Sunday, March 15, 2009

Super Natural

I totally forgot to tag bloggers in the award post haha and I'm feelig a bit too lazy to go back to do it because I'm going out soon =p
I spent my Saturday walking in the "foreign district" at Itaewon. The first 2 times I went there, I was so turned off by the fact that it's a tourist hotspot that sells fake dvds, clothes etc.
I went to brunch with Tim and another couple at Itaewon because they say that the area specializes in more un-localized Western food. The brunch was quite expensive. My eggs benedict was 21000won, so about $18CAD? It wasn't really the best. After brunch, we went to the areas behind the main tourist road to find the foreign food black market. Its quite funny how the windows and doors are kept plain and sort of covered. Once you walk in, it's like a cheap run down store that has a few racks and refrigerators of "imported" food. I ended up getting a jar of Nutella XD

I decided to go for a more natural look when seeing my friends so I used the Lunasol 10th Anniversary palette.
This palette gets me super natural eyes with blushed cheeks that stand out more.
The shades are actually not that pigmented. I think the top right and bottom left shade is so similar that you barely notice the difference. The high lighter shade is a pale gold shade with golden shimmers and the liner is a coffee shade with golden shimmer that's not super pigmented either.
I actually think the whole palette has a golden undertone to it. The blush also has some very fine golden shimmers. I don't think I've said gold so many times before!

I tried to layer the colors on a lot because the shades weren't very pigmented. I started off the the Coffret D'or FS eyes in the gold shade as a base then used the highlighter all over the brow bone.
Next I applied the top right shade all over the lid and blended the bottom left shade on the outer V. Finally, I applied the liner shade and the Noble Shade Liner. The liquid liner is a chocolate brown shade.
The shadows are very silky and they blend really easily, but I don't think the staying power is as good as the EX04 palette from the 2008 Winter set.

The mascara that comes with this palette is the High Stylized Mascara EL. It's black and gives my lashes a really feathery look. It doesn't thicken my lashes much, except give it a bit of length so I finished off with a coat of Fiberwig mascara.
The blush is a really nice peachy pink shade with golden shimmers. The color leans more to the peach shade and it doesn't look very orangey when applied.
I applied the deepest shade on the cheek bones and up to my hairline. You will notice from some previous posts that I apply blush in the same area. I finished off with the 2 lightest shades on the top of cheeks under my eyes.
The lipgloss is also a peachy pink shade. I think the texture is similar to the P&J lipgloss, except it's slightly sticker and not as pigmented.

The pictures are very washed out because I was sitting directly in front of the window, I don't look that pale =p I don't really like sitting in front of the window but the artificial light in my box isn't great for taking pictures. Whenever I smile or look up, my under eyes puff up a bit and I didn't like it in this picture so I photoshopped it out hahaha. I hope you didn't notice!
I really like how this Lunasol palette gives me such a natural look. It's definitely what I'm looking for right now, especially because I'm not wearing glasses to school anymore.

I just did a little bit of shopping. I got the Daily Fresh egg peel again and I made Tim use one as well XD I saw the DHC mouth mask in HK, but I didn't get it until now. I'm not really sure what it's supposed to do, maybe it's just moisturizing and anti wrinkles?? Oh..I'm also not the healthiest person right now so I got some vitamins from Smoothie King for me and Tim. I couldn't read the label because it's in Korean and I don't think there's calcium in it so I might have to go find some calcium supplements. They're very cute chewable tablets, mine taste like strawberry jello.


miemiemie said...

hahaha gold gold gold. too bad it wasn't pigmented enough..but the colors on the palette are pretty nice :)

Jamilla Camel said...

You still look gorgeous! I love the lashes!

miku said...

lovely, but I do agree it should have been more pigmented, maybe the lighting doesn't do it justice.

K said...

The colors on the palette are pretty nice! too bad they don't show up so well!

Kasumi said...

wow that palette looks like it has everything in it! Yeah you're right, the reason why it didn't show up as well is prolly because of the similarities in them.
omg eggs Benedict for that much?! what'd they use? Magic golden eggs or something? lol

ning * star said...

eggs...more more.I wonder whether it works better than shiseido peel off.. I like peel off, i wanna see my pores' poo poo... haha

DHC, nice? review please..

The Lunasol is really pretty, too bad it doesn't pigmented...

xoannie said...

Whoa, that palette has everything! It even has mascara, that's cool. Oooh egg peel offs. How do those work, any good?

Iyah said...

Eeek! I want that Lunasol Palette!! Sooo gorgeous! & of course so do you :D

izumi said...

i looove your cheeks :D super natural eyes too. i love gold gold gold! it's a very pretty looking palette :)

beeyoutiful7 said...

I love the natural look =)

I have few of DHC you like them? I'd like to hear more about them =)

angie519 said...

Women really really need calcium. Most never get enough, and we lose calcium with age, not being able to get it back. I need to take calcium, but I have yet to find a yummy way, besides drinking tons of milkshakes =P haha

I think the palette is super pretty on you! I love the lipgloss and the blush is super pretty on ya! I love how natural-looking everything is! Totally my style!~

My eyes puff up a bit (the area under my eye) when I smile too! It makes my undereye area appear dark!

Anonymous said...

so pretty ! lunasol palette :)

M said...

its a great palette for you! i like the lipgloss too

charlotte is doing a bit better, i finally got her home on Saturday night and she's on medication for 7 days. 4 different types of meds and i have to give it to her on schedule, ridiculously tired from it.

miemiemie said...

hahaha i know. its annoying and we girls want to look perfect all the time and having uneven eyes make it a bit difficult. haha don't worry, you are not alone!

angie519 said...

hmm I don't know why that is... what internet browser do you use? That happens most of the time with me using google chrome. I get sound with mozilla firefox.

damn i wanna read your new post! Dog cafe! But I'm running late for work! >.<

paperdollrevenge said...

Mmmm strawberry vitamin chewables, yum! I can't swallow big pills so that sounds good to me!

The Lunasol palette is so pretty, and it looks very natural on you! I bet it would look like nothing on me, lol it'd disappear into my skin tone. Your hair's so nice and cute, btw!

You must like the Daily Fresh Egg peel since you bought more!

queenyee said...

you look gorgeous, natural totally suits you! i'm loving your lunasol palette too, they're so adorable :)