Friday, January 22, 2010

Time To Go Out

I found time to update! And eewwweee....I don't like this layout, but I wanted my pictures enlarge-able when clicked on so I had to change it. Haha, and this was the best I could do with my banner picture.
Waiting to go out right now so I just took a picture of what I did. Why are the colors all washed out!? -__-'
I'm almost out of my favourite lipstick (Maquillage PK705) so I changed it up to Lunasol 02 Coral Pink so I can savor the last bits of the Maquillage.

Tried to do a smoke-ish eye with lotsa silver shimmer.
Ayumi Hamasaki on February Vivi, gorgeous as always.



izumi said...

nice silvery look :) i want to try one but whenever i grab my makeup, i always forget.. hahah.

LS said...

love your subtle smokey eye look. we have the same blog template hehe.

Hyuna said...

Thanks for the magazine the makeup looks!

ning * star said...

nice look. thanks for the scans.
How are u lately?

trina's reality said...

Thanks for the scans! I would love to try out the makeup ideas in the scans.

And I think your banner's really nice with the new layout!

PixyEla said...

I think the look is great!! ^^
By the way, I was born & raised in T-dot too!! :D

Catherine said...

Oh I love this eye on you! It's a very pretty subtle smoky eye!

I actually really like the new banner - I don't think it's washed out at all!

PixyEla said...

Yeah I like the smell of the Laneige Multi Cleanser since it's a citrus smell with lemon & orange hehe. I need to visit pmall to get their other products.

tomomi said...

hi i'm new here...

thanks for the ayumi scans of vivi. ayumi is beautiful!!!

pretty EOTD!

superwoolu said...

thanks for the scans! and your photos DEFINITELY get enlarged much more than before with your old layout! :p

Jamilla Camel said...

I love you in metallics! Very chic.

kalai said...

nice shimmery eye colour^^

thanks for the scans.. ayu look so cool there~__~ xx

ChyiX2 said...

Very cute, could you also do an open-eye pic next time please?

heartofpearl ♡ said...

my camera often washes out the colour too! but urs looks great there :) aw i love vivi, havent got one in a while! x

sharmila said...

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pandablush said...

thanks for the scans miu!
grey eyeshadows look so nice, wanna try it out someday too! maybe for a night out
ayumi is so beautiful... i want her eyes lol

Old Cow said...

Love the smokey look on you!

ko0ty said...

I love Asian magazines.. they have the best stuff except I wish they were cheaper here.

二コラ said...

hey Millie! guess whos back on blogger... Nic here!! hows the TEFL going? hope all is well!! thats a pretty smoky ;)

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