Friday, May 8, 2009

Pretty In Pink

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I love pink. I think I had a pink obsession back in the first year of uni. Pink shadows will always be my first love even though I tend to go for more neutral shades nowadays.
I have 4 pink shadows: MM Frozen Splash Eyes PK705, Lunasol Soft Silver Lighting, Coffret D'or 3D Lighting Eyes 01 and the Integrate PK760 from Yume. I love em all, but the Coffret D'or one is still my HG pink shadow if there's such a thing.

Yesterday I did a look with the Integrate palette. It's a very simple look. First, I used the MM cream as a base. Next, I applied the left shade (very pale pink) all over the lid up to the brow and the right shade (quite a dark pigmented pink) all over the eyelid. Then I dabbed the middle silverish white shade on the middle of my lid, applied the P&J pencil liner in 04 and finally smudged the deep purple shade on top. Told you it's simple!

The lighting in my office doesn't do the shadows any justice. It even brings out my dark eye circles even though I used concealer, blah!
Although the look is simple, I like how the pink looks very sweet and innocent.
I think this palette is comparable to my Coffret D'or 01. They both last very long and are quite pigmented.

Here are the swatches. I was standing right next to the window. The shadow is shimmery, but not over done.

I wandered around and saw the Amore Pacific HQ at Yongsan and the Hanskin HQ at Gangnam. I'm not sure if there are other offices around Seoul. I really like the Hanskin building, it's like swiss cheese.

What could be in this huge Lunasol tote!? I'll show you this weekend XD

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Oh, here's the audio of my crazy ass neighbour. Don't say you've had a bad day till you hear how this guy's day ended haha.
It's really long, but it's totally worth it!!! The stuff in brackets is what we thought he said. I don't think he said "fermented" in the end, but it sounds like it.
I suggest you use headphones to get the maximum experience haha and count how many "fucks" there are XD

Are you f*ing kidding me? (A REAL Korean drama) from Tim Chan on Vimeo.


dreamer0703 said...

I luv pink eye colors too, but they always make me look like I have eye infection or my eyelids have rash something. One of my male coworker told me I look better with green and blue eye colors when I was wearing pink on my eyes.

ning * star said...

yay, pink is really nice, but just have to make sure that it wouldn't puff your eyes. i think you did u great job and the palette that yume got u, is so nice! Lunasol tote. cute cute!

donnarence said...

pink is really the prettiest shade. :D the colors of the palette are girly and nice.. :D love it..

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

wow some crazy noisy neighbours there! lol

oh wow we have the same coffret d'or palette! only i havent used mine in a long time.. somehow i dont think mines very pigmented :/

anyway pretty pink look! maybe i should have a look at those integrate palettes too xD

Bunnie said...

Ooh, the palettes are gorgeous! :D I listened to the clip, OMG haha that is insane! "I touched your head and you uggggh" hahaha Wtheck, are they marreid or something? That is scary, that guy needs some anger management!!! Have a wonderful weekend!! XOXO

♥sormui♥ said...

o the pinks r pretty!!cept i would look like my eye is irritated if i used pink >< korea looks beautifup!! hopefully i can go later this yr!!!!

AbcGrrrL said...

The pink eyeshadow looks really nice on you. I'm not brave enough to rock that color yet :(

-Yu- said...

LOL. what a noisy neighbor. I can hear you guys snickering. Thanks you for demoing the pink eyeshadows. i haven't tried pink yet so i makes me want to try it out someday. :D

eri said...

thank you for the award!

i've been meaning to try a pink look, but i'm so scared of color! hahaha.

i'm excited to see what's in that lunasol bag!!! =)

Beauty Snap said...

Ooh the pink palettes look so nice! I'm so scared to wear pink eye makeup, maybe i'll try soon. You look pretty! Nice Eotd.
LOL your neighbor is crazy.. I can hear you laughing in the bg :D So funny how you can't hear the girl respond..

izumi said...

it does look very nice and innocent :D i love it! and aaahh i want to see what's inside that tote!!! hahahaa.

ekimura said...

Miu miu~ thx for the tag~!!
oh your goodies are always so nice~!! I wanna see whats in the lunasol bag!! XD

your vid is too funny~!! why is the guy speaking in english?? to his gf?? I think I counted F***ing like 25+ LOL

val_chante said...

Pink eyeshadows look nice on you! Very soft and light~

OMG!!!! A Lunasol bag!
I think I just died seeing it!
*in love* :D
Can't wait to see what's inside!!!!

Thanks for tagging me dear^^

Whoa could you hear that guy through the walls? He seems wacko, LOL

paperdollrevenge said...

LMAO at the video! I like the intro. Is he for real though? I can barely hear the person responding to him, almost makes me think he's acting/rehearsing hehe (sowwies I didn't use my headphones...oh I can kind of hear her voice). Man...that's some shitty day he was having, haha! You should leave them a note...something like "please keep your fucking voices down." ;)

That is a cute Lunasol bag! I can't wait to see what's inside!

Pink eyeshadow looks very sweet on you. I always think pink shadows look so nice in the palettes/pans but they don't show up well on me.

Thank you for the tag! <3

eclecticsatire said...

looks so sweet and feminine. great pink look! :D


LK said...

Very nice look with the pink eyeshadows!! I've only used that color I'm kinda boring I guess. Steering more towards greys/blacks I guess :P

Btw your neighbour is crazy funny. He went all Christian Bale, eh! haha

Miss Yaya said...

that building certainly does look cool, and that look is very well done - doesn't look super high maintenance :)

Blair said...

The guy sounds like a jerk!!! Ewww

Love your pink palettes! They are so pretty!!!

miemiemie said...

pwaahahahaha! what the hell! if i were you i would have banged his door and i'd tell him to shut it. can't you complain to the caretaker or the owner of your bulding?

by the way, the palettes are so pretty, and thanks for tagging me!:)

♥akisalove♥ said...

that guy's a jerk..

♥akisalove♥ said...

hi there, I know you're already nominated but I've re-nominated you again.. haha <3

Yumeko said...

omg that guy is ...EWWW

and thank you for the tag sweets!

Anonymous said...

lol. that video just made my day! esp when he screamed "fermented"!! thanks for posting it! :)

Kasumi said...

I'd be embarressed to walk outta that apartment after that!
lolzzz "I fuck you on the side" I can't stop cracking up! lolol.
Is he talking in korean too? I keep hearing korean for some reason.
Swiss Cheese buildinggg.
Pink looks soo nice on you. Very natural.

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

wow someone needs some major counselling! I want that Coffret d'or pink palette, but am hoping to get it on sale or used somehow before paying full price.

fuzkittie said...

LOL! That video!!!

Pinks are so lovely~~ Love that soft pink you did.