Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Random Spontaneous Stuff!

OMG, it has been way too long since I'm updated!!!! I wonder how some bloggers are able to keep it up. Sometimes I think back and wonder how I did it XD
Have you ever done something soo random and spontaneous that when you look back you wonder..did I really do that?
Well for me it's quite rare but I did it 2 times and both times was a trip to NYC. Remember the MTV music awards? I was watching it with 3 of my friends and after we saw the Eminem performance, sometime during the show the host said Eminem was on his way to NYC for a concert. So my friends thought, wouldn't it be so crazy if we went to NYC to see the Eminem and Jay-Z concert? And so.. we did just that. Most amazing thing everrrr.

Since we went to NYC we might as well wander around. We didn't have much time to do anything so we mainly wandered around the Soho area, and that's where I found these super yummy cupcakes and yogurt.

And who could go to NYC without making a stop at Mitsuwa. I seriously never would have thought that I could go there because it's so far away. As cool as it is to see all these Japanese products in person, I was a bit disappointed at their selection. But oh well, I didn't leave empty handed.

I thought the ramen was kind of expensive, but totally worth it. It's not easy to find such a good ramen place in Toronto. I'm so glad I tried it at Mitsuwa, it was super tasty ^__^

My small haul. I didn't intend on doing a lot of shopping anyway. I did get a new toner and face cream for day time use. It's the B&C Hearty Lab Soy Bean products. You can find them at Imomoko here, it's actually the same price at Mitsuwa. I haven't gotten around in using them yet since I still have a bit of stuff to finish. I'm quite interested to see how the moisturizer gel will work in the dry Canadian winter.
I also purchased the Cover Girl tinted moisturizer. It was cheap and I can't buy it in Canada anyway, so might as well XD

And last but not least, some new masks I got from Tim! I've never heard of these before. It's called My Scheming (from Taiwan I believe), which is very strange. I didn't make that up! It says on the package hehe, which I find very cute.

This morning I used the Milk Extract Brightening Mask. The mask size fits my face very well. Compared to the My Beauty Diary masks, these ones are thinner and stay put on my face. I left it on for about 15-20 mins and it took a few minutes for the liquid to fully absorb into my skin.
I didn't really notice any immediate brightening effects, I only noticed that my skin felt a bit tighter and I'm not sure if it's in the good way or bad dry way.

I have a couple new products to show everyone some time this week, stay tuned =D


~Lisa said...

Nice haul! I wish to visit a Mitsuwa one day!! I've actually never tried Ramen...>.< But now I really want to!!

& great haul!! I really love the packaging of Japanese products =) And those masks have a super cute packaging too!!

MEOW said...

ooh those cupcakes and ramen look so good!! and i love those poiful candies! they are so yummy! thanks for sharing ur haul :)

eri said...

now i'm totally craving ramen!
i need to be spontaneous like that! just say "we should" and then do!!!

Silkybow said...

ramen and cupcakes look so yummy... I want some ramen now lol

izumi said...

hiiiii! it's been awhile :D i'm glad to see you're still alive, hahaha. i definitely find it harder to keep up with blogs o__O so i just sit down one day and write lots of different posts and just have them scheduled to post.. hahaha. makes my life easier :P

SO COOL that you randomly went to NYC!!

kalai said...

the ramen looks so good!^^

fashfix said...

the heart shaped box lashes > i've got them from tokyo. very nice. the one i got was side lashes only, it wings out

priincess emily said...

Great purchase! I see dolly wink! <3

♥ PINK DOLLY ♥ said...

The masks look really cute - do you know where I can buy them online UK shipping?