Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lunasol Layer Bloom Eyes

Whhaaa...I'm on a roll with EOTDs haha. I can't take a decent self portrait for a FOTD..imo. So I'll have to stick with EOTDs for now =p
I finally cracked open my Lunasol spring palette in purple gradation and the P&J cream shadow 03. I can't believe how many products I use just for my eyes..but I guess it's similar to most people.

I followed Fuz's tutorial because I didn't know how else to use the palette hehe. The P&J cream shadow 03 was used as a base. I applied the silverish shade on the brow bone, then used the light purple all over the lids. Then I applied the darker purple shade on the outer corners and applied the P&J liner 04. Finally, I blended the darkest shade on the liner.
I'm falling more and more for the MM mascaras. Look how well they perform and they're even better when using the base coat. I always finish my mascaras with a coat of the Fiberwig to make sure there's no smudging.

I'm surprised how light the palette came out. After about 6 hours, it had faded a lot. I expected this to hold up well because the winter 2008 palette had great staying power. However, I still like this palette because the purples are gorgeous.

I was supposed to be getting swap items and not something for myself, but I couldn't resist! I luurve horses so I had to get the necklace. The Daily Fresh pack is new, I think. I saw the words, "peel off pack" and I immediately thought it was a peel for my nasty pores. We'll have to see because I haven't opened it yet. I also got me a Uniqlo spring blazer...ahhh..I'm in love...and it was on sale.

I thought this was quite seriously... soju in a juice box!??! It was about $1CAD too!!! WTF!

And of course, a picture at Myeong Dong. I FINALLY found that infamous ice cream place that sells 30cm ice cream cones! They sell them dirt cheap, 1000won and 1500won, depending on the flavour, so you do the calculations. I got what I paid for, this choco/vanilla ice cream was terrible. It was like ice with milk product and flavourings, but still cool!! I finished it haha, it didn't even feel like I ate anything.

Did you know Sana has a new concealer for pores? Haha..most likely I'll still get this, even though the undereye concealer was a bit of a disappointment. Look how cute it is!


Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i have some interesting news for u
dont mail my parcel yet, we might exchange it in person my lady

ning * star said...

hi dear, wow... daily fresh peel off?
let me know the result please... I wanna buy also...gosh, I'm a big suckers, but I love Vov mask too much...

when I still a kid, I eat a lot tall, long ice-cream, but it was from McDonald, and that time, it cost only MYR 1.00
but now, no more... even a short one will cost MYR2

Blair said...

Yeah, the purple is gorgeous! I'm seeing this Lunasol palette everywhere, is it a sign that I should purchase it? haha

The Muse blogged about Sana's concealer a few days ago. The seal is has biiiiig pores hahaha.

xoannie said...

Oooh the purple looks so nice on you! And have I told you how jealous I am that you're there? I think I have x] haha you have easy access at buying good products. Lucky you! It's so so hard for me to buy anything.

And I know!! Those girls are soo beautiful and I want their hair too! Unfortunately I don't own any magazines, they don't sell them anywhere near me! But I'm trying real hard, maybe I'll get lucky. =]

Jamilla Camel said...


I like the lavender color, and the palette. I do see what you mean about it being more sheer, but I really like the spring-like effect.

Do you think that it would have more staying power if you changed eye primers?

I miss shops in Asia!

Cathy said...

hehe I remember hearing about that ice cream store!!! So bigg!! I was craving ice cream yesterday! haha

I want to go to Asia to shop now... lol

fuzkittie said...

Damn it, Sana always gets to us with that crazy adorable packaging, and this time it's a freakin seal!! Hahahaha.

Hey, I never told you this, I just realized today that you have PERFECT eyelids!! So jealous, haha. The purple looks great on you!! You should go bolder next time and blend the darkest shade on even more :P But this look is a great spring look!! <3

Yes, love for MM mascara!!!

angie519 said...

Awww that seal makes me wanna get that concealer! haha

Cute look! Great job on the eyes! You look pretty w/that purple! Awww lookie at your freckles! haha

LOL @ Soju in a juice box!!!

Holy cow that's a big thingy of ice cream!

angie519 said...

Hhaha it is kind of pricey, but most scrubs range in the high $20s to the $30s. And I don't use too much of this at a time. I think it should last a good while! I have no clue if they have one in Korea! o.O Let me know if you need help getting one!

I know! I like shopping in store much better.

Oh fyi, video 2 was just video 1. I fixed it now haha.

miemiemie said...

the palette is so pretty, the purple shadow looks pretty on you as well :) did you use primer?

the horse necklace is so cute! haha and soju in a juice box.coooooolll ahaha

the ice cream looks amazing! hahaha too bad it didn't taste that great -_-

the concealer packaging is cute haha

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

the concealer is so cute... how was the texture ?

Iyah said...

Omgosh! That ice cream is sooo high!! :p

That concealer looks very cute! I wonder how the blendability is :)

You have a nice pair of eyes :D

gingerbee said...

That is one lovely purple color, and you rock it! :D

And why does the seal look so...cute? :D

miku said...

Lol, now I want ice-cream. I love the way you did your eyes. I have really been fighting my impulses to buy the sana concealers(the shipping would murder my wallet)

candystripperr said...

LOL that ice cream cone is epic!

M said...

that horsey necklace reminds me of the beauty credit lgoo!

and that ice cream is serious business

Ladyfei♡ said...

Thanks! >_< But in this song i was off note lots of times lol. yeah i used to go there a lot but not recently. i want though xD u can change it by customizing the html there.. and i can make u one banner if u wan hehe =)

CuttiBeBe said...

aaaahhhhh look at that ice cream!!! so freakin' awesome!

i love purple on you, it looks really springy and romantic..

i know exactly what u mean by big pores! let me know if u try that concealor, i might need like 5 of those, hahaha..

still haven't received your parcel..i'm so anxious everyday....

MiuMiu said...

Hey Blair,
it's a really nice palette hehe. but it's just not as pigmented as some other ones
i'm waiting for the pore concealer to come out in takes a bit longer than other asian countries..can't wait to try it

eri said...

so cute that concealer! i'm such a sucker for packaging! ;p

and that ice cream cone is so cute!