Sunday, May 16, 2010

Creamy Gold x Purple

I keep telling myself, "Reply to comments/posts, reply reply reply!" since I'm not working, but I have been so addicted to playing World of Warcraft for the past month hahaha. I don't feel as motivated to blog as much, I dunno what to write about =/

For the past week, I've been doing the same makeup look to try to rotate everything in my vanity.
I'm liking this gold and purple combination. Although I have the Maquillage Forming Shiny Eyes 52 (which has the gold and purple combo), I like using the cream shadows for this because it's a lot more it lasts along time. The purple in the FS Eyes is meant for lining and blending it is a bit more difficult for this look imo.

JS Crystal Sky 08 purple
Coffret D'or Fluffy Shine eyes gold
MM Liner BK911
MM Lash Expander Frame PLus (not pictured)
Fiberwig mascara
Coffret D'or Blend Color Blush OR24
Lunasol lipstick Coral Pink

I think I either need to apply more blush or stop sitting in front of the window to take my pics, cuz it doesn't show up at all hehe.

My eyes were so puffy in this picture bah! But better the next day.

A while back I also won a contest from AbcgrrrL, she sent me some OPI nail polishes and some other goodies! I ate all the candies on a day =p
I loooooove the OPI polishes sooo much, especially the blue one (Absolutely Alice). With 2 layers, I get gorgeous super sparkly nails. She also sent me some of my favourite drug store products! Neutrogena eye makeup remover and Aveeno moisturizer! Can't live without these, well..for the exception of in Korea haha. Thank you again!! =)

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. It has been a beautiful 20C in Toronto today =D


ChyiX2 said...

I think you look very glamorous with the gold and purple combo. That's always a great color duo :)

miss wiggle said...

You look so pretty! :D I love how you did your liner~

ipehishere said...

preetyy ^^

fuzkittie said...

Gold & purple looks amazing on you~ Very luxurious combo of colors.

lilluna5416 said...

love the look!

ning * star said...


Dina (XYYan) said...

Very beautiful! Congrats on winning the prize :)

Edna said...

Congrats once again :)

Your hair is getting soooooo long!

heartofpearl ♡ said...

im loving your hair colour and the style. looks really nice! and gosh i know that reply reply feeling all too well!! im finally getting back to some long overdue cmts :) congrat on the prizes btw~ x

superwoolu said...

love the gold/purple combo! and your hair color. what shade is it again?

Jess said...

I love this look! So easy, yet defines your eyes naturally. You just reminded me of using JS crystal sky again, hehe...

I love the last picture! <3

izumi said...

purple! that gold blends really nicely into your skin :D

acutelife said...

Love this eotd Millie, I think you should try put eyeshadow with this intensity, it looks really nice :)
I'm quite bad at replying too lately, but trying to catch up on that ^^

K /BihadaDiaries said...

You look very pretty! Gold suits you very well!!!