Monday, April 13, 2009

Flowers Everywhere!

I meant to do a post on Friday, but I didn't have luggages finally arrived from Hong Kong!! Tim's luggage was filled with food and mine had the misc stuff I didn't bring along with my first luggage. They were things like magazines and other toiletries. Did I tell you that I got my hands on the Kevin Zhou books!? My Eyelash Curlkeeper was also part of the stash, it's a hairspray for the lashes! I'll try to do a post about it soon.

I spent my Saturday wandering around Yeuido to look at the famous sakura area. Then I spent the Sunday taking more pictures of sakura at the university near me. This post has pictures from both days. The sakura was from Saturday and the EOTD and necklace was from Sunday. I have more pictures to post from Sunday but I'll do that later on.

For my EOTD, I used the Lunasol Anniversary Palette. I applied the darkest brown shade halfway up my lid for more oomph. I think it helps make my eyes look better than just using the shade as a liner. Please refer back to this post for a picture of the palette. The difference isn't as noticable in the pictures, but in person, I think it does.
I finally got a heated lash curler, just a cheap one from the drugstore. I'm not sure if it's the cheapness of the curler or I'm just too impatient to let the mascara dry, but my lashes clump up when I use the curler. The Lunasol mascara sucks at volume/curling so you barely notice the curl even after using the heated lash curler.

I got this camera necklace in Hong Kong, so cute XD It says it's made in Korea so I don't know why I didn't get it here. Most of the cute jewellery I see in Canada and Hong Kong were imported from Korea.

I took tons of pictures at Yeuido. There's a whole street that was blocked off due to the amount of people. I don't know how long the road was, but it felt like it was never ending. I never got to the end of the cherry blossoms. I've got a huge pimple right inbetween my eyes @__@ Stupid things just like to pop out at the same spot all the time!


Jamilla Camel said...

What a cute look! I love that Anniversary Palette on you...and your lashes are looking very lush these days!

You and Tim look so adorable together and the flowers are beautiful.

Kevin Zhou--lucky you!! I wish they were translated into English. In the U.K. you can get his stuff through's a Taiwanese site with TONS of Kevin stuff.

Very cute pendant too!

Yumeko said...

that necklace is sooo cute
u guys look so good together as usual
just get married wont u heehee

i still havent got kevin sensei's books T-T

btw that necklace is gorgeous, i dont wear necklaces but i know wat u mean abt buying stuff overseas made where u live. i buy japanese made items overseas too hahahaha

ning * star said...

lol... is the jewels expensive?
hmm,let me know so that I can make a list of what items should i ask u to help me get before u leave Korea.
well, not that fast, at least the mid of May or so, i need to settle down to a new place 1st though I haven't got any place to stay yet after this month.
sakura, sakura is in Korea <3, no sakura in M'sia. no flowers everywhere because I see them all year >.< haha, nothing special for me.

smilecusiluvu said...

you and your bf look cute together! what a pretty day!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

the sakura are pretty! the necklcae is cute too.

you and your bf look great today!! cute pic :D

eri said...

love the necklace! love the flowers! and you and your bf looks so cute together!!! :)

ChyiX2 said...

Your make-up is very natural and pretty :) The flowers and sakura trees are gorgeous! Can't wait to hear more about the lash spray!

fuzkittie said...

Camera necklace!!! I wannnt!! Hahaha~ You look adorable~ So fresh!

Beauty Snap said...

Ooh pretty flowers!
you look very cute with the bf. :)
Haha I get pimples in the same spots too! So annoying T_T

izumi said...

you have a really pretty smile!!! :)

i love cherry blossoms :D

that necklace is really cute

and i love your EOTD! too bad about the eyelash curler :\ i haven't been able to try one but i really want to, after reading all of fuzz's tutorials and whatnot xD

LK said...

You guys look so cute together!! I'm glad you guys had a good time. What a gorgeous scene it is there!! I'm jealousss :)

Miss Yaya said...

i thought this was going to be a post for kim.tia's contest but this is okay too :)

Anonymous said...

I think the eyeshadow looks pretty and natural ^^

Gorgeous flowers~~~

M said...

aww that pic of you and tim is super cute!

Ladyfei♡ said...

Uwahhh! The cherry blossom looks nice! I havent seen cherry blossom in my life T_T my mom just got back from japan and i envy her T_T she said its beautiful.. lol i asked her to buy make up things for me xDDDDD

no no i didnt make my own
i made the pattern and measure, also chose the fabric but i get someone's help to sew it hehe =D

angie519 said...

So pretty!!!

Hahhah dontcha just love zits in the middle of the face?! hahhaa

Cute necklace! I love how sparkly it is!

Hmmm remember to only let the curler tough your lashes for a few seconds, any longer will melt the mascara and make it clump togther.

Kasumi said...

weeee such pretty flowers!
omg one time I had a pimple on both sides of my face right under neath my eyes. It was like symmetric -_-
You two look good together!
lovely necklace :)