Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Chilly Beach and Yume Love

Back to reality.... no more big holiday/weekend until end of July when the semester is finished. Even then, I have a feeling my school will make me sit there with no classes again while everyone else is at home.
I was sooo not in the mood to teach, good thing this week should go by fast because I had Monday and Tuesday off.
I mentioned that I had a big outting yesterday. I was going to a beach right next to Incheon Island (where the international airport is) and it was a 2.5hour journey by subway and bus!!
I was dressed for the beach but it was 10C there!! Stupid weather said it would be 29C in Seoul, but for some reason the island that we went to (Muui Do) was no where near that lovely beach temperature. It was all misty, foggy and just plain cold!! Can you tell I was freezing? I used the towel I brought as a blanket.

I went with some teachers including Tim and the 2 that live in our building (funny we haven't went out till a few months ago..never really had a chance to meet). As soon as we got there, we had to pay the ferry, bus and beach entrance fees. Why would they charge us to enter a beach? Anyway, it was chilly but we still went to a restaurant by the beach and ate on the patio. This huge bowl of noodle soup (enough for 3) was the only thing I had to warm me up. It was sooo tasty!!! The soup and vegies were simple but the amount of clams that was underneath the noodles was enough to satisfy anyone's craving of shellfish.

Going back to school wasn't all that bad. I got my swap package from Yumeko! I was really surprised!!! I was expecting the brush roll to just arrive with a few items because we intended to do a mini blind swap as well. But Yumeko hooked me up!! I'm speechless. I'm gonna get you back one day for all the extra goodies you sent! I hope you liked the swap pack I sent you!!!! Thank you soooo much!!!! <3<3<3> I think I almost died opening the package. It's like eyeshadow heaven! I'm gonna use that Integrate shadow tomorrow and try to take an EOTD. The pink box is a pink blush by I think the Heroine brand. She also sent me a tub of whipped soap that smells absolutely delicious and she included a bottle of Happy Bath Day Fragrance Hair Essence. I'm not too sure what it is. Is it a styling product or hair fragrance? Help Yumeko!

I was tagged by Eri for "What I look like now". LoL..oh gosh..this is like the most unflattering picture of me and my nose haha. My hair's flat, the camera angle is weird...etc etc...but that's me at school. I don't care too much, as long as I have my face on. Can you tell I love the brush roll? I love them bunnies...or anything cute hehe.
I was at school...trying to take a picture without my teachers noticing me. I don't think they would have cared anyway. They'd probably think I was looking at a mirror just like them. They look at theirs at every chance they get.

I'm too far behind on posts to know who's been tagged or not hahaha. So I'm not tagging anyone for this cuz I don't wanna make a duplicate mistake! XD
Well I'm off to sleep so I won't be catching up on all blogs till tomorrow. I miss everyone!!!!


Ladyfei♡ said...

thanks for the advice about my pain hehe <3 appriciate it.

looks like you guys had fun at the beach. 10c? it looks like 30c or something around tht lol cuz its a beach and u guys wearing sunnies and smiling lol, but then u also wear jackets xD hehe.

great swap!
post the pic when u use tht intergrate shadow!<33333

Anonymous said...

me love noodles soup! *slurps*

Yumeko said...

wheee glad u got it~!!!!
i still feel bad i could not meet u in person to pass it to you

its hair essence
u can apply it to ur wet hair ^^

Blair said...

OMG! Yume is so generous!!! Everything looks so good!

There's nothing like a bowl of noodles to keep the cold away!

acutelife said...

oh, I'd have fainted too if I were you when I open the package LOLZ thats alot of stuff :D btw, whats the brand of that three eyeshadows one the left beneath the heroine brand??

Sofie said...

Those noodles looks so nice T-T Gaaah... It's not helping that I am hungry too~

And that's alot of nice stuff! ^__^ And the brush holder is so cuuuute~ :3

fuzkittie said...

Yay e/s heaven!! Esp. Japanese e/s heaven! Hahahaha. The brush roll is cute, and you look good with it, haha. I like that pink shirt on you, the color suits you well!

Jamilla Camel said...

Whatta swap! Yume really did hook you up!

I got cold just looking at that picture of you on the beach--glad you at those yummy noodles to warm up!

You and your brush holder are adorable!!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

nice package from Yumeko!! finally the brush roll!! some lovely goodies there xD the trip looks like a lot of fun!!

ekimura said...

aww you seem like you had great time at the beach!!

great swap! Yumeko is super sweet!! XD

Bunnie said...

hehe Chilly beach! Yume is sooo sweet and generous! You got so many goodies!! :D

Audrie said...

aww the beach looks fun! Sucks that it was cold.
You look very cute in your snapshot :)

eri said...

you look adorable! :)

that noodle soup looks so yummers!

AbcGrrrL said...

Please send some Korean food over, everytime I read your blog, it makes me hungry (even if i've eaten a couple minutes ago!!)

paperdollrevenge said...

Aww too bad the beach was cold, but a beach outing still sounds fun! The noodle soup looks good!

That's a lovely package from Yumeko! The brush roll is so cute.

Oh that blush is not by Heroine Make, it's by Bihada Ichizoku. =)

You worry too much about your nose, I think you look cute!!

Beauty Snap said...

;( too bad the weather at the beach wasn't too nice.. but it's cool that you were able to hang out with many teacher friends!
WOW Yumeko's swap package is so cool~ You really look cute with the brush roll in the pic hahaha
Can't wait to see you try all of those goodies

smilecusiluvu said...

wow cute can you take a picture of the inside of the brush roll?? thanks!

ning * star said...

aww, yumeko is so generous, look at what u've got. all are love love love from yumeko. enjoy
love your food. haha xD

izumi said...

woww! you swapping gals are so nice to each other xDD i love it! makes me want to swap!

i think you look SOOOO so cute in your picture. hehee :)

naomi said...

Aww too bad the weather wasn't so sunny but the noodle looks yummuy =) You look so pretty ;)

Becky said...

The beach looks like so much fun! Too bad about the weather though. But I'm sure it'll be so nice one of these days it'll be beach worthy again XD

Anyways thanks for the recommendation pf the eye and lip remover. I'm going to go shopping today because The Amore is having tax free on whatever you buy up until the 11th of this month so I'm going to take advantage of that and buy everything that I need (or want XD)

miemiemie said...

eyeshadow heaven indeed! :) hahaha love all the goodies