Friday, March 20, 2009

Coffret D'or: Pressed Powder

I just realized what was missing from my blog: reviews! Seems like I haven't done one in a long time too!
Okay..before I start I just have a short ramble. I posted up my vid on YT and didn't turn off the comment section. I meant to do it, but I got lazy. Anyway, there were 2 haters...and wow..I'm quite surprised that they would take their time to watch my vid AND leave a comment! Some people just have too much time on their hands. They were actually hating on my nose.
It's so funny how people hide behind a computer now. Remember back in the days, if you were gonna say shit about someone, you'd want to say it in their face, but you don't? You wouldn't say it in their face unless you want your teeth knocked yah. I'm not bothered by it, it's not like I have a problem with my nose I said..I live with what I got.

My mini review is on the Coffret D'or Pressed Powder. I got it for $305HKD as a set at Facesss in Hong Kong.
The packaging has the signature Coffret D'or rhinestone pattern, except the rhinestone pattern isn't colored. I wish it did because the 3D lighting palettes has pink on it
The set comes with a puff which I think sucks. It doesn't spread the powder very evenly. The puff sits on top of a plastic piece which rests on the sides of the case without touching the powder. It would have been better if Coffret D'or created a separate compartment. I don't use the puff anymore, now I use a flat brush I got from Muji for $65HKD. It's a super soft brush made of natural hairs. The brush actually fits in the case, but I prefer to keep it separate.

The powder is translucent and leaves my skin matte and smooth. I think it does a good job at covering my pores, but oil control wise, it's moderate. I still have to do the usual blotting after a few hours. I would definitely buy this again, but I think there are too many products out there for me to try before I finally finish this one.

Now for some juicy stuff! I got the swap from Cuttibebe about 3 weeks ago. She actually sent it out on Feb 20 and I didn't send mine till I got back from my vacation. Anyway, she finally got my package and now I can finally crack everything open! I kept it under the bed the whole time until she got hers.

We did a blind swap which I thought was quite fun. Some of the biggy pieces that she got me was the P&J Milky Lip Treatment and Bobbi Brown Shimmering Nudes palette! My first BB item!! I loooooove the colors. Although there are 2 matte shadows in the palette, I can still add some shimmer from some of the other e/s in the palette. Ah...such love..great for school! The palette is actually more brown than purple, I don't know why it appears purple o_O

I love the Shu shadow. I think it'll go perfectly with the BB palette.
I used the lip treatment last night and my lips are so soft now! It's not sticky at all and leaves a glossy finish. I don't think there's a smell to it, well I don't notice one.

Yay! More Lush! I just hope I don't get too addicted that I start buying Lush here, it's very $$.
Last night I went out with 2 neighbours in my building. It's funny how I didn't go out with them till now because I didn't get a chance to talk to them. They're also teachers who are hired by the same company I am.
We had this Korean thing and I just had to ask for extra cheese haha, in the end it was too spicy for me so I only had 1 dish.


M said...

yay for the swap! she got you a lot of deliciousness! dude lush is super addictive, i'm scared to go inside!

that food at the end is right up my alley, me loves it spicy!

Iyah said...

I hate those HATERS. I mean we get lots of love comments but don't they know that if we get hate comments, that particular comment sometimes get stuck to our mind? :( Just ignore those pesty people! <3

YAY for swap!! :D I did my 1st swap, and still waiting for my package to arrive :D

Jamilla Camel said...

What a great swap! and the Korean food--yum! I really miss Asian food here in Detroit...I haven't had any since I came here two weeks ago! I am dying for tofu!

I make sure I avoid YT, Facebook, and other social networking sites. Jamal has a Facebook account, but restricts it to just close friends and family. I have a professional reputation I have to protect, and in my industry, HR and prospective managers DO check these sites!

A friend's son lost a prospective teaching job because of stuff on his SN sites! Not to mention the weirdos out there with nothing better to do than leave nasty remarks on people's sites!

I'm just a shy blogger...

eri said...

if only we could rid the world of haters! hahaha.

that is a great swap!!! such restraint you had! if i get a package i immediately tear it open. ;p

mmmmm....i love food pics!!!

Ladyfei♡ said...

Ugh, dont mind about those haters dear, theyre just jealous, and they dont have balls thats why those kinda ppl only dare to tlk bad infront of comp.. sigh some ppl..

hehehe looking great! the swap is =) and the korean food looks deeeelicious! i want to eat korean food outside but the portion is just too big for me i havta eat it with 4 of my friends haha. skin also - it takes long time to recover and my skin is quite pale, so a pimple will be like so obvious T_T which one u suggest? i would love to buy the pinks..

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

YT tends to attract all kinds of people...haven for trollers. Some people just have nothing better to do with their time. Glad you're ignoring stupidity like that :)

Nice swap! Are those mini P&J samples in the picture?

Kasumi said...

Darn haters! Forget them! So not worth your time!
ohh soo many goodies. I've never been to Lush but I think I might just stop by tomorrow.
My bf thought that place sold cheeses lol because of all the blocks.
ohh that picture is making my stomach gurgle.

Kylie said...

nice swap! looks like you got lotsa goodies :)

aichaku-愛着 said...

The swap looks good! I was watching your vid and was so keen on watching your makeup routine, it's so interesting (voyeour haha), I don't understand how people could spend time focussed on spotting negative things instead! They really have the wrong perspectives on life.

spankedelic said...

don't worry about the haters. they're fucking retarded. they must not have a life if they're just watching videos to talk shit to people and the nerve to do it behind a computer. they're stupid! don't worry about them!

mascara whore said...

omg bobbi brown palette ! pretty lah~ gorgeous stuff yu got from the swap =]

izumi said...

what fun items :D i love neutrals!

nevermind youtube.. it's full of people who just want to say crap and who usually don't have anything else to do with their lives except waste it trying to make other people feel bad. what losers! watching your entire video AND commenting still? LOL. what a waste of oxygen!

Bunnie said...

People are just jealous and insecure, keep doing what you're great at! :) Thank you for the review! What a yummy swap. :D When I first stepped into the Lush store I almost passed out because the fragrances are too intense! I tried Honey I Washed the Kids, it's okay, the smell doesn't last though. I hope you have better luck with Lush than I did! XOXO

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

gah ppl can be such losers
dont let them get to u!!

we aint perfect but we know it! power to u for being happy to live with wat u have and not critising other ppl

ning * star said...

nice swap. P&J lippies... oh, I want P&J badly,sigh I can't find it in M'sia >.<

Lush...horray, will have fun with it. hehe

I'm missing your review too.
talking about swap, I think I have discuss with your before u went to HongKong. Hmm, shall swap around May. Not now, I'm too busy and I don't think I can have time to go for shop goodies for you right now, even myself feel as my butt is on haha

have a nice day <3

beeyoutiful7 said...

forget the haters.
there's always 1 no matter what but dont let it bother you.

i love that bobby brown palette!!


CuttiBeBe said...

i love me some haters! hahaha...

i'm so glad u like the swap! =) i'm totally gonna use the kate palette and MM mascaras during the trip to london.. can't wait!!

xoxo. take care~

paperdollrevenge said...

Pay no mind to haters, especially of the online variety (okay for all we know those people are 12 years old hahaha they're so bold behind their computers!)...let them hate, keep doing your thing!

That is a really nice swap! Such lovely items. What I'm sending you won't be as nice, lol, but I hope you'll be kind enough to like it anyways (will be sending out come Monday, I hope it gets there fast!).

I hope you have a great weekend!

xoannie said...

I'm surprised you had the restraint to wait for your friend to get her package! When I get one, I tear that baby up right when I get it! Hahaha

And don't mind the haters, most of them are only jealous anyways. Besides, I think you're beautiful and I'm more important than them so what I say is more important x]

That's a really nice swap! Look at all the goodies! You must do a look using the BB palette!

aichaku-愛着 said...

hi, yes, i forgot to mention the black brushes (face & blush) are quite scratchy ... i got used to them. the eyeshadow ones are ok, not scratchy at all.

dreamer0703 said...

I have a big nose too...there are some crazy people doing nothing but trashing people randomly on the internet. For me, I always appreciate people who spent time making, editing and posting the videos. Thank you so much~~ i'm so excited you're gonna make another video~~

Blair said...

The food looks great! I'm a wimp with spicy food, I'll drink more water than eat actual food when they are too spicy haha.

Like the others have said, don't let the haters get to you, m'dear. Take care and enjoy!

You uploaded a video to YT? Where where?

I just launched my blog, I hope to see you there =)

fuzkittie said...

Mmm spicy!!! Yummy...

Whatever, haters are so funny I think!! Hahaha, they crack me up. I love how you take it light hearted! ^^

Nice swap you got there! Oo I gotta try my P&J lip treatment at night...

Iyah said...

Thanks for the comment! <3 yeah I feel you when they postponed our test, I was mad because I prepared for it.. Now I need to study again coz I might forget the other details :/

Ohh You should do looks with your BB Palette :D Looks great! <3

Miss Yaya said...

that swap looks great - how cute that you waited until she got hers.

the bb palette looks great - hope you do looks and reviews on it :)

angie519 said...

Hahha I'm awful with spicy food too! hehe

You got lots of great stuff! Look at all the small cute P&J samples! I got that BB shimmering nudes palette for my mom and she loves it!

I'm sorry you were left such negative comments.. We love you the way you are! Everyone is insecure about something.. you aren't alone.