Monday, March 9, 2009

Lunasol Winter 2008

So how were the weekends? Mine was spent shopping...for groceries. It ain't fun if it's crowded with people!

Try as I might, I only ended up with 2 pictures for my FOTD =p I have problems taking pictures of myself cuz my chubby cheeks annoy me. So if you ever see me in person, I probably look a bit chubbier than this just because I'm trying to hide my cheeks haha. I think the lack of natural lighting also causes me to delete a lot of pictures that I took haha.

I used my Lunasol Winter 2008 set to create this look. I'm kinda bummed that the colors didn't turn out well on camera even though I used a primer and base.
The items are listed as palette EX04 (soft silver lighting), blush EX01 (soft silver rose) and Geminate Liner EX02. I didn't use the nail polish yet.
The item in the small jar is the P&J Moisturizing Foundation Primer 03. I really like how it spreads so smoothly and it feels so light. I don't think there's sun protection in this one. I wanted to get this but the SA told me this transparent one doesn't have it.

Everytime I take a picture of what I used, it seems quite ridiculous. I haven't even taken a picture of one of the makeup mists I used. *sigh* The things that girls do to pretty themselves XD
I have to mention that I like this Lunasol palette more than the Layer Bloom eyes. The EX04 is more pigmented and has better staying power. I also think it blends slightly better than the purple gradation palette. I'm glad I got the winter 2008 set because I really like the EX04 as another everyday palette. It's pink, but it's toned down a bit so I can easily match any outfit.
The Coffret D'or pressed powder is what I'm reaching for right now. For some reason, the slight shimmer in the Lavshuca powder seems a bit too much for me. However, the puff that comes with the CoD powder is kinda crappy and it doesn't pick up enough product.

After applying the primer and MM base, I applied the highlighter shade from the crease to the brow bone. Next I applied the rosey pink all over the lids and dabbed the silver shade in the middle of the lid. Finally, I lined the top lashline with the brown shade and finished it with the geminate liner.

Sometimes the MM mascara and base clumps or feels stiff. I don't know why, but it gets annoying. It sort of clumped a bit today which made it difficult to apply the fiberwig mascara.

Ulzzang wannabe?? haha...definitely not. I don't have the photoshop skills nor do I want to bury myself in crazy makeup. This Ulzzang phenomenon puzzles me.
The P&J 061 has no pigmentation whatsoever. It's more like a lipgloss in a tube, even then, the shimmers are really subtle.
I need to ask everyone, do you think pink eyes, pink blush and pink lips are overboard? I was tempted to use a subtle pink lipstick today but I held back because everything in the Lunasol set was pink toned.

I forgot to mention how this Softymo Point Makeup Remover has replaced the Mandom Express remover. This stuff works a lot better than the Mandom and it doesn't leave any residues that might show up the next morning. I don't think it works as well as the Neutrogena oil free makeup remover because I have to hold the cotton pad on my eyes for a longer period of time. I got this for $99HKD and it contains 120mL. The texture is similar to an essence lotion and I feel that a little goes a long way.

Trying out my MM nailpolish in PK313. It doesn't apply very evenly, but as it starts to dry, it kinda spreads out on it's own and leaves a more even finish. I don't know why haha. you can barely notice any color on my nails, but that's because I only used 1 coat.

I don't think I'm made for falsies. I don't like how it feels on my eyelids and sticking them on is such a pain in the butt! I even got an eyelash holder to help stick them on easily, but I failed miserably. It's cool how it works. You put the lashes into the grooves on the stand, then pick it up with the clip, so simple right? But I don't think I'm ever gonna use falsies again any time soon.

Update on the Daily Fresh peel from the previous post! It comes out as a clear thick gel that smells slightly citrusy. You're supposed to leave it on for 15-20 mins, but I ended up leaving it on for 30 mins because it took so long to dry! It was worth it though, because the peel pulled out the gunk quite successfully, much better than the time I tried the Naris Up peel (which I'm waiting for in the other luggage to be sent over).

I need everyone's help! After using the Gatsby hairspray, I noticed about a month ago there were residues on the top of my head that I can't wash away. I don't understand why it's on top of my head because I never spray it there anyway, it's like all the gunk migrated up to the top o_O It actually looks slightly greasy on my head which is quite gross. I only have half a small bottle of the Neutrogena Anti-Residue shampoo left and it's not available in Korea. Does anyone recommend any other brand of shampoos or what kinda of home remedies to use? Korea is very limited with its shampoo selections =/


Jamilla Camel said...

Miu Miu, I think you look sooo Kawaii! I have round apple cheeks, bigger than yours, but you know what? It's the round apple faces that age the best. Everyone with a sharp jawline and sunken cheeks in their 20's looks very haggard by their 40's! I have learned to embrace my apples with a pop of blush.

I love your nails and the lash gadget!

miemiemie said...

aww you are so cute, with a face like that it'll look like you'll always look young :) i don't think that too much pink is overkill..haha the pink eyeshadow is subtle so wearing pink lips with it won't make it too pink, in my opinion :)

argh i can't wear falsies too i'm stupid haha

ning * star said...

don't worry... my face is chubby too... haha. I'm poor in makeup..but I'm learning right now, hope can present it in my blog soon...hehe

miku said...

No you don't have a chubby face. You should see me in the morning I look like a blowfish! I love the falsies thingie!

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i cant use that falsies thing, i tried though XD

yah i think layer bloom eyes is the lousiest quality for palettes that lunasol has put out but i love them anyway

omg ur face is sooo not chubby at all , if tat is chubby wat will u say abt mine XD!

oh and i dont get ulzzang, they just look like japanese girls hahahahah

K said...

I like that falsies thing. It helps me hold them steadily, although I'll admit it doesn't fit the shape of my eyes!

dreamer0703 said...

I always deleted tons of terrible pictures of my face. It is really hard to take a close shot on face. I never know how you can manage doing those FOTD/EOTD so nicely. I can't tell you have chubby cheeks..haha.

acutelife said...

argghhh...finally it's over!!! hahaha... :D well, one more party to go still are you??? I love your FOTD!! and that falsies holder is so cute, I never managed to put on falsies on my own -_-" I always poke my eyes lolz..where did you buy that holder??

Miss Yaya said...

i love chubby cheeks... you should too! =]~ next time ur grocery shopping with a lot of people try to point out a rat or roach and see if they move away? lol!

Ladyfei♡ said...

Hei~ The FOTD is natural and sheer, i love it! ( since i dont really use eyeshadows this is a good look ). Where did u get that eyelash holder?? SO CUTE XD I will find it tmr at the japanese store.. I dont really use falsies too, but when i use it- it really makes my eye POP XD but its a pain in the ass to apply it >_< im so not pro xO ( and its really uncomfy)

Ladyfei♡ said...

oh and you DONT HAVE chubby cheeks, i find your cute =) babyface! lucky! i am only 18 but ppl say i look 24 huahauha ( when i had super light long and curly hair ) of coz.. -_-

Miss imperfect said...

hey i feel the exact same way i have so much baby fat on my face my friends call me chipmunk cheeks. i don't mind now cause this one time my friend said "hey at least u won't be wrinkly when ur older" so i'm embracing my chubby cheeks now and ur cheeks are so not chubby

angie519 said...

Try searching for a shampoo made to clean your scalp! That's strange!

That eyelash holder thingy looks so cool! You failed?! aww =P

Cute nail polish and now you have me curious about the Softymo makeup remover!

You look cute! What are you talking about? I don't think you can go too overboard with pinks. If it looks good with you, that's all that matters! Pink cheeks and lips are so basic, I think they go with pink eyes so well! Of course this depends on the shades and the amount of color you apply =P

Lash Expander clumps on me sometimes too! I'm really LOVING the korres mascara today! No clumping and I think it makes my lashes just as long as lash expander! Crazy huh?!

Yeah, but you're suppose to put on sunscreen anyways! =P

Like I say to everyone who blames me for influencing them, I aim to please ;)

xoannie said...

You're cute and I think you could definitely pull off the all pink look!

I love falsies, so I need to get my hands on one of them holders!!

Uggghh mascara ALWAYS clumps when I use it. The only one that doesn't is LashBlast. But every other one does! :(

Anonymous said...

i think lemon juice might work for the buildup. i think your supposed to mix the lemon juice with something but i cant quite remember what. you could probably look it up on the net. neither way you probably shouldnt leave the lemon juice on your hair too long otherwise you'll kill your hair haha

M said...

pink on pink on pink is ok if its subtle i think :)

i think the uzzlang stuff is fun haha

i'm not sure what to do about the gatsby thingy

candystripperr said...

theres this gorgeous taiwanese model named grace that uses the coffret d'or powder too - after seeing you and her use it i might have to go order it x_X
exchange PLUS shipping and customs D: i was trying to order off karmaloop and the shipping+customs costed more than what i wanted T_T

Iyah said...

ohhhh! I like that lunasol palette! Everything looks sooo pretty! :D I love it! :D

Cathy said...

I don't think your face is chubby =P

Hehe, I got one of those lash thingys at Sephora... I don't know what they are called haha. They don't really fit my eyes tho lol. And yes... falsies are a pain in the ass to put on... so I rarely do it. I want to try corner lashes tho... I bet those are easier to put on LOL

ko0ty said...

Whoa where'd you get the fake eyelash clip? I never knew one of those existed!

MiuMiu said...

Hey Anon,
thanks for the tip! i haven't had the chance to search it up much school prep >_<
that's so funny how lemon juice seems to work wonders for everything hehe