Saturday, February 28, 2009


I'm back in Korea...not so's back to school tomorrow and I have no idea what's happening. So far from what I've experienced in Korea, I don't think I will ever come back, it just hasn't improved at all.
Anywho, I should be posting more regularly once I finish dl-ing photoshop and cleaning up my box =D
Don't you just wanna steal the whole display?

Friday, February 20, 2009

LE Sneak Peak

I'm gonna make you read everything before showing you my LE items hahaha...guess what it is!
Again, I appologize for not leaving any comments or replies! I'll catch up on everything when I go back.
I was scanning through some blogs rather quickly, and I noticed this award nomination thing happening. Sorry I'm so outdated right now haha I have no clue what it's fully about XD I don't have much time to go through everyone's blog but a big thankq to those who nominated me! *sending a virtual hug*.

So far on my trip, I can't remember a time where I said "I'm hungry" out loud. You know that's bad news right? Everything I see I want a piece of it or a taste...arrghh! There's just not enough room in my stomach for all this.
I love how Hong Kong has such variety of foods, from the down right dirty ass street foods to the more $$ stuff. If I'm craving for something I can usually find it without any my sandwich. I got mine at Oliver's Super Sandwiches which is a chain in Hong Kong. These sandwiches are the bomb!! They also serve pastas, baked potatoes loaded with whatever you can think of (bolognese sauce anyone???) and lobster bisques. The best part are these restaurants are a combination of waiters and fast food counters.

In all pictures, though you can't see it well, this is what I used:
P&J Light Cream Foundation #30
P&J Foundation Primer UV
Maquillage Liquid Concealer Natural
Sana Concealer
Lavshuca Loose Powder Lucent
P&J Pencil Liner black
Maquillage Eyes Creator GY865
Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing
Dejavu Fiberwig black
Coffret D'or Color Blend Blush OR24

If you ever stop by in Hong Kong, you MUST go to Causeway Bay. It's like heaven for the ladies. They've got tons of boutiques that carry local and foreign things. The clothes are so pretty there. Here I found a store that sells only Japanese items. That's where I found the Naris Up egg shell peel for only $99HKD...actually it was $90HKD because the whole store was 10% off.

Now for the juicy bit of this post. Some of you might already know that Lunasol was coming out with a 10th anniversary set on Feb 20 in Japan. I assumed that Hong Kong wouldn't have it yet because it's usually a few days behind on new items. A Kanebo SA told me that the 10th anni set would arrive in HK some time in March so I hoped that Korea would carry it when I get back.
While I wandered through Sogo, I noticed that the Lunasol Winter 2008 set was on sale! It was $450HKD which is roughly $73CAD. That's not a bad price considering Facial-Shop sells it for $76.99USD and each Lunasol palette retails for $350HKD. I don't know what the original price was.
I went back to Sogo to get it the next day. Just as I finished the purchase, I decided to ask the SA again if she knew when the 10th anni set would come out and she told me on Feb 20 at this other makeup store (Facesss). Wtf....that other SA was soo not helpful..I wouldn't have gotten the winter set if I knew that the anni set would actually come out on Feb 20.
If you've ever been to HK, you'll know what the subways are like...I basically started my day at Mong Kok, went to Causeway Bay (Sogo), then flew back to Tsim Sha Tsui (Facesss) to get the new Lunasol set...I went across the river twice haha.
Anywho, I ended up purchasing 2 LE sets that I didn't intend on getting on this trip, but seeing how I had extra money to spend..might as well! Haha. BTW...Facesss is a huge makeup store that sells mainly high end brands, but beware if you ever go there, the SAs are like women with their panties in a bunch...I can't stand them.

This came with a sample set with their water cream foundation(???) makeup base and morning massage gel thing. I'll probably end up giving away the massage gel as I have no use for it.
I won't go into detail on what the anni set contains since you can go to the Lunasol site to see it.

@ Langham Place mall (Mong Kok)

Outside the Ocean Terminal mall at Tsim Sha Tsui

Friday, February 13, 2009

More Madness XD

Sorry I haven't replied to all the comments yet or even read all the updates! I don't have easy access to the internet XD but I do miss everyone's posts!

I went to Festival Walk mall yesterday at Kowloon Tong. I thought I was gonna go to 2 malls today, but I forgot how big Festival Walk was. Anywho, my biggest purchase for Hong Kong is the P&J items. I spent $2400HKD, not too bad considering I can't get it in Korea or Canada. I think I scared the SA. I got most of the skincare items and some makeup. I passed on the Spring palettes since they looked kinda meh.
An update on the "pit pads" I got. They are half the price in Hong Kong @__@ ($35HKD and 12000won) so I gotta stock up. They stick very well onto my shirt and they don't feel scratchy at all, most of the time I forgot I even put it on my shirt.
I'm so upset at myself, I gained and still gaining so much weight since Korea and coming to HK. My face has never been rounder!!! It's worse now because the hair stylist here did a half ass-ed job at framing my face with my hair..bah!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quickie Update

Greetings from Hong Kong! It's been a nice 19-24 degrees, perfect skirt, non sweaty weather. Not much so far...I haven't really done that much shopping yet. I went to the Agnes B La Pain Grille (??) cafe for lunch on my birthday. Only had dessert and tea and I have to say, I've had better, but it was all for the atmosphere =p

What's this???? A Lunasol ad from Sogo!

The damage so far, it's not really a lot. I said to myself I can only buy something from a big brand once a day, otherwise I'll be overwhelmed...not that I'm not's been a while since I've seen Japanese brands that are so accessible to me. The drugstore, Watson's, recently added Majolica Majorca to some stores and they even have SAs there to do some make overs. I'm not gonna explain what I got in each mountain since I don't have much power left on my laptop. I'll do that when I have more time, I can't waste too much shopping time today!! XD

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Last Post..For Now

So this week I have been majorly busy going to school to sit on my ass for 8 hours with no classes and work!!! I know I shouldn't be complaining because I hate teaching the brats at my school...they deserve to be called that. They see me walking out the door but continue to jam themselves through. Once some students even closed the door on me as I was walking out and they were watching me! They also walk in human wall forms so I have to avoid them! Why am I letting them bully me?? Because I'm too nice... argh...driving me insane, but I'm gonna be the biggest bitch in March..puhahaha.
I don't have much to bring you this week, just saving up my monies, no shopping...etc This is probably the last post for now because I'm leaving this Saturday. However, I will be online to stalk Fuz and Mona to see when they post their contest details. I'll also try to post some goodies to show you.

Here's a sneak peak of the condo complex that I'll be staying at (Tim's papa's place), the condo is on the left side of that gezebo thing. The pool is made to look like a beach and it's even got its own grotto with a waterfall, too bad it's not opened right now =/ I swear this is like a resort. There's a free shuttle bus to the subway station (it's only a 10 minute walk too) few indoor pools, BBQ patio, sport areas, Japanese sand bath(??) and a club house...all included for the residents and visitors of these 10 buildlings.
The clubhouse is freaking amazing. I will try to get a few snapshots without getting caught. The clubhouse includes wifi, newspapers, mini golf, cafe, karaoke rooms, mini go kart things, gym...whew!! I didn't even name everything there cuz I can't remember. The clubhouse closes at 10pm and Tim's papa doesn't have internet which is why I probably can't do many updates, but stay tuned!

I got the rest of Mona's lovvvvve today! Before I even opened it or see who it was from, I knew it was her judging by the strong sent of the was filled with Lush goodness! AHH!! I love...also Bohemian and Coalface XD Loves you!

Monday, February 2, 2009

More Orbis - Lots of Babbling

Before I forget or have no time, I want to talk a bit about my current skincare items. Yes, it's more Orbis haha, I think I'm addicted to it. It's a good addiction because it's affordable so I went and bought the full sizes.
My items now consists of the Orbis Aqua Force collection. From what I can translate with the Google translator, the Aqua Force is a line designed to hydrate your skin, hence Aqua Force. It penetrates your skin to add necessary moisture due to the changes in seasons and most likely other environmental factors. It comes in two different formulas, M for dry skin and L for oily skin.
The only down side to this line are the toners and moisturizers contain alcohol and methylparaben, for those who are paraben concious. I think it's sometimes hard to avoid parabens when so many things nowadays contain it.

The face wash is called the Aqua Force Mild Wash. It is a white creamy facial wash that lathers up really nicely. Only 1-2cm is enough for a foamy wash. The wash does not specifiy dry or oily skin.
I got this tube for 16 000won and it contains 120g. I think it's well worth the price because very little is needed to cleanse your face. There is no scent to this product.
The cleanser washes my face to an almost squeaky clean feeling but I do not feel that my face is stripped of everything. It only feels slightly dry if I don't put on moisturizer immediately because of the dry weather.

Next up is the Lotion-L. This feels like a regular toner, nothing too special. I purchased this for 19 000won and it contains 180mL. The only down side is there's alcohol, but I'm ok with it for this product because it does no irritate my face.

The small bottle in the middle is the Moisture-L. I got this for 22 000won and it contains 50g. Again, this contains alcohol, but it does not irritate my face and there is no smell.
It's a small bottle of moisturizer and I thought I wouldn't have enough so I got the refill pack for 20 000won to bring on my trip. I'm actually wrong about it not being enough because very little is needed for my face to feel moisturized.
I use about a pea size amount of moisturizer which is enough to generously cover my face. This is a clear gel moisturizer and it spreads really easily. After about 2 minutes, it's fully absorbed into my skin. There is no sticky residues and my face feels hydrated, but when I touch it, it does not feel silky. Most other moisturizers I've tried leave a bit of stickyness behind.

The little tube is my 3rd sample of the Aqua Force Extra Gel. I think it's a bit richer than the regular moisturizer and I use it at night. This one leaves a bit of sitcky residue on my face, other than that, it feels the same as the Moisture-L.
I've also been using the Eye Care Essence samples, which is also a gel (Orbis gives lots of samples). I don't really like it because it's so runny, leaves me eye area sticky and does not absorb quickly.

If you're interested in trying these items, I would highly recommend you to do so unless your skin is sensitive to alchol. I'm loving this line because my face feels more hydrated than using Laneige, and I haven't gotten any break outs. *knock on wood*
The only site that I know sells this, is Ichibankao, but they marked up the items a lot. If you can read Chinese, Japanese or Korean, maybe you can go on the sites and see if they do special international shipping. After all, Orbis started out as a mail order brand.

Moving on, I also want to talk a bit about the UV Cut Sunscreen On Face. I purchased this for 14 000won and it's marked as one of the most popular items in the only Korean Orbis I know. There is 35g of product and I think this will last me a while.

This is a tinted sunscreen designed for your face. I can see the benefits of a sunscreen made for your face because it feels really light. The one I got is the cream version. Orbis also offers a milky version which is a lot more lighter and runny.
I didn't notice a big difference from the tint other than my face being a bit brighter because it's so sheer. Sometimes I only use this and the Color & Nuance Base, no foundation. I use this as my first step in base makeup application if applying foundation.
The sunscreen is oil free which makes a huge difference for me because my face is oily, esp on the t-zone.

I got som Fuz Luv today! Before I tell you what it is, this package went through hell to come here haha. Fuz sent it about 3 weeks ago and it should have arrived in Seoul in about 2 days but it was stuck at customs for some odd reason. I got a call from DHL (all translated of course) and my coteacher asked me if the makeup was: used, new or if I was going to return it! I had a feeling that DHL opened it. Then my coteacher tells me that DHL needed my passport or alien registration card to clear the package....I had a big WTF on my face. It was so weird, but I gave them my alien registration number. Sooo....that only means one thing, they probably thought it was some bio hazard stuff from the states?!??! There were liquids in the package, luckily they didn't open it, the package was labelled with makeup. LOL terrorism I tell you...

She sent me some samples of the P&J Foundation Primer and the Protective Foundation! She also sent me her P&J e/l in 04 (the purple one). I swatched it on my hand and I love how the purple is so subtle and brighter in different lighting. AHH! I could come and kiss you right now! ThankQ! I'm gonna get you back!

A cup from a coffee shop, uber cute!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fun With My Lumix & FOTD

It's been a while since I did a FOTD, but now that I have a new camera, it's so much easier and more clear. I used my new MUFE and Sephora e/l. I think I understand why the MUFE e/l is Fuz's HG. It's sooooo smooth and it didn't even budge! The Sephora e/l isn't as great because I noticed a wee bit of fading a smudging. I'm sure it was the Sephora liner because by the end of the day, there wasn't as much on my eye as the morning.
I didn't used foundation today because I don't like how I look so pale. Again...darn those masks! I probably won't start using foundation until my skin turns back to normal.

I made a meatball bun today, it's not really big and you can't see it on top of my head because my hair isn't super long. The lighting in my box makes it so difficult to take pictures.

A close up of my nails. I used the Majolica Majorca nail polish in GR102 to do a gradient look. I love this color!

I have a whole bunch of pictures I took around Myeong Dong. I can't seem to not go there every weekend because it's so boring anywhere else.

Yup, foie gras macaroons. I saw these in the Hyundai Department Store. There are a ton of pastry shops, food stands and a grocery store. There were also fruit baskets for $160 and heart shaped strawberries. The cupcakes are so cute! They're 4300won each and they're not that big. I didn't get a chance to get them.