was born in Canada.

Annnd..I hate my stupid school computer, if I want to leave comments on some blogs, it won't work on the comment boxes that appear at the bottom of the posts. So I do read a lot of blogs during the day but always forget to comment when I get home to my laptop XD

The rain finally stopped!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tagged: 10 Things About Me

It's so gloomy in Seoul...that I think I make this face everyday --> -____-' I wanted to do my Beach Face look but there's been a lack of sunlight.

It's been raining the past 3.5 days. The rain started late Saturday afternoon while I was at a waterpark! Luckily, it didn't close down.
If you like waterparks you should check out the one at Everland called Caribbean Bay. It's about an hour bus ride from Seoul and entrance was 65,000won. I think it's rather expensive because the waterpark was kinda small and the line ups were ridiculous! Maybe I've been spoiled by the Disney World waterparks because I didn't find anything spectacular about this park.
The weird thing is, you're supposed to wear a swimming cap or baseball hat at all times and a life jacket in the wavepool if you pass a certain point. Total WTF for me. I bought a swimming cap for 6000won cuz I didn't want to get kicked out of the pool, but in the end, no one cared when I didn't wear it. What a waste... but whatever, I had fun XD
Actually, the swimming caps weren't the biggest's the girls there. Like 50% of them had full makeup on!!! Some girls were stuffing their boobs in the change room and fixing their makeup. Some were wearing heels...HEELS!!! To the waterpark!!! I'm speechless... I'm sorry, but that bothered me and I had a wtf face everytime I saw a girl with makeup or heels.

I was tagged by the lovely Anastacia! If you haven't checked out her blog yet, you should do so immediately! Her makeup skills and creativity are beyond awesomeness..if that was a real word. Hmm...10 things about me.. this might take a while to think of.

1. I don't like alcohol, unless it's mixed into a fruity cocktail. I can't stand the taste of beer, soju, whiskey or other hard alcohols. Sometimes I still drink it, but I absolutely dispise the bitter taste.
2. I think I'm overly sensitive and negative at times, but I'm working on that.
3. Both my feet has/have bunion. It's an enlargement or deformity of the bone on the side of the big toe. You know that bump joint on the side of your big toe? Mine is bumped out and it makes it very painful for me to wear heels or flats for a long time, or any shoes for that matter. The only comfortable shoes I found were Nike Dunks. Converse are ok, they're my daily shoes because they're not as sporty looking as Dunks.
It's quite depressing for me because I can't wear all those pretty shoes. Whenever I buy heels, they don't go more than an inch high. The sides of my big toe gets all red whenever I'm done walking for the day, sometimes it starts to hurt as well. I think it's genetic because my mom also has slight bunion on her feet, but mine are worse than hers.
Oh, my feet are also kinda flat.
4. I never thought of myself as a picky eater, but apprarently I am according to Tim. I don't like spicy food, bell peppers, peas, leeks/scallions, ginseng, onions (very minimal), olives, squash, and pickles to name a few. I can't stand the taste of bell peppers. Even if I pick it out of a pizza, I can still taste it, blech!
5. I honestly think I'm a very insecure person when it comes to friends and talking to people. I feel like I always have to be reassured by my friends that they won't ditch me. I have a hard time talking to new people without saying the wrong things and getting nervous. I might come off as I don't care about you, but I do, it's just that I don't know how to show it physically (as in facial gestures) sometimes. Let's just say... at all 4 elementary schools I've been to, children can be so cruel...
6. I hate spiders and creepy crawlies. I can't squish them myself, so I shriek until someone can do it for me. If not, I go all the way to the basement of my house to get the central vacuum tubes. Then when I get that bloody thing, I have to crumple up some paper and put it through the vaccum to make sure the bug stays down.
7. I think I'm fashionly challenged. I see all the nice fashion styles in the magazines, but can't seem to chose the correct clothes for it! Plus my daily shoes are converse so it's hard to match sometimes. Come to think of it, I think I always chose my clothes to go with my converse. Refer back to #3 for the reason why.
8. My favourite movie 15 years ago was "The Lion King"...still is!
9. My Cantonese has slowly been going downhill since coming to Korea. I'm not happy with that. I'm used to talking to Tim in English and I also speak English at school. My grammer is backwards and I can feel that I'm starting to have a CBC accent. *sniff*
Even before Korea, if I'm very aware of speaking Cantonese and I start to think whether it's the right pronunciation, I start to have an accent.
10. I'm a disorganized person. Just ask Tim.

It's my last week teaching my students! The next 2 weeks will be teaching summer camp at another school, then 2 weeks of vacation. After vacation go back to my own school to teach 1 week of summer camp, 1 week of officially finishing my contract then home! Time sure flies are a few pictures I took with my students.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Guess what? My blog has reached 300 followers *big grin* Thankq to all who are reading my blog! I wouldn't have imagine that anyone would be interested hehe. I started my blog last August, so it's almost blog birthday time! I'm deciding whether I should do another giveaway, we'll see =D

Lookie here, I've finished my jar of P&J Moisture Cream. Lucky for me I had a backup jar that Tim's dad helped me get. I've been using it since March only for night time and this little 1.1oz jar has lasted me about 5 months. Money well spent I tell you. I also finished my 2nd bottle of the Orbis Cleansing Liquid. I'm currently using a Hanskin cleansing oil, will do a review a bit later.

I went bowling on Friday again. Very cheap compared to Toronto. I played 2 games with a few friends for only 8000won/person (less than $8CAD), including shoes.
I'm trying to do a silly face while Tim is trying to look normal puhaha.

A friend of ours went to have Mexican food near Sinchon Station and said it was good, so we had to try it out. I think it's more Tex-Mex than actual Mexican.
Tim and I went there for dinner tonight and we're stuffed!! If you go to Sinchon Station, take exit 4. You'll see McD and Burger King to your left. Continue straight for about a minute and you'll see On The Border on the second floor to your left.

Our friend said the restaurant served American sized portions. I was so excited to see the variety on the menu that we ordered 2 entrees plus and appetizer, bad idea. The portions were indeed American sized.
I ordered chicken enchilladas that came with a side of rice and refried beans. It was SOOOO goood!! The chicken was tender and everything was so flavourful and fresh. I only ate 1.5 out of the 3 enchilladas, it'll be dinner for tomorrow.

Tim had the Montery Jack cheese and bacon chicken fajitas.

Our appetizer was the chicken flaunta. They are corn tortillas stuffed with ground chicken, rolled up and fried to a golden brown. Served with queso dipping sauce. Not too sure what the sauce was made of.
We should have ordered the guacamole. The guacamole that came with Tim's fajitas were the best I've had so far. If we ordered it, the waiter would have prepared it fresh right in front of us. Too time it's a must!

It came up to about 57,000won with tax and tip included.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Octopus Soup

Makeup hasn't really been on my mind lately which is why I haven't been posting as often. I'm not too creative and I can't seem to come up with something different =p
Yesterday, I had dinner with the principal and a few teachers as a "farewell", it was interesting. Seeing some of my teachers drink and getting a bit too comfortable with each other. 

I got there a little late. As soon as I sat down, Korean style, I saw a pot of hot soup and a lady come to the table, yak a few words and came back with a bowl and a plate of vegies on top. 
I knew we were having some sort of seafood and I'm cool with that. When the soup started to boil, the lady came back and took the dish off the bowl. Inside, there were like 3 octopus with heads about the size of my palm. The lady then proceeded to dump the octopus into the boiling pot and to my surprise, the octopus were still alive! They were grabbing and squirming around in the bowl and pot!! Omg!!! 
I like octopus, but seeing it get cooked like that ruined my appetite. I didn't eat a lot of it, although surprisingly, the octopus tentacles were very tender after it was cooked. 
The lady came back a little later and started to cut the octopus head, guts, brains and all, into a few pieces and the teachers started to chow down on it...that my friends...was disgusting...  

Here's the video, I sound so surprised haha. I'm kinda glad they cooked it rather than eat it alive. I wanted to try live octopus, but now, not so much.

Yum yum anyone?
What's the strangest thing you've ever tried?

Going out soon, catching up later =D