Monday, March 30, 2009

Makeup Mist

I wanted to talk a bit about the 2 makeup mists that I purchased in Hong Kong.
The Shu Depsea Water was $150HKD for 5oz and the P&J Moisturizing Mist was also $150HKD but for 1.7oz.
I think the whole point of makeup mists are to add extra moisture and prep your skin for base makeup. I could be wrong, but I think makeup mists are a great starter to makeup application because I do notice that my foundation applies more smoothly.
Both the Shu and P&J mists do the job quite well. I lightly mist my forehead, cheeks and chin and pat the liquid in until its fully absorbed, then begin my usual base makeup application.
Prior to using makeup mists and getting the P&J skincare line (which I'll talk about next time), I've always stayed away from using foundation because my cheeks would get flaky. I feel that the makeup mists help reduce the flakiness even with a good moisturizer. My cheeks tend to get dry easily, especially in the dry months. I also never took good care of my skin before reading all the blogs XD

Both mists have a plesant smell to it. I got the Shu mist in bergamot because it reminds me of a cup of tea. The smells in both of the mists don't linger too long either, so I think it's great for those who are sensitive to smells.
Another good thing about makeup mists is you can spray it on top of makeup, well that's what the SAs told me. In case you want your makeup to look fresh and get a nice refreshing feeling you can simply spray this on.

So which one would I repurchase? It'll have to be the Shu mist. It's cheaper than the P&J one because its got an extra 3.3oz in it for the same price. I also think the Shu mist sprays more evenly than the P&J mist. I find that even though the P&J mist will come out as a fine mist, sometimes there's extra droplets that don't come out properly. I might not be pressing down on the nozzle hard enough...?
For those of you would don't mind splurging on the P&J, I think it's an awesome addition to the base makeup routine. Although the P&J mist is more expensive, I think it's very convenient to take with you when travelling or just putting into your purse. You don't risk any accidents because this is in a hair spray type bottle.
All in all, I recommend both mists, but that really depends on how much you're willing to spend =D


Blair said...

P&J is more exp than Shu? What a shocker!

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i love how cheap shu is in hk!!
u should try the mac fix it spray
i quite like it!

aichaku-愛着 said...

ooo i like mists ... esp aft coming in fr the sun aft lunch hour. i saw ur comment abt prices of skin food products in singapore. i guess they know singaporeans are willing to spend. :( i'm planning to get a tonne of stuff when i get to seoul! Lol.

ning * star said...

spray... hmm, have u tried skinfood peach sake mist or the lettuce and cucumber mist? I plan to try them... but shall see how 1st.. hehe

I will prefer shu as the size is more but not P&J is adorable as well <3

K said...

Shu cheaper than P&J?? I need to head back to HK!! What does the P&J smell like?

dreamer0703 said...

I had some Korean mist water(don't remember the brands)before, after running out of the mist water, I just use regular water to replace it. I don't know but I feel it's pretty much the same except the mist water comes with fragrance.

eri said...

thank you for this post! i was wondering about this for awhile! =)

fuzkittie said...

They can also be used in place of toner.. hehehe. If you get dry cheeks over the day you can use them too over makeup! Will smooth away dry flakes. :D Love both mists!

✿Ji✿ said...

Seems to be worth an investion!:)

Ah I don´t like to wear pants at all, not even jeans!*laugh*
Maybe I´d like to if I had skinny legs!;)

Ladyfei♡ said...

Wah! These mists look good, but shu one is a good deal hehe. 5oz for same prize =D

Yeah.. i wanna try buying pink thts a bit bright for a while.. like speed dial.. or petit indulgence from mac..

yeah sometimes mine are pale! but when its cold its blood red LOL.
or hot too.
yeah pink lips doesnt show on me tht much xD yeah they all the same smell, powder blush eyeshadow everything! sometimes im sick of lavender =S hehe, but yeah anna sui gloss are sticky but their colors are purdy =D

smilecusiluvu said...

I have the shu's mist and I love it have it in my purse at all time! although its inconvient to carry around because its sooo big haha but i love it! have you try anything else from shu?? I want to their makeup base but ey its a mouse??? I've never use that type before..

Makeup World said...

Hi MiuMiu, I do have to agree with you about cheeks getting flaky when using foundation. This product sounds promising. I might have to add this to my make up list. Thanks for sharing.

acutelife said...

how much do you pay for the mist??I never used it before but it sounds like a good idea for winter time :) are you back in korea again??I'm in japan now lolz so much fun!!im lovin it!

aquaracer said...

now i wanna try the shu mist! i like bergamot smell too :)

Kasumi said...

I've never tried on a mist before. Thnx for the review now I know which one to try!

angie519 said...

I'm still waiting for the P&J mist but I might just go and try the shu mist in the meantime hehe.

Thanks for the review!