Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Haul

I did another video! I don't know why I look so dark o_O Plus I have a tendency to tilt my head up so I think I look quite funny XD I felt so weird talking to myself so I made Tim put ear plugs on while he played with his PSP. Annnd...according to Tim, everytime I talk, it's like I'm asking a question, he said it's like Jillian from Family Guy. I don't notice that...does anyone else notice??? lol..please say no XD

I know I already did a look with the Maquillage GR366 palette, but this time I had natural light coming through my window so you can see the colors better. The colors look amazing in the palette, but after application, I thought it looked strange..but when I open my eyes and just look normally into the mirror, the shadow actually works well on me and is soooo gorgeous!

My "Korean" hair style. It eventually got a bit flat in the front...happens all the time with my hair...darn fine limp hair!

Here's the Integrate lip cream/gloss. It goes on slightly pigmented and very shimmery. I like how it doesn't feel sticky at all, less than the MM Honey Pump Gloss. I did such a bad job at taking a swatch picture haha, but you get the idea.
I forgot to mention in the video that if you turn the dial the opposite way, it actually pulls the extra lip cream back into the tube. That's a major plus, but I still have to wipe the applicator after using it just to keep it clean.

Skinfood Black Sugar Scrub Foam. It felt sticky on my hand but washes off clean. The first ingredient in this is sucrose.

The booklet that came with the magazine says "Korea Book". I thought it would have tons of info on where to buy all the good makeup, but it's just the typical tourist spots.

Cassis donut and triple berry ade. Ade is soda with any kind of fruity syrup, lemon and orange are some of the most popular ones I've seen everywhere.


Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i bought that book too but u know u should buy the one by ikko-san

he's the guy u see in the bbcream ad outside etudehouse

he's a famous makeup artist/tv personality here!!!

it shows a lot of things in korea! i wish i bought it before i went to korea!

Blair said...

I love your lipgloss from Shiseido Integrate!

ning * star said...

har? so fast May issue for ViVi..I just got the February issue from the bookstore few weeks ago @__@. I'm so envy with your haul.haha

what do you think about the sugar foam from skinfood? i think it is a new item, because I haven't see it yet from the website, I'm outdated >.< well, if you are searching for a scrub, I really suggest the skinfood chlorella peeling gel, i think it is very cheap and the scrub is soft and very fine..definitely a good try.

Great Haul,and yay,more video <3

beeyoutiful7 said...

holy crap
i love that lipgloss! it looks soo cute <3

i only have 1 product from Skin Food. do you like the scrub?

Black sugar does an amazing job to get rid of cloggged pores and it does exfoliate WELL <3

Your hair look super cute <3

Cant wait to see more of ur videos !

Kasumi said...

The flexible tip is so cool haha. little things excite me XD
Tell us if you end up liking the scrub!

Ji said...

I loooove your hairstyle! It´s really pretty!^^

Ah I´m not really good at learning new languages, but I have to because of school!:P

birkinbagbeauty said...

Another good review on the Integrate Lipgloss. I am so tempted now. I love your hair as well.

xoannie said...

I love your hair! I really want Asian hair lol but mine's just semi straight and semi wavy. It's boring =/

OMG I've never heard of a Cassis donut! When I saw how pink/purple it was, I was like "What is that?!" Hahah

Wow the girl on the cover of Vivi is so pretty. Now I'm jealous of both your hair and her hair!

miku said...

Everything looks to awesome. Vivi is my favourit Japanese magazine. And that doughnut looks mighty nice :D

✿Ji✿ said...

I´d love to see pictures of your dyed hai!:) I can imagine it all pretty!^^
My hair was really damaged after all that dyeing, so now it´s all natural. (sadly my hair isn´t true black...)

I´ve just read in your profile that you´re staying in korea?
Do you like it there? I miss the korean restaurants and shopping malls.>///<


Beauty Snap said...

Hope you're having a nice weekend!
I like your hair, and the hairtie is so cute.
The donut was interesting, it kind of reminded me of pomegranate. I haven't really bought any of Ayu's CDs lately because I listen to music on! It's useful to listen to newly released Japanese/Korean songs (unlike youtube which deletes all of them for some reason.. -_-;)

Miss imperfect said...

i don't think u sound like you're asking questions and the lipgloss looks really cute

Iyah said...

aw girl, you don;t look funny at the vids. I actually enjoyed watching you :)

Lookit your haul woman, I want that magazine. Must run to mitsuwa this week. ahahah :p Yummy doughnut! I'm actually hungry.. and this is making me mooore hungry :p

K said...

I also like watching your videos! But I agree, it must seem strange talking to yourself!

You rock in green shadows! I'm too scared for that color...

ChyiX2 said...

I love your korean style hair! And the green shadow from Maquillage looks really good on you. I've been looking for a similar color for a while now...more reason to go back to Japan ^_^

Pixie said...

Awww, I think your voice sounds really nice. Nice hauls too :)

Sofie said...

You are so pretty and natrual in front of the camera! xD I am jealous and camera shy~
But your look today was very pretty! (you are always pretty) and the gloss looks so pretty! A perfect girly pink ^^

ekimura said...

you got the ayu CD!! I like the song sparkle alot!

fuzkittie said...

The gloss is really pretty! Love your Korean hair, hahahaa. Lovely vid! Hm I think I do that "question-like" sentence too sometimes, hehe.

Ladyfei♡ said...

hei u know what haha
i often use the black sugar mask from skinfood! it smells nice and makes ur skin feels soft. hehe.

i havent bought the new vivi yet.. maybe soon! ( i also dont understand it but i love seeing the pretty gals pic haha)

and omg luscious donuts

paperdollrevenge said...

Yum, that donut looks so pretty and yummy! What a nice haul! Yay for your new Ayumi cd. The Maquillage looks so pretty on you! Now I really want to go look at Japanese magazines, May issues already? The last ones I have are from Jan-March. =P

angie519 said...

I love the hair! And that green palette IS super pretty on you! It's so vivid!

The new body scrub I got has sugar as the first ingredient too.. does yours dissolve super quickly?

Mmmmmmmhm donut + berry ade sounds delicious!