Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quickie Update

Greetings from Hong Kong! It's been a nice 19-24 degrees, perfect skirt, non sweaty weather. Not much so far...I haven't really done that much shopping yet. I went to the Agnes B La Pain Grille (??) cafe for lunch on my birthday. Only had dessert and tea and I have to say, I've had better, but it was all for the atmosphere =p

What's this???? A Lunasol ad from Sogo!

The damage so far, it's not really a lot. I said to myself I can only buy something from a big brand once a day, otherwise I'll be overwhelmed...not that I'm not's been a while since I've seen Japanese brands that are so accessible to me. The drugstore, Watson's, recently added Majolica Majorca to some stores and they even have SAs there to do some make overs. I'm not gonna explain what I got in each mountain since I don't have much power left on my laptop. I'll do that when I have more time, I can't waste too much shopping time today!! XD


fuzkittie said...

Heyyy!!! I miss you! Hahaha. WOOHOO I see many many many awesome things tha tI love! :D

Yayyy you got RMK's Jelly x Powder eyes, omg, I can't wait for you to try it out too!!! I hope you love the silky texture, hahaha.

I feel so excited just reading your excitement for shopping and seeing the photos!

xoannie said...

Wow, no fair! You have easy access to all those wonderful products. I hope you don't spend ALL your money!

Oh heck, spend all your money and then do reviews for us! I hope you're having a wonderful trip!

applecider918 said...

You're so lucky, I wish we had half the brands you guys get... but then I guess I'd end up spending all my money.. =]

Banana said...

Hope you had a good one!

ning * star said...

yay...MiuMiu is back...oh,I miss u so much.

happy belated bufday. when is your bufday? just check whether it is same as mine.haha

you are a happy girl.see,tons of goodies with u.. enjoy <3

M said...

hunnnnn! god i miss you!

went to some random store the other day and they had crunky chocolate! I thought of you instantly hahah

you bought so many goodies! i'm totally excited to see you try all of that stuff! I see Maquillage <3


eri said...

oooh! look at all the goodies! i'm so jealous! hahahaa
and happy belated birthday! :)

Miss imperfect said...

aww i'm glad your having fun i can't wait till i get to go to hong kong again enjoy the food and shopping

Bunnie said...

Oooh, all of those products look so fun, I don't think I can contain myself if I ever go shopping in Asia. I haven't been back for ages, but I really want to go now!! =) Enjoy your trip! I'm eager to see your reviews and such on those goodies.

mascara whore said...

oooh i see maquillage~
cant wait to see the rest of your stash =]

miemiemie said...

yay! can't wait for all the product reviews!

xppinkx said...

Hey baby doll

Yayyyyyyyy back in the mother land ...ohhh how i miss HK and look at your haul!!! OMG!!! sooo lucky there is like sasa on every block...keep us updated on all your hauls and pics babe! how long are you there for????



Kimberly Tia said...


She's baaaaaaaackkkk!!!
Time to upload those photos and make us all droooooool

We missed you doll face!!

che3kychick said...

super cute items!

paperdollrevenge said...

Those strawberry rollers are cuteness! You simply MUST post pics of you using them! Please pretty please! <3

By the way, I forgot to say welcome back! =)