Friday, July 17, 2009

Beach Bum

Today would have been a brilliant day for doing an FOTD, but the rain decided to pour when I got home! The rain isn't like anything I've experienced in Toronto, here it's like a constant shower!! If it's windy, there's no escaping the horizontal rain.
I wanted to do a look for the beach or anywhere that just calls for minimum makeup usage, but this darned gloomyness just ruins the front shots, so I just did a side one. *le sigh*

Simple makeup. I used the P&J Moisturizing Primer first then the Protective Primer UV and concealed with Beauty Maker Aqua Eyes (yes I finally have a BM item!). Topped it off with Coffret D'or pressed powder, the blush from the Lunasol Set, Coffret D'or FS eyes 03 (gold), Fiberwig mascara and P&J lipgloss 04.
I didn't want to line my eyes. If I go to the beach, the last thing I'd want to worry about is my eyeliner smudging or fading.

About a month back, I helped one of my readers, Sarah, do kinda like a CP. I did a small one for her a few months ago, but she asked me to help her with another one. I'm not gonna go into detail with it, but it was a big package hehe.
Sarah was nice enough to send me a little gift because of the CP. She sent me the Beauty Maker Aqua Eyes Concealer in the darker of the 2 shades (I think 02?). Thankq Sarah!!! I was so excited to get it in the mail because I totally forgot I had a package coming!
I've only used it once so far and it feels uber creamy and smooth.

Ah the last day of school. Some students seemed surprised that it was my last day. Technically it's not my last day since I'll be back for a week in August to do the sumer school program.
Like how I blend in?
I got some letters from a few students! They were such sweeties. I forgot to take individual pictures with them..doohh!

And..OMG...I think I ate a slug infested lettuce leaf today at dinner. I was eating galbi and wrapping it with lettuce. I grabbed a smaller piece of galbi so I ripped the lettuce in half and ate the top part. As I was waiting for more meat to cook, I looked at my remaining lettuce and saw this small gray thing. I looked carefully and saw it moving!!!! IT WAS A FREAKING SLUGGG!!!!!!! *GAG, PUKE BARF*!!!!! Lucky I didn't eat it.. I was a bit too shocked that I didn't take a picture of it. I gave it back to the waitress..and I wasn't able to bitch about it because I didn't speak Korean!!!
The moral of the story? Check your lettuces before you eat it!!!!!!!!!!! And don't go somewhere that seems sketchy..haha


Sherry said...

to learn other language cost money here, they put it to beginner, intermediate,etc.

dreamer0703 said...

OMG.. what a terrible experience of seeing or eating slug!! I'm sorry that happened to you, i guessed if i were you i won't be able to stop screaming in the restaurant even though i can't bitch in korean.

Old Cow said...

I have a phobia of slugs!!

I might have died if you took a picture...phew

miss wiggle said...

OMG I think I just pewked a little... *SHIVERS* Slugs and anything that squirm are honestly the worst creatures!!! *loses appetite*

Yea everyone and their mother now has Esprique palettes due to Fuz's influence! Haha~ It's a good buy for me since I don't have a lot of makeup (YET), and the price isn't bad relative to other brands. :D

ilovepink said...

omg hahaha i would scream ... and told the waitress to give me more meat! lol

hope your week is going well! i know the weather in korea is hot humid and rainy .. right? haha when i went in July... omg i was so sticky

Jamilla Camel said...

I know what you mean about slugs!! We grow our own lettuce in pots, and Jamal wanted a salad for lunch today--and it was pouring rain. Guess what that means?!?!

I had to comb each lettuce leaf one by one to make sure they were free of slugs and poor thing!!

I hope you like the Kevin Aqua Eye's my HG!

Hana aka acutelife said...

oh no the slug!!!i would scream my head off if I were you (and puke at the same time too) >.< lolz
you're leaving korea soon, enjoy as much as korean food while you can (or maybe you're sick of it already?) hehehe

eri said...

Slugs?!? Oh my goodness! That is a very traumatizing experience!!! At least it was just the top part and not the bottom?!

That's so sweet that your students wrote u letters!

Becky said...

just hearing about it makes me scared!!!
i remember one time i was at a restaurant eating a salad and there was this cockroach looking type thing sitting on the leaf! it was so gross >___<

innerchild said...

Eeewww, slug lettuce. You look cute in the peace-sign photo haha The BM concealer is getting really popular around here, I wanna try it. Thanks for showing us a nice & simple look for the summer. I think I would opt for no-liner too. It gets awfully humid in this 97F (36C) heat!

Jess said...

Oh, what a pity the rain thwarted your plans! :/

Nevertheless, thanks for the side shot. You look cute! ;)

izumi said...

first live octopus then slug? EWWWWW!! :( you have some pretty horrible food experiences, i must say.

☆Anastacia☆ said...

awe! I loveeee just love rain in summer time! it's really like a shower, absolutely agree with you!
I like that first pic with you, you looks like a model working for special foto shoot! Amazing pic!

ning * star said...

ewww.... i munch an insect before and ueak... horrible..

Edna said...

Aww I hate rainy days. Lets hope some CA sunshine comes your way!

Your kids are so big!!!

Shopn'Chomp said...

Note to self: Check lettuce.

Thx for the heads up!

May said...

I would of totally scream.

Iyah said...

Hi miumiu!! you are the prettiest teacher I know!!! :)

btw, I use sunscreen 1st before the primer :)

miemiemie said...

omg omg!!! good thing you didn't end up eating the slug! that is so gross!!! i'd probably freak out and won't eat for that day..ewww i hate slimy worms or anything crawling like that eeeewwwwww

haha yes i know him,he's my uncle! hahaha he's been adding up my friends. people have been texting me asking who he is..haha i told them its my uncle, haha he probably wants a lot of friends on fb?

k* said...

that lunasol palette is soo pretty~~

ive had some horrible things-that-shouldnt-be-in-food-but-unfortunately-were encounters...

if i were there, i woulda totally said something to the waitress/owner for you~

hope it never ever happens again to you (or me...haha...)!

fuzkittie said...

Aw what a cute photo of you guys, hehehe. I hope you like the BM concealer better than the Lunasol one.

Eeeeeeeewww slug on lettuce!! :x

Forever Yang said...

hi miumiu... i stumbled upon your blog while going through fuz's. fellow torontonian here. :) just wanna ask where you got the lunasol set? and i'm so dying to try BM's stuff! :)