Friday, July 24, 2009

Hair Styling

I don't have an excuse for being MIA puhaha. Wow a week of not blogging and I missed out on a lot of posts. I'm so out of it, my mind is on vacation and going home, but that doesn't stop me from making another video! I still got so much planning to do for my vacation..where to go, what to do, and seeing if I can still meet up with some bloggers in Tokyo! I'll send you girls another email soon!
This one is another way of styling bangs. I don't use the fringe styler anymore, but you can still check back on a previous post about it.
I just use a regular plastic brush, if you use a round brush, it'll work a lot better.

I have creepy eyes hahaha.

So I've just finished teaching my first week of summer camp at another school. It's been interesting, mostly frustrating though.

1. I feel like I'm in a sardine can on the subway because I take a different one from the usual one for my own school. This subway leds closer to the downtown area and no matter how packed it is, people turn around and back their asses into the subway.
2. The students don't listen to me, not surprising
3. I have a student that is probably suffering from asperger syndrome. I'm almost 100% certain that he is not being treated. This is the same for many students that suffer from disabilities at school here, a lot of people just shrug them off.
During game time today, this student decided to stick his finger through the grate of a large stand-up fan and ended up with a bloody finger. He didn't have a reason to do it, he just told me he wanted to see if "this sort of pain is possible". I told my teachers that and asked if he was being taken care of properly. They laughed and just said, "probably, maybe he's taking pills". Wow...

This is for Helen:
I applied for teaching here through a small company in Toronto. They hire for the Seoul Metropolitan Office Of Education which is like the big cheese of public schools. The original company website isn't there anymore, I suspect they have been closed down.
Here are the ones I know of:
Foot Prints
Dave's ESL

If you're thinking of coming to Korea, it's a pretty big decision. You just need to remember that the English system isn't set in stone and as a result, there are plenty of headaches to be had. I haven't had a good experience, even for my summer camp at another public school, so I suggest you to do your research before heading over to Korea.


Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Hi Miu Miu, Thanks for sharing, I have friends teaching English at Korea right now and some are planning to going there :) I'll have to show them your post hehe. But I still so admire them, having access to all those Korean Beauty Product hehehehe

Rosamond said...

wow thanx for posting this. I always wondered about how ppl have been styling their bangs like that.

adin_22 said...

Thanks for the bangs tutorial..I always have difficulty styling it!!

Shopn'Chomp said...

So sad to hear about the student not getting the right help. :( I really hope he can somehow get the help he needs.

And thank you for the vid! I have side swept bangs that don't cooperate most of the time so the vid comes in handy! :)

A View from the Edge said...

Hope the kids will listen to you. I know it's hard being a teacher, but I admire you for your patience =)

Catherine said...

Thanks for sharing the bangs tutorial! I might actually try that with mine (I'm so lazy though hahaha).

And wow... I feel so bad for that kid. =/

Hana aka acutelife said...

I might try the bangs tute since I have bangs now :D
Oh poor kid :( I guess most part of asia still treat disable/invalids/mentally troubled in that way, which is sad

izumi said...

hehee, you have mickey mouse ears on xD tanks for the vid!

izumi said...

OH!! that might've sounded bad. i meant in the pic that you took... not in the vid. lOL. not like your actual ears >__<;;

Edna said...

Wow, the kids + teachers at the school seem so different from your previous class (?). I'd be terrified if my kids acted out that way. Thats why I want the younger more innocent ones.

日月神教-任我行 said...