Friday, February 20, 2009

LE Sneak Peak

I'm gonna make you read everything before showing you my LE items hahaha...guess what it is!
Again, I appologize for not leaving any comments or replies! I'll catch up on everything when I go back.
I was scanning through some blogs rather quickly, and I noticed this award nomination thing happening. Sorry I'm so outdated right now haha I have no clue what it's fully about XD I don't have much time to go through everyone's blog but a big thankq to those who nominated me! *sending a virtual hug*.

So far on my trip, I can't remember a time where I said "I'm hungry" out loud. You know that's bad news right? Everything I see I want a piece of it or a taste...arrghh! There's just not enough room in my stomach for all this.
I love how Hong Kong has such variety of foods, from the down right dirty ass street foods to the more $$ stuff. If I'm craving for something I can usually find it without any my sandwich. I got mine at Oliver's Super Sandwiches which is a chain in Hong Kong. These sandwiches are the bomb!! They also serve pastas, baked potatoes loaded with whatever you can think of (bolognese sauce anyone???) and lobster bisques. The best part are these restaurants are a combination of waiters and fast food counters.

In all pictures, though you can't see it well, this is what I used:
P&J Light Cream Foundation #30
P&J Foundation Primer UV
Maquillage Liquid Concealer Natural
Sana Concealer
Lavshuca Loose Powder Lucent
P&J Pencil Liner black
Maquillage Eyes Creator GY865
Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing
Dejavu Fiberwig black
Coffret D'or Color Blend Blush OR24

If you ever stop by in Hong Kong, you MUST go to Causeway Bay. It's like heaven for the ladies. They've got tons of boutiques that carry local and foreign things. The clothes are so pretty there. Here I found a store that sells only Japanese items. That's where I found the Naris Up egg shell peel for only $99HKD...actually it was $90HKD because the whole store was 10% off.

Now for the juicy bit of this post. Some of you might already know that Lunasol was coming out with a 10th anniversary set on Feb 20 in Japan. I assumed that Hong Kong wouldn't have it yet because it's usually a few days behind on new items. A Kanebo SA told me that the 10th anni set would arrive in HK some time in March so I hoped that Korea would carry it when I get back.
While I wandered through Sogo, I noticed that the Lunasol Winter 2008 set was on sale! It was $450HKD which is roughly $73CAD. That's not a bad price considering Facial-Shop sells it for $76.99USD and each Lunasol palette retails for $350HKD. I don't know what the original price was.
I went back to Sogo to get it the next day. Just as I finished the purchase, I decided to ask the SA again if she knew when the 10th anni set would come out and she told me on Feb 20 at this other makeup store (Facesss). Wtf....that other SA was soo not helpful..I wouldn't have gotten the winter set if I knew that the anni set would actually come out on Feb 20.
If you've ever been to HK, you'll know what the subways are like...I basically started my day at Mong Kok, went to Causeway Bay (Sogo), then flew back to Tsim Sha Tsui (Facesss) to get the new Lunasol set...I went across the river twice haha.
Anywho, I ended up purchasing 2 LE sets that I didn't intend on getting on this trip, but seeing how I had extra money to spend..might as well! Haha. BTW...Facesss is a huge makeup store that sells mainly high end brands, but beware if you ever go there, the SAs are like women with their panties in a bunch...I can't stand them.

This came with a sample set with their water cream foundation(???) makeup base and morning massage gel thing. I'll probably end up giving away the massage gel as I have no use for it.
I won't go into detail on what the anni set contains since you can go to the Lunasol site to see it.

@ Langham Place mall (Mong Kok)

Outside the Ocean Terminal mall at Tsim Sha Tsui


fuzkittie said...

Women with their panties in a bunch? Hahahaha! You're too funny!! You look SO CUTE in that first photo with the foodies! I think P&J is working out quite well for you? ;] Ahhh from reading the list of stuff you used I know you got so many great things!

OMG you go the LUnasol xmas set at such a great deal!! Have lots and lots more fun girl~ I wish I were there shopping with you, hehe.

Iyah said...

OMGoshhhhh!!! Your haulage is amazing!! I have that MArch issue of Vivi :) Now I want a March Pinky Issue :)

Ohhh I am craving for some Lunasol, Maquillage and Coffret!! OMGOSHhhh I would be very excited <3

Lav said...

your nose are so hugeee but they are so cute :p u remind me of Jackie Chan. Keep up the writings i love to read Korea stuffs that you blogged :D

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

wooooo lunasol lunasol
love it!!!!

u got such great items!

hongkong really suits u
i can tell from your pics u are happier

ning * star said...

this is too great. P&J looks well on you. Your trip in Hong Kong is so much fun and you have bring the view of Hong Kong to everyone of us.
Thank you so much...

Miss ya, can't wait for your up coming post...

enjoy <3

Anonymous said...

heyy ! hahas~ wasnt i right aye? causeway bay is AWESOME !!i sure miss it ><"
have fun<3

miku said...

Wow, your trip to HK seemed fun!

Bree said...

Your HK trip seems so fun! :) Now I reallllly want to go back this summer >.< Thanks for all your informative posts!

jewels said...

i enjoy watching the light show cool.

xoannie said...

I am so so jealous!! I wish I was there to spend a bunchload of my money too! You ladies are only adding to my addiction with all your pictures! I hope you're having fun, come back soon!

acutelife said...

I miss you!! X))) this prep is driving me nuts hahaha...but not too long to go, 2 more weeks and i can start blogging again!! til then, enjoy your holiday!!when will u back to korea??

angie519 said...

I hate bitchy SAs!

Looks like you had a blast! The food sounds delicious! It's been almost a year since I've had lobster bisque!!! =(

Yay for Lunasol!!!!

You should! I love that Visee palette!!! Lash Expander smudges on me too! And sealing it with a coat of Clarins Fix makes it hard to remove, even with Bi-facil! Grr

Nope, I haven't tried Lash Gorgeous Wing yet. But it does look promising! I'll probably buy it when I buy lash expander frame plus.

REALLY?! I haven't tried the kitkats yet because I know I'll love them and they'll disappear too soon! haha. I want more already! =P

#13 is pretty too!

CuttiBeBe said...

aaah.. finally photos from HK! u look like you r really enjoying yourself there!

your skin looks flawless in the first picture. it's all that P&J working for ya! damn u sound like u just expanded your makeup collection 2 folds with all these new stuff u r buying!

Lunasol is one of my fav. i'm interested in their foundation too. my friend got me the winter collection at 450hkd too, i didn't know that was the sale price. hey , but at lest the 10th anni one has different color and product and LE! you won't regret it if it's LE, lol. that's what i always tell myself.

bitch sales are so annoying. i always speak english to them and give them an attitude too. if they start acting up, i act like i don't understand their english.hahahaha. Sasa SAs are the worst!

come back soon babes.. we miss your posts..

Jamilla Camel said...

Aha! The Lunasol LD 10th Anniversary Palette!

I recommended that Fuz use this lovely--it was my contest submission to her Blog Anniversary Contest!

M said...

i misssss you dear!

you're so cute in your pic with the food.. nyom nyom :P

you got the lunasol anniversary palette! Suhweeettt! it looks so purty

the last pic of you two is super sweet :)

cellophanegirl said...

I love the P&J base make up on you! It's gives such an even and soft finish!! My friend is leaving for Taiwan in less than 2 weeks but I still haven't decided what I want. So many to choose from, and not all of it can fit in my budget :(

Banana said...

Hi Miumiu. (: I like your shirt in the first pic, where did you get it? Your skin looks soo nice/flawless too in the first pic. Is that your bf? <: nice haul!

paperdollrevenge said...

Your Lunasol haul is making me horny to look at it! lol That anniversary set looks like LOVE to me...or is it just lust? Either way, great haul! Looks like you had a great trip and a much needed vacay. =)