Saturday, July 17, 2010

BB Shimmering Nudes revisited

The last time (which was last year) that I used the Bobbi Brown Shimmering Nudes, it ended up in failure because of how it looked after a few hours of wear... but now I had to give it another chance, I didn't want it to sit around doing nothing. This time I used a cream base before applying the shadows in hopes that it wouldn't turn muddy and gross.

Shimmering Nudes 1. Nude Spice, 2. Nude Beach, 3. Espresso
Paul & Joe liner black
Jill Stuart cream shadow 10
Lavshuca blush (forgot the #)

I first apply the cream shadow on my lid just under the crease.

Using Nude Spice #1, apply it on top and up to the crease.

Using Nude Beach #2, blend it into the crease.

Blend Espresso #3 on the liner, then using Nude Beach, blend on top to soften the liner.

And done! Are my tutorials easy or what? =D
The end result is a nice pearly eye. I've been doing this look for the past 3 days and it hasn't turned muddy or gross at all thanks to the cream shadow base. Now I can love the Shimmering Nudes palette again.
Since the eyes are so pearly, I stuck with a matte blush.. well the only matte-ish blush I have. The blush has very few shimmery glitters in it that it's barely noticable, oh.. but the blush itself is not noticable to begin with, it's very sheer.

I finally got a new brush for the LM mineral powder, the Eco Tools bronzer brush. I know it's not a kabuki brush, but it's cheap! I was gonna get their mineral brush set but I didn't need too many brushes and they were too small anyway.

A nice size for applying the powder. Since the bristles are so dense, I had to bend and mush the bristles around to make the brush more fluffy so the powder application easier. I can't believe how soft this brush is either.
I couldn't find a picture online to show how big the brush is, so incase anyone is wondering, here it is.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

1st time at Beauties Factory

As nice as false lashes can be sometimes, I think they are too much work to put on and the corners don't always stay put (I use the Duo adhesive). I decided to try the single lashes just because I was bored and also because is quite cheap. I found this site after watching Manwomanfilm on YT.
I created an account Beauties Factory a while back and I got an online voucher for I think $2??? I can't remember. So I purchased 60 individual lashes a few weeks ago and it came up to less than $5 with the shipping. I bought these lashes a while ago and didn't use them till a few days ago. They also sent me eyelid glue, nails and glitter for nail decorating.

If you have time, you should take a look around Beauties Factory. There's some pretty interesting makeup/cosmetic stuff there. I'm not too sure about the quality because it's so cheap, but it seems like on Manwomanfilm's tutorials, the eyeshadows are very pigmented.
If I had the time, I think I would get the uv gel nail set to do my own nails. It seems pretty cheap, and I've always wanted pretty decorated nails that last.

I'm not sure if this is true with all individual lashes, but the base of the lashes seem to be knoted/looped together instead of being glued together. This makes taking them out of the packaging very frustrating. I have to dig the tweezers under the lash and make sure I have a good grip on them close to the base before pulling them out....

...or else I end up with wasted lashes because they come apart. I actually threw out at least 5 because I didn't take them out properly. Btw, these are synthetic lashes.

These are 10mm lashes. They don't make a huge difference when I put them on, I just like how I can have fuller looking lashes while still retaining that natural look. You actually can't even see where I put them =p I used 2 in this picture and put them at the outer lashline with room inbetween each of them. They blend in very well with my other lashes.

Overall, they're not terrible once I get the hang of grabbing them out of the case, but I probably won't get them again because of that reason.
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder

A couple weeks ago, I returned something to Sephora. I was close to getting the new MUFE Aqua Cream, but opted for a new foundation instead. The Stila TM and my other liquid foundations were feeling a bit too heavy for the humid weather. I searched around, read some reviews and settled for the Laura Mercier mineral powder. It seemed to look really nice on Fuz, so I thought why not give it a try.

I was matched with Natural Beige, which was surprising because I didn't think my skin was that pale.
This is the first mineral powder I've used so I can't compare it with anything else. I've always been iffy on using powder makeup because of my dry cheeks, but this foundation had a creamy sort of finish which didn't emphasize any potential dryness.
See how it leaves a mark on the lid? It's because the foundation isn't fully powder.. I don't know how to explain it unless you try it out yourself.

I applied extra sunscreen before applying the mineral powder.

Base makeup used: Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie, Orbis Sunscreen on Face, Beauty Maker concealer, Sana concealer, Primavista pressed powder

No makeup... freckles and some discoloration

And after.. I took a few pictures over a few days time. I really like how my skin just looks sooo smooth after application. Although it doesn't hide all the freckles, it helps tone it down.

In this picture it looks slightly dry on my cheeks. This is immediately after application. The mineral makeup hasn't really sunk in yet so it looks matte, but after a few minutes, it has a really nice glow.

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with this purchase. The makeup stays put better than the liquid ones so far (after 8 hours), but still, when I have a slight itch on my cheek and I scratch, a little bit comes off.
The powder is very light and it doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything at all, and best of all, you can still create a natural look depending on how much you layer on.