Thursday, March 5, 2009

How To: Gradient Nails

I thought I'd do a mini video on how I do my nails cuz I didn't take the time to do any swatches and FOTDs =p Sorry!! I'll try to do 2 FOTDs this weekend. I hate the sound of my voice (it's whiney when I'm not trying to be), maybe one day I'll do one with my voice hehe.
I usually do the gradient style, it gets kinda boring actually, but I like it a lot more than the regular "2 color coats and top coat".
My favourites are the Majolica Majorca polishes. They go on relatively sheer which makes layering colors easy. I also like them because they dry quickly. I only own 4 colors at the moment. Since they're half the size of most other bottles, I can finish it quickly without getting tired of the colors.
I got the technique for the gradient nails from one of the Majolica Majorca website tutorials. I think it was called "like an antique doll"??
Please refer to my previous post for a picture.

I forgot to mention in the video, on the last step, I use a slightly bigger glob of polish. It's to make sure that the top is the darkest to get that nice effect.

I seem to have gotten a tax return on my pay, I dunno why haha, but it's quite nice to come back to fewer deductions.
Income tax: -89,800
Residential Tax: -8,960
Pension: 81,000
Med. insurance: 47,900
Food expenses: 15,000
= 45,140 total deductions??? does that equal to only $45 deducted?? haha...oh well!! I'm quite happy with that! Considering I usually get deducted more than $200 a month XD
Other random school news...I had an English teacher meeting with only half of them and I was explaining how I was gonna go about teaching my lessons and how frustrated I am because my coteachers are useless (while being nice about it). I tend to talk quite loudly, so all the teachers in that office thought I was pissed hahaha. Well, I did get kinda pissed. I had to repeat the same thing to my teachers like 10 times..only for it to go out the other ear...@__@

Did I ever mention that the Korean strawberries are quite tasty? They're super cheap too. If there's a fruit truck driving by, they usually sell a big tub for less than $3USD. I'm a bit wary about the super cheap ones tho. There was one time I was washing some strawberries, then I noticed after washing, the red was a bit paler! XD


mascara whore said...

it says that the video is private :/

ning * star said...

weeee....I know how to do gradient lu...yay...thanks a lot,

oh, you student and co-teacher are bad,bad... let me help you cane them ya...

hmm, actually I'm so angry with my today test too, angry with my lecturer, unfair at all...
well, wish u happy and get back home soon <3

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

its ur fault i keep buying majo nail polish i tell u
i got u some more for our swap muahahahaha

ilovewendydarling said...

Oh, wow! You teach in Korea? That sounds amazing:]

Anyhow, great nail tutorial<3 I'm def. trying this thing out tomorrow.

K said...

I love majo majo nail polish! The small size & the beautiful colors are LUV!!!

I started beauty blogging very recently. Please stop by!

Bunnie said...

Thanks for the tutorial! :) However, I don't have any nail polish to do it with yet hahaha. I have to get some, you and Fuz are tempting me. XOXO

fuzkittie said...

Imo, ANY fruits in Asia are tastier! Haha.. maybe except for oranges.. lol.

Yayyy video!!! :D

Really? I don't like Majolica polishes as much because they don't go on evenly for me... hmmmm

Banana said...

gradient nails sooo cute and sparkly. (: I have almost the same nail polish color from faceshop, I was totally going to do gradient nails with it too, but you did it before me. hehe, right now I just have the polish on like normal, I love glittery sparkly nail polish! :D Nice song too..long comment...hehe sorry.

miemiemie said...

gradient nails are pretty..too bad i suck at doing my finger nails..hahahaa :)

yay for lesser tax payment :)

Ladyfei♡ said...

Wow this is very useful !! Now i can do gradient nails.. but i have a problem drawing on my right hand.. its so difficult >_< i wanna get me some majolica polishes ~~~ theyr pretty!

Ladyfei♡ said...

btw stawberries at aussie is teh best hehe. giant strawberries and super sweet. there is this farm that u pay only 5 dollars u get a yellow bucket, and u can pick ur own strawberries.. some ppl just pick and eat em lol.
so TASTYYYY drools.

M said...

i can't wait for my nails to grow out so i can try this! :P

you make me want korean strawberries, even thought i've never had it haha

Kimberly Tia said...

awww what a great video!!!
you def. have a video talent my dear!!

mmmm i'll eat strawberries in any way, shape or form.. HA HA HA

angie519 said...

Hahha I like all the random facts you share about Korea! Sorry about the awful teachers though =(

Thanks for the tutorial! It looks so pretty!! Pity I don't really like shimmery nail polishes enough to make a gradient look work! =(

I wanna hear your voice!!!