Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tagged: 10 Things About Me

It's so gloomy in Seoul...that I think I make this face everyday --> -____-' I wanted to do my Beach Face look but there's been a lack of sunlight.

It's been raining the past 3.5 days. The rain started late Saturday afternoon while I was at a waterpark! Luckily, it didn't close down.
If you like waterparks you should check out the one at Everland called Caribbean Bay. It's about an hour bus ride from Seoul and entrance was 65,000won. I think it's rather expensive because the waterpark was kinda small and the line ups were ridiculous! Maybe I've been spoiled by the Disney World waterparks because I didn't find anything spectacular about this park.
The weird thing is, you're supposed to wear a swimming cap or baseball hat at all times and a life jacket in the wavepool if you pass a certain point. Total WTF for me. I bought a swimming cap for 6000won cuz I didn't want to get kicked out of the pool, but in the end, no one cared when I didn't wear it. What a waste... but whatever, I had fun XD
Actually, the swimming caps weren't the biggest wtf...it's the girls there. Like 50% of them had full makeup on!!! Some girls were stuffing their boobs in the change room and fixing their makeup. Some were wearing heels...HEELS!!! To the waterpark!!! I'm speechless... I'm sorry, but that bothered me and I had a wtf face everytime I saw a girl with makeup or heels.

I was tagged by the lovely Anastacia! If you haven't checked out her blog yet, you should do so immediately! Her makeup skills and creativity are beyond awesomeness..if that was a real word. Hmm...10 things about me.. this might take a while to think of.

1. I don't like alcohol, unless it's mixed into a fruity cocktail. I can't stand the taste of beer, soju, whiskey or other hard alcohols. Sometimes I still drink it, but I absolutely dispise the bitter taste.
2. I think I'm overly sensitive and negative at times, but I'm working on that.
3. Both my feet has/have bunion. It's an enlargement or deformity of the bone on the side of the big toe. You know that bump joint on the side of your big toe? Mine is bumped out and it makes it very painful for me to wear heels or flats for a long time, or any shoes for that matter. The only comfortable shoes I found were Nike Dunks. Converse are ok, they're my daily shoes because they're not as sporty looking as Dunks.
It's quite depressing for me because I can't wear all those pretty shoes. Whenever I buy heels, they don't go more than an inch high. The sides of my big toe gets all red whenever I'm done walking for the day, sometimes it starts to hurt as well. I think it's genetic because my mom also has slight bunion on her feet, but mine are worse than hers.
Oh, my feet are also kinda flat.
4. I never thought of myself as a picky eater, but apprarently I am according to Tim. I don't like spicy food, bell peppers, peas, leeks/scallions, ginseng, onions (very minimal), olives, squash, and pickles to name a few. I can't stand the taste of bell peppers. Even if I pick it out of a pizza, I can still taste it, blech!
5. I honestly think I'm a very insecure person when it comes to friends and talking to people. I feel like I always have to be reassured by my friends that they won't ditch me. I have a hard time talking to new people without saying the wrong things and getting nervous. I might come off as I don't care about you, but I do, it's just that I don't know how to show it physically (as in facial gestures) sometimes. Let's just say... at all 4 elementary schools I've been to, children can be so cruel...
6. I hate spiders and creepy crawlies. I can't squish them myself, so I shriek until someone can do it for me. If not, I go all the way to the basement of my house to get the central vacuum tubes. Then when I get that bloody thing, I have to crumple up some paper and put it through the vaccum to make sure the bug stays down.
7. I think I'm fashionly challenged. I see all the nice fashion styles in the magazines, but can't seem to chose the correct clothes for it! Plus my daily shoes are converse so it's hard to match sometimes. Come to think of it, I think I always chose my clothes to go with my converse. Refer back to #3 for the reason why.
8. My favourite movie 15 years ago was "The Lion King"...still is!
9. My Cantonese has slowly been going downhill since coming to Korea. I'm not happy with that. I'm used to talking to Tim in English and I also speak English at school. My grammer is backwards and I can feel that I'm starting to have a CBC accent. *sniff*
Even before Korea, if I'm very aware of speaking Cantonese and I start to think whether it's the right pronunciation, I start to have an accent.
10. I'm a disorganized person. Just ask Tim.

It's my last week teaching my students! The next 2 weeks will be teaching summer camp at another school, then 2 weeks of vacation. After vacation go back to my own school to teach 1 week of summer camp, 1 week of officially finishing my contract then home! Time sure flies by...here are a few pictures I took with my students.


dreamer0703 said...

After reading the 10 things about you, for some reason, I like you because we share a few things in common. You may consider feet surgery, a lot of ppl do that, and feets are important.

Blair said...

thanks for sharing all these with us! it's always so interesting to learn more about the person behind the blog haha

eclecticsatire said...

Oooo can see we have quite a few things in common! :D I am also very insecure and am terribly shy around new people.

Thanks sharing these interesting facts about yourself! :D


wiluna said...

Thanks for sharing this miumiu. It's a relief also letting all you're thoughts & doubts out from you mind. Let me say this, don't be too harsh on yourself coz "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL", don't be afraid of what other think of you coz all of us have flaws. You can wear Slippers or flat thongs, they're IN these days. You know what, those deformities you've mentioned, someone in our place said that means "LUCK", so don't be insecure, you're so lucky to have those people around you who love you, like your family, tim and US, ur followers. We like you that's why always we followed you and made comments on ur blog, hehe... Stay pretty gurl! =)

Shopn'Chomp said...

Hi MiuMiu, I consider myself pretty fashion challenged at times too. Like you I pretty much live in my Converse sneaks (Chuck Taylors!). I'm really more of a t-shirt and jeans girl.

P.S Love the pics of you and your students! In fact you look like you can be one of them :)

Becky said...

thanks for sharing =)
we have a few things in a common. i dislike alcohol too... it's so bitter =( only when it's fruity i will drink it too... i've been told im a picky eater too! i dont like spicy food, everything that's spicy to me is not to everyone else XD

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

aww thanks for sharing im with you on no. 6!!

Hana aka acutelife said...

Females in my fam have the bunion things too! So we avoid closed front type of sandals and shoes with pointy tips :P
And lolz abt the girls at the waterpark :D they can't play with the water if they stuff their boobs then??what did they use?tissue? :D

Jamilla Camel said...

Miu Miu don't despair: when I was 28 I had two bunions the size of ping pong balls. My Orthopedic surgeon said I had the feet of a 50 year old woman!! Well, I had a bi-lateral bunionectomy/osteotomy to correct the biomechanical problem, and I can wear pretty shoes, but not high heeled ones. The surgery really hurt, but I am REALLY glad I had it done in my 20s! (My grandmother had bunions the size of golf balls!)

eri said...

My bff just had her bunions surgically removed. It's a long recovery process especially since she had both feet done, but it looks good and she's happy with the results!
Maybe something to look into?

tokyostargirl said...

don't you just love the summer glow?

thanks for the birthday wish! the restaurant was wonderful - something you can only find in japan!

ko0ty said...

Is that the same waterpark that they the Ant couple and the Lettuce couple went to in We Got Married (if you've watched that variety show)?

Yeah it's sad how image is everything in Korea... it's scary to think that if we grew up there, we'd think the same too.

Maggie said...

omg, i can really relate to you about the whole bunion thing! it's such a pain in the arse. your whole description in #3 is JUST LIKE me. i can never wear pretty shoes T_T

eki said...

ohh I hate bell papers too!! I get really disorganized and goes crazy in the mess that I made and my BF is the opposite he is mr organized hehe :3

are you going to Japan for vacay? :D

CuttiBeBe said...

hey! haven't left a comment in a while.. your pictures with your students reminds me of my days teaching in china.. though they can be monsters sometimes, don't you feel so fulfilled that you've shared your knowledge?

you are so hard on yourself, just like me sometimes. i totally get what you mean about being nervous when talking to new people. all i can say is, take a chance, let people see your world, because from where i can see, it is a wonderful wonderful place to be! =) you are being so stingy, keeping yourself to only you and your bf! haha.. think of it that way, it feels better, eh?

enjoy your moment.. time sure does fly!


izumi said...

i think your fashion sense is just fine xD esp in that last picture, i LOVE your top! and i can't stand squishing bugs either :( hate hate hate hate it. i don't even like vaccuuming them.. maybe i should try the whole crumpled paper thing. or just vaccuum some rocks, hahaha. that'll squish 'em! ;)

☆Anastacia☆ said...

This pink top really looks supah cute on you! So adorable!
Totally agree with your #6. I want cry when I see something like that! Brrrrr!
Thanq for did this tag and thanq for that kind words to me!!!

Edna said...

Aww I hate spiders too.

Come to CA and I'll make you a (strong) fruity drink :) I love making drinks for people! (I have my own mini bar)

What grade are your students? They're so bigggg!

Yumeko said...

i love reading this sorta thing! its always interesting to me!

Old Cow said...

aaaaawwwwww you look sooooo sweet with all your students! I wish I had a teacher as pretty as you. Mine were all old nuns with stinker coffee breath LOL

I dont think that you are fashion challenged!! Nope not at all!

mszcheysser said...

Doing 10 random facts, has got to be one of my favorite tags :]

I am totally digging the pictures of you and your students! & Wow! Sorry to hear about your conditions with "bunion". But after reading, other blogger's comments, maybe it would be easy to remove them :] So then, you would be able to wear shoes more comfortably.

I hate spiders too! GOSSSSH /: and all other crawly things. Recent research proves that people are more afraid of spiders, than death. WOOOO!

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