Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eyelash Curlkeeper + Giveaway

This is the eyelash spray I mentioned in yesterday's post. It's called Eyelash Curlkeeper by Privacy. I can't remember how much it was, but I'm sure it was cheap. There's 20g of product in this tiny can.
It's no complicated at all. I saw the instructions somewhere on one of the Japanese beauty e-stores. You spray a bit of the Curlkeeper on the front metal part of your lash curler, then you press the handle 1-2 times to get the spray on the curler evenly. You gotta work fast because this spray will dry quickly. Then proceed to curl your lashes. Easy right?! The only thing you gotta be careful of is not to over spray the curler. I made that mistake a few times. I over sprayed it on the curler so a bit of it got in my eyes...it stung because there's alcohol in it. It works just like hairspray and hairsprays tend to have alcohol in it.

I'm quite happy to report that this lash spray worked very well! Today I didn't use any eye makeup because I sat in my office the whole day (no teaching). I just curled my lashes as normal with the spray and by the end of an 8 hour day, more than half of my lashes remained in the curled position. This makes me uber happy! Right now, it's been about 11 hours since I used the spray and most of my lashes are still curled =D

I finally went to Red Mango, I had to see what the hype was about in the states. The frozen yogurt was pretty damn good, even without the fruit. I think this will be my new addiction after Smoothie King.

When I went to Kyung Hee University on Sunday (the one next to my box) a lot of the cherry blossom petals were already on the ground, but I still made good use of them.

One more picture of me and Tim, I like this picture a lot. I hope I'm not making anyone puke XD
I have no idea what that church/cathedral thing is in the background. I think it's part of the university. It's gothic-ish style with stain glass that have Greek gods/goddesses, globes, dragons and doves, but no crosses. I wonder if it's even related to anything religious.

I've been blogging for so long so I thought it was time I do a mini giveaway to my lovely readers. The prizes are a couple Cettua collagen masks and the mouth masks by DHC plus some Skinfood samples. The DHC mask is so cool, it stays on you like a sticker but made with a jelly substance. Anyway, here's what you gotta do:

Tell me you want in on this giveaway in this comment box plus tell me:
A) Why you started blogging
B) What makes you interested in beauty blogs.
Remember to leave your name and e-mail address!

You will have until Saturday April 18 11:59PM my time in Seoul...which is 13 hours ahead of the time in Toronto (around 10:59AM on Saturday). I can't remember which timezone, so you can do the math =p The comments should be showing up with the time in Korea.
I will pick the winner with random.org. Your number will depend on what order you place your comment =)


ning * star said...

cool. finally u have a giveaway. haha
hmm, why i start blogging? it just happen one day when I'm so down because of some matter and very @__@ problem, not really want to mention about it.keep it private. and then, I bumped into some beauty blogger blogs and it is so stunning because from there i see people review about the skincare, makeup, swap that they got and it is just so much fun. so, I decided to do a beauty blog for public. Since I'm a big fans of skinfood, mask sheet and every cute things, i created a blog. and now, I have followers, and i got many comments. it is such a wonderful and happy news for me. since then, i continue and keep on beauty blogging. it is a place where girls chat, discuss and share every of their beauty secrets <3

name: nlngstar

Jani said...

I love reading beauty blogs because they're full of so much info! Also it's pretty hard to access asian beauty items here in NZ so I try to live vicariously through you guys! One day though, one day I'll have my own blog!

Yumeko said...

i just wanted to comment hee

i like to blog because i wanna share what i know with other people, also i like reading other blogs cos i learn loadsa things and meet new ppl like u

h€ a r t b r€ a k€ r said...

yay giveaway so cool!

well i would probably talk about my interest in beauty blogs.It started not long ago,bout a year?is that long or short?i considered it short compared to other beauty interested people.Anyway,i've been dragged down with constant skin problem and there was once(after returning from singapore) i had a bad breakout.Its not only a breakout really,it spreads from a 20 cent coin to half of my face!So yeah,i've to see the doctor and all and it was caused by some kind of bacteria >.< i was put on medication for the longest time!i was very emotional and lack the self confidence i once had.now i'm free from that but still constantly suffer from lots of whitehead acne and etc.So i started to search for beauty blogs ; skincare.and i never looked back ever since!I'm in love with beauty now,a girl's nature <3 so yeap would like to share my story with everyone.take care of your skin!have a nice day everyone^^

name ; heartbreaker
email ; heartbreakerleng@hotmail.com

Anastacia said...

Hey! And YAAAY! you have giveavay! It's amzing stuffs you doing as gift!!

So, can I tell you why I'm starting blogging? So, I find one of the Russian Beauty forum, and there people did just amazing jobs. I realy wanted to do just little bit the same works. I did some practical make-up looks own more and more, piced it and posted it here, posted just fotos, practice and practice here :D Then some Beauty girls find me here and started to do requests to me :) It was my start blogging :D
What makes me interested in beauty blogs? So, first of all make-up just Art for me, just fantasy :) it's not everyday routine, because I need it, it really lovely deal! And I really LOVE to read beauty blogs because I learn! more and more! It's so cool to meet girls with the same interests as you :)

name: Anastacia
e-mail: nastya860422@mail.ru

Ladyfei♡ said...

the sakura! looks so nice >_< envy envy. the pics with u with the flower petals are so pretty =) nice camera!
the curlkeeper .. i have to have it! i will find it on the net >_<

oh and for the giveaway..
a) i started blogging because , ive seen a lot of beauty blogs through youtube (i was searching for this product) and honestly, it improve my make up skills like A LOT. i didnt know sh*t before, at all! my make up things are just basic, but after ive seen ppl beauty blogs i feel tht my appearance has improved? something like tht, i bought blush ppl reviewed, and other stuff that i saw in their blogs.. without them i have no clue what to buy.. that is why, i wanna start to do the same , by beauty blogging i want to make reader feel the way that i felt.. the benefit =)
b)heeee what makes me interested? of coz first i wanna see ppl's review before i buy the actual product.. so no dissapointment.. and secondly by buying make up / looking at ppl beauty blog, i can improve my outer look - and that means : boost up my self confidence i guess. make up does affect my life after all. :-D

name : fei
email : megalomaniacphonics@hotmail.com

fuzkittie said...

Wow the spray seems awesome! Aww you guys look sooo cute and happy.

I started blogging because I have nobody in real life to talk beauty to. Hahaha.

Halifax said...

I like reading beauty blogs to get new product info and reviews. Then I have an idea what to get for myself. Sometimes it's too much info though :-)


DSKNguyen said...

ahhhhh how I miss red mango..SO YUMMY!!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

cool pictures!

i tried this spray like once when i bought it then i eventually gave it away :P

i started blogging because i was inspired..i wanted to talk to ppl with the same interest n share what i know :)

PowderPuffGirl said...

awwww u & ur BF are sooo cute together! and very photogenic not to mention! :p
yummmm frozen yogurtttt

Nani said...

I love reading your blog O.O!!! Anyhow about the give-away, I started blogging to get my voice out there, to be able to express myself with words on "paper" ^^

Blair said...

I love being vain, so naturally, I got into reading/stalking beauty blogs haha.

Tsuze said...

B) What makes me interested in beauty blogs?

I was clueless about what make-up or skincare regimens I should use, so checking out beauty blogs provided me with handy reviews of the latest products. Beauty blogs really influenced my shopping preferences and habits alot these past 3 months, I'm a beauty shopaholic now, always wanting to try as many products as I can afford! =P

beeyoutiful7 said...

You & Ur bf is super cute <3

I started blogging because it's something that I would like to share my thoughts on beauty and get to know others and hear about their side of beauty.

Beauty/Makeup/Skincare is one of my biggest hobby that I LOVE to experience and learn. Everyday, I learn something from many other blogger ladies. It's pretty nice to know that we all love the same stuff.


ekimura said...

miumiu!! the photos are so beautiful! you and your bf looks so cute together!! XD
giveaway!! i havent tried out the mouth pack yet~

i started to blog because i've moved 1400 miles away from my friends and family and to fill the lonelyness I started to blog to hopefully to make new friends! and yes it worked because I met you and other wonderful ladies here!!! XD

I'm interested in beauty blog since that is my interest and passion. That means I get to meet other ladies with same interest and passion as well!! I guess that is it~ hehe sorry its long >_<;;


Melissa said...

Hi there~
I'm Melissa and live in Canada. I'm South korean and love your blog because it reminds me of there!!! I don't have a blog right now because I'm too busy to start one atm, but am really thinking about it because I love reading other peoples beauty blogs. They are really quite addicting! I have learned about so much stuff from your blogs :) Especially about the type of products to buy or not to buy! Thanks for including me in this giveaway! I'm stoked!
love Melissa


Beauty Snap said...

Hi Miu!
Gotta love your username, I also like the brand hehe :D
You are SO SO cute in the sakura throwing pic. You look like a cheerleader kinda hahaha
Yes & red mango is soo good, they have one in the koreatown.
Oh yes and I'd like to enter your giveaway. I started blogging because none of my friends were really interested in makeup stuff! I needed to express myself in a healthy way :) I love beauty blogs because everyone has such good info and advice to take care of our skin, hair, and etc.

My email is ixheartbear@gmail.com

Kasumi said...

OHHHH I loveee those picturesss. so cuteee!!!
Sadly I haven't tried any of those places. Red mango, Pinkberry, greengrape(i made that one up)Houston sucks lol
Count me in!
I like blogging because writing and reading about makeup is too fun! Haha nobody understands except for you guys! Also having friends with lots in common is so much fun!

hellokittyromance said...

the flower picture looks sooo cool! :3 and frozen yogurt looks really yummy o_o now im hunry...haha
reason for starting blogging:
i was searching for a makeup tips on youtube once and i watched Fuz's(fuzkittie.blogspot.com) videos and i thought she explained really well so i checked out her blog. and i thought it seemed really cool. since i really like makeup and all i thought i should start one too because maybe someone will think my info is useful too :3


aquaracer said...

awww..you look so cute together :)

✿Ji✿ said...

Awww you guys looks so cute together!♥

It seems like you had a lot of fun with the cherry blossoms!xD

izumi said...

i love those cherry blossom pics.. and you two look SO CUTE TOGETHER!!! :) <3 <3

i started blogging because my very close group of high school friends all went to different schools and we wanted an easy way to keep in touch and keep each other updated.. so.. yes. that's why we started blogging xD then i moved to a public blog when my friend katie told me to... because.. yes. then i found the beauty blogs!! and i loved reading about all of this pretty makeup.. eventually got into it.. and am wearing more makeup, and am feeling more pretty and confident :) plus blogger babes are so sweet and amazing!

Miss imperfect said...

You are so adorable and creative with the cherry blossoms you 2 are super cuteeeee

Makeup World said...

Awww...what a cute picture of you and the lover!

I would love to get my hands on these Japanese mask and skin food items. I have read a lot of good blogs reviews about skin food and face mask and would like to try some.

I had started reading beauty blogs and writing my own about two years ago as an interest of the Make up Industry. I find beauty blog as a great resource for girls who want to learn more about make up and learn how to apply make up. The benefits that I get out of these beauty blogs are: great make up tips, meeting make up lovers all over the countries, great make up products reviews (that will save you a lot of money), tutorials, and lastly is someone who can understand your make up language. lol...These are some of my reason why I am interested in the beauty blogs. -Makeup-World- Kazang_lee@yahoo.com

Sofie said...

That eyelash curlerkeeper looks interesting! Any ideas where I can get it online? Hehe~
And the pictures are so cute! What do you mean puking? Haha I am feeling warm and fuzzy~ So sweet~

And I want to try and join the giveaway~
Hm.... Why I started blogging?
Err... For my own enjoyment I guess and I have been lurking around for along time between the beautyblogs and decided... Why not? I can do it too! Hahaha~ I also wanted to try and share the products I use and so on ^^
Sounds really boring but that's it! ^^

And my name is Sofie Johansson
and my e-mail is sojo01@hotmail.com

Dee said...

That eyelash spray looks interesting. The reason i read beauty blogs is definitely for product recommendations. It's fun to see the new things fellow netizens have discovered :)


cpullum said...

I love beauty blogs because of all the unique ideas for keeping beauty! Blogs is the best source for finding tips and new products!

Lumy said...

hii~ I like visiting beauty blogs because I find them very useful to know what would be the best products to try :)

paperdollrevenge said...

Such cuuuuuuuuuute pictures!! So cute you make me vomit, jk!

Actually...did you know when I started my blog, it had nothing to do with beauty blogging, haha...it was suppose to help me focus on creative writing. =/ So much for that!

You're still my original Skin Food queen, hehe.

ChyiX2 said...

Haha, lol at the flower petal pictures XD

Ehm...I initially started blogging because I mostly wanted to keep an online diary and perhaps talk about beauty a bit. Hence my blog isn't a "real" beauty blog as such but more like tidbits from my life or whatever my tiny brain can think of.

Chyi-chyi, chyichyi@gmail.com

PS! Yes, you will have to send me your entry to officially enter my contest. It's so funny, everyone uploaded their entries on their blogs or ABB but a few sent it to me, so I've been writing and pm'ing a bunch of people. It would be a shame if you didn't win it because you didn't enter, so check out my previous entries for more info.

angie519 said...

That curlkeeper sounds awesome!

Hahah I <3 Red Mango! God I I was sooo happy with the pomegrante yogurt w/strawberries I wanted to keep going back! haha

Hahha look at how cute you are! You remind me of a little kid with fall leaves!

Such a cute photo! =) You guys don't make me gag, you make me smile!

A. I started blogging to share my thoughts and experiences with the world. If I could help just one person, that makes me happy! I like to ramble, so having a blog helps haha. And I wanted to get to know some of you girls better!

B. I am obsessed with makeup/skincare! hahah. I find so much happiness in researching products and spending $ on them instead of clothes. Beauty blogs introduce products I may not otherwise try or come across. It helps me expand my horizons!

stillmarionette said...

i want to try the eyelash spray! seems amazing! i hate when i can't get my eyelashes to stay.

mmm yogurt :]

✿Ji✿ said...

Awwww such a cute contest!♥

A) I started blogging...mainly because I wanted to talk about make up, Asian problems and meet beautiful blogger ladies!♥

B) I´m interested in beauty blogs because I love to see which products other girls love or hate and what they think about it!:D

K said...

I started blogging because I kept reading everyone's blogs and wanted to join the community!