Monday, November 12, 2012

Hong Kong Haul~

Again, it's been such a long time since I've updated XD
My mom recently went to Hong Kong and I gave her a small list. Most of the products I can buy from Adambeauty so I didn't bother asking for too much.
I can get the 女人我最大 magazine easily at T&T, but it was cheaper from HK. 
I saw these pins online somewhere and thought they'd be pretty useful since they're longer than the typical pins..and they have a slight curve.
Comes with instructions for a simple "do" at the back. I was pretty disappointed with these though, they're not very strong/tight, so it slides out easily -___-'
Saw the Dejavu Lash Serum on Ichibankao and I just had to have it.
I'd be lying if I said I didn't use makeup everyday and cleaning mascara off doesn't always end pretty. Sometimes I'd lose a lash or two, so hopefully this serum will help strengthen them a bit.
The tip is sort of spongy with tons of product on it. I just wave the tip through my lashes and comb it out at night.
My beloved Koji Curving lash curler... The silicone pad on my first one has ripped through a while ago and I couldn't find my refill so I threw out the whole curler. I think I should have just purchased a random silicone replacement to use, but I think it's shaped differently. ButI got the Shiseido one to use in the meantime, which is OK, but sometimes the inner lashes don't curl.
I think I forgot how well this one fits my eye because when I go and press the curler, it curls very very close to my lashes that it feels like it's tugging at them too much. Now I just need to get used to using this again.
The one I got comes with a cute little handkerchief, instructions booklet, case and 2 extra refill pads.
Ever since I started growing out my hair, which is quite long by now, I find it very difficult to maintain the volume, especially if I don't use the crimping iron at the roots (learned the trick from Fuzkittie). Mousse and curlers only do so much so I thought I'd give these interesting clips a try.
They're basically metal hair clips that snap into place (you know the ones you would use back in elementary school to help keep your ponytail nice and snooth?). These have velcro on the top and bottom, with the top being bumped up slightly.
Just clip it on the bottom layer anywhere you want some volume. My bangs are too short to clip the pins so I tried them on the sides of my hair.
They work pretty well, a tiny bit of volume but I'm always paranoid that they're visible, especially when it gets windy outside. The clips do slide down my hair a bit, so using some hair spray underneath my hair helps give it some grip. Overall I think using the crimping iron gives the best volume.
And.... my younger brother got me the Jill Stuart Relax First debut kit as my Christmas present! I thought it was the one with the bath tablet, but this one came with the super cushy soft pouch instead. Will do a post on this soon!