Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Night Routine

I've talked about my skincare routine a couple months ago in this post. After visiting Hong Kong, I got some new things to add into my daily skincare routine, this time it includes some new products for night time. I've stuck to using the Orbis products for the day time because the moisturizer is very light so I figured I should get something more hydrating for night time.

My cleansers include the Softymo Super Point Makeup Remover, Orbis Cleansing Liquid and Lush Coalface.
The moisturizers are the P&J skincare items: Moisture Lotion, Moisture Cream and the Eye Treatment Cream.
For extras, I use a lipbalm, Ardell Lash/Brow Accelerator on the brows and Canmake Eye Essence before bed. I also use the Treatment Oil 1-2 times a week and the Skinfood Black Sugar Scrub 2-3 times a week depending on how dry my skin is.

It sounds very complicated, but I'm sure it's waaaay fewer steps than some people out there XD
The P&J items were a great addition to my routine. Not only are these products super hydrating, they also smell soooo nice, like floral and citrus scent.
A quick note about the Moisture Lotion and Cream. Sometimes my cheeks feel tight after I wash my face, once I apply the lotion, my skin immediately feels relieved and moisturized.
The Moisture Cream is super hydrating and doesn't break out on me. I do have a minor rant, it feels slighty sticky/oily on my skin. I don't mind this at all since it moisturizes very well.
Out of all the products I've used on my skin, I think the P&J ones are the most moisturizing, it even beats the Laneige Emulsions.
I almost forgot about the Skinfood Black Sugar Foam Scrub. I still think it smells like lemon dish detergent but it doesn't bother me. I like how it makes my skin feel super smooth, but the sugar granules are a bit too rough. It melts away as I massage my skin, but I just don't like the initial feeling of it. I'm gonna be getting something else after I'm through with it.

I saw on a blog (can't remember which one) that minty green polishes are supposed to be the IT color. Lucky for me I got this in September so I didn't have to hunt for one. This is the PA polish in A86. It costs about 280yen but I can't remember how much I got it for.
I used 2 coats plus the PA topcoat. I think it's a bit difficult to apply the polish evenly, if you look closely, you can seem some streaks.

Most of the time, I don't like eating dinner with my teachers. I just feel so alienated by them and it's so difficult to communicate, even with my coteachers. But it's interesting to see what's for dinner because I don't eat Korean food outside of school. I have to admit I'm quite sick of Korean food since I eat it everyday for lunch, I miss eating Chinese food.
I don't remember what this soup was called. Mine was the only non-red one because I don't eat spicy food. The flavour was yummy but it was super salty!

Some sam-gip-sal (??) fatty pork and rice. I think I was the only one that ate the lean parts of the pork XD I didn't eat the kimchi either, it was mainly pork, soup and rice for me.

The last class of grade 9 students to see me were a funny bunch. They were obviously impressed that a person who looks Korean to them could speak perfect English, so there were plenty of oooohs and ahhs.
When I walked around to check if they were doing their assignment, I usually talk to them. The boys were REALLY shy!! There were 2 boys whose faces turned red when I spoke to them. They tried to cover it with their hands while being teased by their classmates haha.


Jamilla Camel said...

No spicy food? I'd be stuffing my face with kim chee and kal bee, but that's just me!!

You use a lot more products that I do! This is what I use:

Mild cleanser -- I rotate
Shiseido Enriched Softening lotion
Jansen-Beckett Pentapeptide/DMAE/Vitamin C Ester Serum
Paul and Joe Whitening Serum
Dr. Brandt R3P Face cream
Dr. Brandt R3P Eye Cream

I use Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion scrub 2x per week.

I think I'm boring...!

ning * star said...

wheee... haha, I only use the skinfood items that I posted in my video blog.
but I'm keen to try out the P&J whitening line. Fair fair like a baby is cute <3

Ladyfei♡ said...

Ohh i wanna try PJ Moisture lotion since I really one a moisturizing cream for upcoming winter.. or my skin will dry out.. BADLY XD

Really? IT color? I didnt know it and i just bought a minty colored polish last week! HAHA XD
I will use it lol.

haha so cute.. sounds fun to be a teacher! like in moviesss xDDDD

Yumeko said...

ooh IT color huh, i bought some mint from etudehouse, shall wear it soon heee

u are such a cute teacher
oh no perfect english, should i be stressed abt meeting u!!!!?

btw i got ur email

miemiemie said...

i swear ever since the new mac collection came out with the mint green shade, everyone's buying it in different brands hahaha nice color on your nails tho

beeyoutiful7 said...

hey hun,
it was really nice reading your comment on my blog. I know what you mean. But you know, dont ever feel like you're alone because you have us here =)

Even though you always pictures of great food, I love reading your blogs and im super excited to get to know you more !!!


PS: Will you be in Korea this November? I heard you're not. But I hope you are LOL I'll be there this November!!!

Nu Nu Doll said...

Girl the food pictures made my stomach rumble... haha When I went to Vietnam last year the little kids were so amazed at my perfect too! A bunch of them came up and touched my arm to make sure I was real! aha

Miss Yaya said...

that's cute about the little boys hehe

ㅤㅤㅤㅤJéssy said...

What are your best moisturizing? I use from time to time but I think they are not the effect I want for my skin .... and I live in Brazil, this is very hot and I want to find a moisturizer with sunscreen in your formula haha .. I'm lazy, I not moisturize every day my skin =/

And AH! here in Brazil after the fever of enamel orange, is very fashionable the green and ash glaze haha

dreamer0703 said...

It was odd for me seeing ppl in korean restaurants having those fatty pork, how could they have so much fatty pork? that minty nail polish is so pretty, i don't wear nail polish, but i want it too!!

izumi said...

what a pretty polish :) it makes me want to do gradation nails again!!

hehe, i bet they blushed 'cause you're such a pretty teacher! <3

✿Ji✿ said...

awww the nailpolish looks really pretty! perrrfect for spring!^^

I can understand you...I hate crowds...Korea especially Seoul is not the right city for people who don´t like crowds!XD
We have about 20°C as well here in Germany, it´s pretty nice!^^

I hate the summer in Korea/Asia you basically die of heat and sticky weather!>///<

But the make up makes everything better!XD

May I ask you a question? How expensive is Laneige normally in Korea? Like the foundations and stuff?

Blair said...

Hey Miu!

I heard of Shiseido's White Lucent line but it has never crossed my mind to try it haha.

I eat lean pork too, fatty ones are a no no!

The mint green polish looks so good!

Audrie said...

oooo thanks for sharing your night routine! I've gotta get myself some P&J!!

I'm not a big fan of super spicy food either, all those red Korean foods scare me haha because I can just imagine how much they must burn...

ChyiX2 said...

Oh no...I got all hungry after watching your food pics -_-

fuzkittie said...

Haha how shy the boy must be!! The food looks goooood!! But I can imagine myself getting tired of Korean food if I ate it everyday too... don't they have lots of Chinese food in Korea??

Miss imperfect said...

o0o wow i went to eat korean food today i'm sick of chinese food we should switch =]the guys sound so cute guys here have no shame they flirt and hit on anything

Beauty Snap said...

Hey miumiu!
Ahh your food post has gotten me drooling.. There's this other version of kimchi pork with rice that's popular in Japan but without the fatty parts (i guess pork strips?)Idk anyway if you don't like the fat, try that! They should have it in korea (they use diff part of the pork, like the kind used for shabu shabu).
The P&J stuff sounds really interesting! I've never tried their cosme yet (such a noob) hahaha

Anastacia said...

Great stuffs! Really cool products! I like the Skin Food black sugar line too :D

Diane said...

hey girl,
there is but I want to spend it on CLinique since if I don't, my sis will have to return her GWP and I don't want that to happen!

I'm staying away from liquid foundations for a while. Thanks for the suggestion!

MiuMiu said...

Hi Audrie,
thanks for the comment =)
i hate when the teachers tell me that something isn't spicy, but it's soo spicy to me! lol i think they're too used to eating super spicy things XD

Bunnie said...

I'm not to fond of Korean food, but I can definitely eat Vietnamese food everyday haha. ;) I wonder if the P&J whitening serum works better than the emulsion, I have the emulsion atm. Which VAIO series do you have? Don't you just love it though? :D XOXO

M said...

i came on your blog and went straight for the food pics... a true pig hahahah

ohh the minty green nail polish is nice!

i'm looking at your skincare stuff and love the pink bottles

Glow Chaser said...

That nail colour is AWESOME!!!

Oh I use the P&J Lotion Riche and the Moisturiser!! SNAP!!! They are amazing right? I have totally over hauled my beauty routine because of these beauties.

That scrub sounds divine - man I wish I could try more skinfood things. I am using the Missha cacao scrub and I love that!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

mmm food looks good!! I adore Korean food. The quality is here is pretty good too, so it must be top notch in Korea!! haha.. do you have an email? I can email you the info you need :)

I LOVE PA nail polishes!! they are so cheap but very decent quality!!

Nice routine, Im thinking of trying to p&j skin care goods, maybe an eye cream!!

angie519 said...

Hahha non-red one. I can't eat spicy food either! I do love kimchee, but I'm awful at drinking spicky soups and such haha

Is that a piece of a yam in the rice? My mom's been steaming yam slices in the rice cooker with the rice. Turns out awesome

Hahha to be honest, I'm only motivated to workout if the weather is getting warmer out or if I'm going to see my ex haha. It's to get tone and fit, not to lose weight or anything. Yeah, dieting can help you achieve your goals and help skin at the same time! Unfortunately I'm not strong enough to do so >.< hahaha

Hahah yeah the boys are photogenic at times haha.

I've got pretty pigmented lips! Try it and see!

Haha I still want you to get a Dior lippie!!!!

Kasumi said...

lol lemon dish soap. gross. If something smells bad it bothers the crap outta me haha.
omg rosebud salve!!!
A very pretty green. I love the bottle soo cute haha.
wow those dishes look really good.
Aww the boys are shy that is so adorable. hehe.