Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quickie Post - Lippies

I know it seems like I've been neglecting my blog, it's soo much more difficult to keep up than before. But I should be going back at it once the new year starts...because I made a decision to go to makeup school! Yay! After obssessing with makeup and skincare for so long and trying to explain to all my friends what's good and how to use certain things, I decided it's finally time I put my interest into use. So I will be going to Seneca College starting in January for the next two years and during that time I'm gonna try to start my portfolio, get some looks done and try to start posting some more!

In the meantime, here are a couple new lippies I purchased.
If you're a follower of Fuzkitte's facebook page, you may have seen her post about the Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lipstick in Poppysicle.
She said it's great for Asian skintones as it brightens the skin and is flattering for Asian skintones.
So because it only cost $7CAD, I decided to give it a go, although I was hesitant to purchase at first because it was so bright!
The lipstick feel moisturizing (although not as much as the Maquillage or Lunasol ones) and it's comfortable to wear. The coverage on me is probably medium to full, I was surprised at how pigmented it went on that I freaked out at first. The color actually appears almost identical to the lipstick when applied to my lips.

Fuzkittie suggestd I use a milky lipbalm as a base to kind of dilute the color, so I used the Paul & Joe Milky Lip Treatment.
After applying the lipbalm, I apply 1 layer and pat it with my finger to even it out and to help tone down the color as some of the excess sticks onto my finger.
Lasting power is amazing, even after I ate dinner, I still noticed a bit of color on my lips.
The color is brighter in person, but not over the top, it's still very wearable if you keep the eye makeup more neutral.

I did a very basic eye...
1. Apply Coffret D'or gold cream shadow as base up to crease.
2. Apply light brown shade all over eyelid.
3. Line eyes with Bobbi Brown gel liner granite ink.
4. Smudge dark brown over the gel liner.
5. Tightline with MM liquid liner and finish off with Fiberwig Extra Long mascara.

Of course the color is brighter in person, but you get the idea. I think the next time I want a new lipstick, I'm definitely gonna check out the other Beauty Rush colors since it's so affordable and I had a good experience with the first one I bought!

Another recent lip product purchase was the Laura Mercier lipstain in Shy Pink $25CAD. Kind of pricey, but I had money left on a gift card to use.
I was hoping it would replace my lip balm, but sadly it feels dry on my lips, so I have to use a lipbalm prior to applying the stain.
This actually feels more like a lipstick in a jar but the staying power is a lot better than most of my other lipsticks.
When applied, the color is very similar to the color in the jar, which is great at evening out my lip color.


coffretgorge said...

Hellooo there sweetie! the lippie looks great against your skin tone, it looks refreshing! :)

aw. sorry the LM lip balm/tint wasnt moisturizing enough... what's next on the list? ;)

Wall Lights said...

thanks for sharing....

eri said...

i'm still scared of bold lippies. i buy them, and never work up the nerve to wear them! great tip to dilute the colore :)

Sarah said...

YAY FOR MAKEUP SCHOOL!! how fun!!!! :D

Clover said...

I love the colour!
It looks so beautiful on your lips!

K said...

Wow, congratulations! Please share what you learned in makeup school!!

Anonymous said...

I love that VS lipstick. Such a pretty color!

scarves said...

Scarves Scarves
the color is so bright!