Friday, March 27, 2009

Paul & Joe Light Cream Foundation N

I just wanted to do a quick blurb about my current foundation: P&J Light Cream Foundation N #30 (clear).
This can probably be considered my first foundation. The Orbis Liquid foundation didn't match me so I can't use it right now, I probably have to wait till the summer when I get tanned.
I decided to jump right to the HE brand instead of testing out other foundations just to find the right one. Since I've read so many reviews about the P&J base makeup, I thought this was the perfect choice and I didn't regret getting it.
I got this in Hong Kong for $320HKD, about 57000won at the time. It was kinda expensive considering the RMK foundations in Korea sold for roughly the same price and P&J is supposed to be cheaper than RMK. Nevertheless, this was the right choice.

I've tried samples of powder foundation and I really didn't like how it made my cheeks looked flaky. No matter how much I exfoliated and moisturized, you could still see some flakiness on my cheeks so I chose to use liquid foundation.
The P&J foundation applies very smoothly and leaves a lovely scent that doesn't last very long. It feels very light and offers light-medium coverage, just what I was looking for. There is also SPF 15 in the foundation.
I'm not too sure if it's the finishing powder I'm using or the moisturizer, but after 5 hours or so, I notice my cheeks look a little dry and get slightly flaky. I'm still trying to figure out why that happens. I'm already using the P&J treatment oil once a week along with exfoliating my face, so this shouldn't happen.
The foundation is okay in terms of oil control. My t-zone tends to get oily during the day so it wasn't a surprise that my nose got shiny. My cheeks, however, remained mostly shine free.

Here's a picture of the foundation after 4 hours. I use a light hand when applying foundation, so it's not a huge difference or flawless skin. You can notice some shine on my nose.

This was taken after about 8 hours of wear. Again, there's some shine on my nose and the foundation seems to have faded a wee bit on my cheeks. This probably happened because I blotted my face a couple times during the day.
The first picture was taken today and the second was taken yesterday. I forgot to take one today after 8 hours, but you get the idea.

I went out to find the Pizza Hut closest to my home and it was well worth it. I looooove pan crust pizza. Tim and I got greedy because we were hungry so we ordered a large pizza and a large sampler plate...and we couldn't finish all the pizza. The pizza was a split order, so we had 2 different types in one.

I went to the Lotte Department store right after dinner to find the Maquillage counter. I wanted to get the new Styling Keep Base UV and Lasting Liquid UV but it hadn't arrived in Korea yet =( I went to the Dior counter instead to check out the addict shine gloss(??) lipsticks and I have my eyes on #352...omg it's such a pretty pink!! It's 34000won, not THAT expensive, so I'll probably get it this weekend when I have time. I really hope it comes out as a pretty girly pink.


dreamer0703 said...

I'm thinking about the P&J liquid foundation too, but I am kinda resistant since I already have many liquid foundations(Estee Lauder, Lageire BB cream, 2 other BB creams, Clarins, Mentholetum)I haven't finished. Diro High shine lippies are really pretty, it's sheer and shine, any color of this line looks good.

aichaku-愛着 said...

i want to try this P&J u reviewed and the maquillage base too. but i also want to buy lunasol's anniversary base set. so many wants.

ning * star said...

is P&J... I'm more interested with the disney blush...haha... anyhow, this seems to be very nice too...
yay, I wanna see the shop, and your upcoming new lippie <3

Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for the review, Miu Miu!! I will be trying a new P&J Foundation and will be putting my beloved P&J protective fluid foundation up for sale this weekend. I really like it--I just want to try some other formulas.

Thanks for the warning about having dry checks and using the powder foundation...I'll be sure to give that one a miss.

smilecusiluvu said...

Dry cheek maybe you are dehydrated... try drinking some more water whats what I asked the ladies at the makeup counter because my forhead gets dry even though I do all the things u did and they said im probably dehydrated if its in spots instead of the whole face.. and I thought the new pual and joe foundation was in a white plastic bottle... i guess they made a different packaging over there??

xoannie said...

Ughhh I have dry skin so when I put foundation on my skin would flake. It looks so bad!

Ladyfei♡ said...

i hate when tht happens too, if i put on foundation it will flake cuz its dry! but if i wear mousturizer it will be oily.. -__- again with the delicious pizza hut pics.. drool.

haha i named it pandablush cuz i didnt knowwww lol! it was so random , i love panda and i love blush ... haha.. doesnt match. seriouslyyy im not thin.. im the fattest in the family. my legs are quite thin, basically my lower body is quite lean BUT my shoulders are manly and i cant change it.. cuz its the way my bone is.. like so manly.. when i take pics with friends my shoulders will be 2x length srzly. maybe sometime i will post haha.

noo, 150 aud. if 90 usd converted it should be 129 AUD, so much difference u cn buy 1 new product.. mac au is quite overpriced... -_-

fuzkittie said...

Wow your cheeks must be REALLY dry! O.O Did you get the moisturizing spray or moisture gel? You could put that over the dry spots and it should be better...

Kasumi said...

You still look pretty nonetheless!
get the Dior lippie! I want to collect all of them XD! how can you resist right?!

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

get the dior! its one of the only ones i like

if ur skin is dry or shiny in different parts, try the mac fix it spray, works decently for me and my nose is oilyyyy

btw sorry i have been away, its been nuts, i got ur package here still though [dont mail mine yet ok cos it will be a few days before i can mail urs still]

M said...

I think the p&j pressed powder is a decent finishing powder and then i put mac fix + on top.

the pizza looks super delish!

angie519 said...

Hmm I should look up the difference between protective fluid foundation and light cream foundation. I'd assume cream may be heavier..

I think the foundation looks really nice and natural!

I've been brushing on some of the P&J powder foundation on top of my fluid foundation and I must say the combo really impressed me. Oil control was better and my skin looked more flawless/poreless.

Mmmmhm the pizza looks good! I love over ordering haha =P