Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So Much Love <3

OMG I'm pregnant!!!!!

April Fools! That was a crappy joke wasn't it haha. I don't think Korea plays pranks and such on April 1st.

I can finally say that I've had a great day at school. I only taught 1 class today because I had a meeting to go to in the afternoon and I got 2 big boxes in the mail. You can probably imagine my shrieks of joy.
First off, the Christmas like package was from the lovely Diana (aka Paperdoll). Seriously, you didn't have to send me so much! The package I sent her was like one tenth of the size lol. She loaded it with glorious junk food and bars of soap that smells sooo good!! All the junk food will go straight to my thighs...but whatever, I'll work it off when I go back to Canada lol. Thankq!! I was soo excited to see the TGIF chips, they're not available in Canada, same with the Rasinets. Thank you again Diana!!!! =D=D=D

My friends had sent me a belated Christmas present hahaha. I didn't take a picture of it because they sent me a bra and panties...they claim that I didn't have to wash my undies everyday thoughtful. Anyway, I asked them to send some tampons over, and half the box was filled with it along with some other items lol. Didn't think anyone would want to see tampons. Thankq!!! I know you read my blog XD

I came to Korea without any lipbalm and look what I ended up with. I'm missing one from Angie because I left it at school, but I gotta do a review on these sometime. So many things to do, so little time. I consider the P&J lipstick to be a lipbalm because it's sheer slightly shimmery.

Everytime I get a package in the mail, there's usually yummy things in it. The sweets seem to have taken over my only kitchen pantry/cupboard thing. Look how healthy I am...there's a bottle of multi-vitamins on the very bottom left.
There's still more coming, I'm expecting 3 big packages from Hong Kong soon. One of the packages I'll get sometime at the end of the month includes some P&J items. I couldn't resist. I was only going to ask Tim's dad to help me get an extra Moisture Cream, but the SA convinced me on the phone to get a certain amount for some free goodies. They're probably just samples anyway, but a nice excuse to get some more things to play with.


Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i feel like i own so much crap compared to your cupboards XD

ning * star said...

haha, my kitchen cupboards are even worse than yours.haha, mine is packed, same goes to my refrigerator.

yay, Diana is sweet...haha, i'm missing the chocolate that she sent me <3

K said...

Oooh, you got some great packages! A bra and panties? How thoughtful...? Hahahaha

beeyoutiful7 said...

hey love, sure did tricked me BIG TIME. I almost fainted when I saw that you were pregnant. I totally forgot about April Fools. sigh*..

Look at all those yummy food !
Diana is super suweet =)

I hope you enjoy ur goodies & your other "good package" goodies from your friends. LOL.


PS: Im excited for ur lippies review!!

miemiemie said...

hahahaha silly! that must have been fun, short period of job work then you get 2 packages in the mail. how exciting! hahaha show us the bra and panties!

your cupboard still looks neat when compared to ours here at home.its filled with even expired stuff,hahha too much junk that nobody bothers to even check

Bunnie said...

If only I can keep my cupboard more organized like yours hhaha. I buy way more than I can consume! Packages are so lovely! Yay for the rosebud salve! I like the minty one as well, it has a cool feeling on the lips. :D

dreamer0703 said...

lol...that was a good try! I feel I want to get more P&J stuffs after reading your post. haha

ㅤㅤㅤㅤJéssy said...

How many delicious meals .. hmm = 9
I love these things even if they also going to the toilet .. yes because my legs are fine .. LOL

Hey! your wardrobe is full of Ferrero Rocher .. I love it! when I eat these chocolates, I am so happy hahaha

Miss Yaya said...

yay for packages! yum yum junk food. you wouldn't even want to see how many i have... i usually have a pack of something bad in every handbag lol

✿Ji✿ said...

Can´t wait to see you review on the lip balms, my lips are so chapped cause of the cold weather!;__;

smilecusiluvu said...

cool thing to get all those goodies and I love TGIF chips yummy!!! haha

Jamilla Camel said...

I love your packages!

Can I have an organized cupboard like you?

izumi said...

what a cute green box, haha :) i love your huge stash of lip balms.. and all that FOOD.. why are your cupboards so clean? i'm jealous! :P

ning * star said...

yes yes, do a review about the lippie,I'm so soooo interested <3

Kasumi said...

wow so much stuff! I like your positivity in your junk food situation. lol
Next time you do a vid I want to hear those shrieks of joys of yours hehe.

paperdollrevenge said...

Yay for getting goodies in the mail! Now I want some more Hot Cheetos, lol. Woohoo, a bra and panties and lots of tampons! Now that would have been quite a picture. =P

fuzkittie said...

You're getting spoiled huh! Haha, you deserve it.

Banana said...

Ooh, you got the Smith's Rosebud salve...I'm glad.. (: how do you like it? I also found out that you can even put the salve anywhere on your face that is know when you get those dry flaky spots on your face wen it's too dry? You can put the salve on it. I do well as put the salve on my lips! (: And it helps a lot!

M said...

mmmmmh yumo packages!

lol i was like preggers what!?

love that picture of the cabinet :P i'm nosy i love looking into this stuff

Beauty Snap said...

Nice lipbalms--the P&J disney is so cute :D
Have fun with the goodies-- do they not have good tampons in korea? hahaha ^^;
I love how you have a section for junkfood in your cabinet and it's full (same for me too).

angie519 said...

Hahha I would be so excited for you!

Hahaha lipbalms are great! I don't think one could ever have enough. I have one at work, one in my purse, some by my bed, some at my makeup desk, etc =P. I hope you like the one I got you!