Monday, October 18, 2010

Hellooo Monday

Who doesn't love pay day? I just had to treat myself to some goodies.
I've always wanted to use falsies more often, but it seemed like such a pain in the butt to put on all the time, plus the ends don't stick that well after a few hours of wear.
I used to use Darkness lashes whenever I had the time, but a lot of times I didn't put them on very well so I could feel it.
I went to Pacific Mall to get some more hair spray and passed by a store that sold these super pretty lashes. It was $20 for 10 pairs or $3 per pair, I got 1 pair just to test it out and so far so good.
The spine/bone(??) of the lashes are much thinner than the Darkness lashes so they feel a lot more comfortable. Although they are comfortable to wear, I'm predicting that they won't stick as well as the day passes due to the lack of surface area sticking to my eyes.

Still..they're very pretty and natural looking. Today's makeup is inspired by this YouTube vid

Makeup used:

Earlier today I just put on some mascara and brown eyeliner when I went to do my errands. Adding the false lashes plus some shadow really adds more oomph to my eyes.

Lined 1/3 of the bottom lashline with brown eyeshadow. I didn't even need black liquid liner after I applied the lashes since the lash itself was already created the illusion of the liner.

I'm starting to like TM a lot more than foundation. I'm starting to find that foundation cakes easily between my brows and around the nose. Good thing for me I don't have too much extra foundation that needs to be used.
I started getting sick of using the Stila TM (there's only 1/4 bottle left anyway, so no big deal not to finish it all XD). It started feeling a bit too heavy for my taste so I went and splurged on the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Tinted Moisturizer in Medium ($33CAD for 75mL). It was such a good deal, considering the amount you get for that price. Plus a little goes a long way.

Kiehl's is the most fluid of the 3 TM and I think a bit more suited to my skin tone. Compared with the other 2 I've used, Kiehl's has pretty good coverage for a TM, not heavy at all and leaves my skin nice and dewy. The thing about this TM is that it emphasizes the dry bits on and around my nose. I haven't found a solution to this yet besides exfoliating...hmm..maybe I'm not exfoliating enough?
Stila is similar to Kiehl's except it feels a bit heavier and my skin gets a bit more oily.
Covergirl is the most sheer, it has barely does anything, oh well it was worth the try.
I used Primavista pressed powder on top of the Kiehl's TM

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mid Week Reviews

I haven't really gotten a lot of new makeup, I feel so deprived! Lucky for me my friend heard me babbling about how I finished up my favourite pink lipstick and didn't have a replacement..and how Shoppers Drug Mart now sold Anna Sui.. so he went out and got me a new lipstick! So sweet of him! Now that I think about my old lipstick (Maquillage PK705), I miss it so much!
This is the Lip Rouge G 303 which is the glossy type. The lipstick has the signature rose scent to it, some may think it's a bit strong, I have to admit that I think the scent is a bit strong when I first apply it.

Although it's the glossy finish, I feel it has more of a pretty sheen to the finish. It also has some very fine golden shimmers in it.
The color also shows up nicely on my lips without looking too rosy. I think it also enhances my lipcolor, especially because my lips are pigmented.
Even though this is my first Anna Sui lipstick, I'm really liking it a lot! It's very moisturizing, smooth and not sticky at all. In terms of lasting power, I get a couple hours before it's completely gone, only if I don't go drinking of eating anything.

I was looking at my eye brow pencil and realized how small it was! I'm actually going through this brow pencil really fast, so I decided to go and get a backup.
Who watches Michelle Phan's videos? (who doesn't!??) I saw the Lancome brow pencil and really wanted to give it a try so I went out to get the pencil in Sable. Compared to the current brow pencil I'm using (Maquillage GY950 2.5g), the Lancome one is a lot smaller in weight (1.05g). Kinda disappointed especially for the price of the pencil. Oh well, it was worth a shot.

The Lancome pencil is actually a lot softer than then Maquillage. When I first used it, I was surprised at how pigmented the color was too and how easy it was to fill in my brows. With that said, I think I need a lot more practice in using the Lancome pencil otherwise I'm gonna end up with brows that are too dark!
The two pencils are very similar, except I had to swipe the Maquillage a few more times to get the color more to show up more.

The good thing about the Maquilage is it's more difficult to make mistakes because it's not as soft and pigmented, but it also rubs off easier. The Lancome pencil takes more practice to get a softer finish but it also lasts a lot longer and stays put better.
I rubbed a tissue on my arm and you can see which one obviously stays on better.

Life has been so difficult lately, so many changes and sometimes I feel like I threw poop into the fan and I can't seem to clean it, it's everywhere!!! But I do what I can to cope with the situation. This is also another reason why I haven't blogged much.
I did learn an important lesson through all this... Don't regret your decisions in life, live with the consequences and learn from them. Don't take things for granted and enjoy what you have. Most importantly, stop thinking so much and stop worrying about the what if's...and do what you think is right for yourself.

Until next time...I'm not sure when I'll be checking or updating my blog. Hopefully I won't have this dry spell for too long XD

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Random Spontaneous Stuff!

OMG, it has been way too long since I'm updated!!!! I wonder how some bloggers are able to keep it up. Sometimes I think back and wonder how I did it XD
Have you ever done something soo random and spontaneous that when you look back you wonder..did I really do that?
Well for me it's quite rare but I did it 2 times and both times was a trip to NYC. Remember the MTV music awards? I was watching it with 3 of my friends and after we saw the Eminem performance, sometime during the show the host said Eminem was on his way to NYC for a concert. So my friends thought, wouldn't it be so crazy if we went to NYC to see the Eminem and Jay-Z concert? And so.. we did just that. Most amazing thing everrrr.

Since we went to NYC we might as well wander around. We didn't have much time to do anything so we mainly wandered around the Soho area, and that's where I found these super yummy cupcakes and yogurt.

And who could go to NYC without making a stop at Mitsuwa. I seriously never would have thought that I could go there because it's so far away. As cool as it is to see all these Japanese products in person, I was a bit disappointed at their selection. But oh well, I didn't leave empty handed.

I thought the ramen was kind of expensive, but totally worth it. It's not easy to find such a good ramen place in Toronto. I'm so glad I tried it at Mitsuwa, it was super tasty ^__^

My small haul. I didn't intend on doing a lot of shopping anyway. I did get a new toner and face cream for day time use. It's the B&C Hearty Lab Soy Bean products. You can find them at Imomoko here, it's actually the same price at Mitsuwa. I haven't gotten around in using them yet since I still have a bit of stuff to finish. I'm quite interested to see how the moisturizer gel will work in the dry Canadian winter.
I also purchased the Cover Girl tinted moisturizer. It was cheap and I can't buy it in Canada anyway, so might as well XD

And last but not least, some new masks I got from Tim! I've never heard of these before. It's called My Scheming (from Taiwan I believe), which is very strange. I didn't make that up! It says on the package hehe, which I find very cute.

This morning I used the Milk Extract Brightening Mask. The mask size fits my face very well. Compared to the My Beauty Diary masks, these ones are thinner and stay put on my face. I left it on for about 15-20 mins and it took a few minutes for the liquid to fully absorb into my skin.
I didn't really notice any immediate brightening effects, I only noticed that my skin felt a bit tighter and I'm not sure if it's in the good way or bad dry way.

I have a couple new products to show everyone some time this week, stay tuned =D