Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some Regretful Purchases

I saw Fuz's videos on her 10 purchases that she regrets, and I thought I'd show you what I regret buying. Hope you don't mind that I used your idea Fuz!! =D And I hope she'll be back soon.

I just so happened to grab 10 things when rummaging through my stash.

1. Ma Cherie Perfect Spray
  • Doesn't do anything in terms of hold
  • The mist is very fine so it kinda dries up into the air before I get enough product on
  • Although it smells like cherries, the scent doesn't last long

2. Ma Cherie Jelly Wax

  • No hold, even though I can get a bit of volume with this stuff, my hair falls flat really quickly
  • The gel doesn't feel sticky enough to hold anything in place

3. Etude House Black Head Heating Scrub

  • No difference after using, black heads didn't look like they were going to budge
  • No heated feeling

4. Banila Co It Fresh Lip and Eye Makeup Remover

  • I should have known that this oil free concoction wouldn't do anything for the MM mascara
  • Even for regular eye shadows, it took a while before it was removed completely

5. Etude House Lash Designing Vitcara (curl)

  • Smudges
  • The wand is curved and has a comb design on both sides, however, it's kind of difficult to work with
  • I didn't really see it help keep my lashes curled, nor did it do a good job at curling

6. Paul & Joe Lipgloss 03

  • A bit too coppery for my taste, but still trying to make it work

7. Paul and Joe Lipstick 13

  • I didn't look carefully when I did a swatch at the store, the color is too orangey
  • Doesn't feel as moisturizing as Coffret D'or, Maquillage or the LE P&J lipstick I have

8. Paul & Joe LE 061

  • Sheer, only shine, should have known, I got greedy when I saw the P&J makeup stand

9. Paul & Joe Moisturizing Foundation Primer 03

  • Doesn't have SPF, I should have gotten the 02 shade, but I didn't know whether it suited me or not, now I know cuz I have a sample! I still haven't used this bottle, yup, still brand spanking new. I tried a sample of the 03 primer from Fuz and I love how moisturizing it is.

10. Etude House Baby Skin Veil Pact

  • Even though I got the darker of the 2 shades (02) it still gave me a white cast

Oh, I think someone asked me if I'm Korean, nope! I'm Chinese, my parents are from Hong Kong but I was born in Canada.

Annnd..I hate my stupid school computer, if I want to leave comments on some blogs, it won't work on the comment boxes that appear at the bottom of the posts. So I do read a lot of blogs during the day but always forget to comment when I get home to my laptop XD

The rain finally stopped!!!


mint said...

=0 really miumiu, i was really interested in Ma Cherie Perfect Spray! is it that bad? I was thinking about getting it too after i finish my current hairspray.
thanks for the list, very interesting and a good heads up ^^

Old Cow said...

This is strange most of my regretful items are either P&J or Etude House too YET I love so many things that they make!!

ning * star said...

aww.. i thought P&J is promising... hmm ~

♥akisa♥ said...

haha yeah I rush in buying lipsticks all too often.. That's kind of why I thought of BeautySwatch so people will get a chance to research a bit more before buying~

Haru said...

Interesting post. I think if I did a similar post, I would have too many to choose from! I liked that P&J's LE green packaging on that lipstick but the shade was just too uninteresting to justify a purchase.

By the way, what happened to Fuzkittie? I went to her blog and seems like it's only open to invited readers now (which I'm not).

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

nice post!! i think i might have to do one... luckily there hasnt been too much regrets guess... yeah p&J 61 is colourless lol at least its moisturizing and shiny hehe..

I use the wakening gel for night and day. Im using it before moisturizer and its working even better than before!! the lotion isnt so bad. the weather got more warmer and i got sweater so its ok in hot weather. dont recommend it for the winter months though

ill try to check out that lunasol product for you. lunasol counters are only found in certain places like ginza. if i go i def ask. i need my bf around to translate for me too xD he's a little busy with revision and exams right now. probs next week...

Becky said...

Nice~ Now I know what not to try. Usually when I buy things that don't work I throw it out because I'm too angry to look at them anymore >___<
i remember buying a nivea eye makeup remover because i really needed one and it said gentle. it was so gentle it did not remove eye makeup! hehe my parents are from HK too and we came here when I was young XD

Pop Champagne said...

heeey that's a good idea for a post!!! Mmm yeah a lot of my regrets are definately cosmatics...

you have a bunny too?! What do you feed your bunny on regular basis? I feel Turbo lettuce, carrots and pellets, but sometimes he gets bored of eating the same food so he just leaves it... I try to not give him so much fruits because that causes weight gain and he's fat enough.. sigh.. I'm running out of ideas on what to feed him!

melon ♥ funk said...

Oh wow, I didn't know they has On The Borders in Korea.. We have them here in the states :D The etude house compact is really cute even though you said it's one of your regret buys. I wish more stuff in the states was packaged with cute pink packaging.

Reading through your 10 things about you, we have a lot in common! Your students are very cute, they looks 'studious'/dorky in a good way :P

Hana aka acutelife said...

I definetely have some regret purchase but I gave most of them away :D
Ans I don't suit orange tones very much too esp for lipstick,maybe because of my skin tone. So far I only have two orange e/s too lolz

Tracy said...

Keep the PnJ Primer! It is really lovely.. 03 is actually translucent so the shade will fit most ladies... it is really nice!

mszcheysser said...

WOW =O I wish I can agree with you, about your purchases, but I have yet to own either one on your list! EEEEEK=/

eri said...

Hahaha! I should do a post like this, but I think it'd be longer than 10 items!

Shopn'Chomp said...

Hi MiuMiu, great post...I need to make a mental list. Btw, thank u for your sweet comment :) XOXO

izumi said...

ooo maybe i should do a list like this too.. hahaha. we'll see though xD

miss wiggle said...

Oh, you're not Korean?! hahahha~ Craaaaaziness! xD I've thought you were Korean for so long that now I'm having trouble seeing you as Chinese LOL...

Anonymous said...

Do you go on soompi by any chance? There's this girl who's also teaching english in seoul. Her blog:

e.motion in motion said...

Great idea for a post lol xD I want to do one now hehe. Aww I always wanted to try P&J products... now I know what not try lol.

mrsdumpling422 said...

Hi MiuMiu! I'm new to your blog. I love Etude House packaging and of course many of the products but I get the white cast too. I just ordered the Paul & Joe LE 061 from Asos yesterday because it was on sale :D Can you tell me if the shimmer shows?

Sassy Jadore said...

cute stuff and tahnks for the mini review on the products. =)

Lulu said...

thanks for this list, it'll help all of us to avoid some of the products you've bought and didn't like! I want to do my own 10 regretful buys now, hope you don't mind that I am stealing the idea :p

xppinkx said...

Hey baby girl

how are you!!! i dont come around often enough and im glad i did...i love the new facelift on here!!! its sooo purdy!!! i love this review...i agree that P & J stuff is crap...i have the primer and foundie and i have no clue what the hell i am gunna do with them....the primer left me so greasy and the foundie makes me look like i just rubbed my face with flesh toned Vaseline...

where will you be in the months of october nad would be awesome to meet you in asia

fuzkittie said...

Hahaa of course I don't mind! It's interesting, because P&J makes so many good items.. I guess there is more chance you would get regretful items of brands you like since you get more items from them, haha.

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

I'm sure I have a lot of regretful purchased items too.. but I'm such a cheapo and would try to make it works no matter how... hahaha...even it doesn't works in any ways, I'll still finish it up. Afterall, It's all my hard earned money.. hahaha..