Monday, July 27, 2009

My pictures can't seem to be clicked on to enlarge, anyone have any idea why? It was never like this before..bah!


Maggie said...

I think that sorta helps. ^-^
Maybe it's because when you move the picture around, you broke the HTML code. Good Luck!

Beauty Snap said...

Oh I have the same problem as you when I use Google Chrome browser to upload pictures... But when I revert back to the Internet explorer which is slower, it allows me to enlarge pics on click. If that is not the problem, then I am not so sure.. I am sorry! T-T
Btw I opened your package (just got home from Japan T^T), THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I love everything, you are such a sweetie :)

miemiemie said...

mine doesn't upload photos well :( i use firefox

i'm using the geo angel brown. or wait i think its either that or the nudy brown. i always forget their names

PiliC said...
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