Friday, April 15, 2011

Lavshuca and Fit Me

Taking a break from studying.. trying to cram 2 subjects and makeup application (by theory then putting it into actual use during my exam) on my 2 off days. SOOOOoooo not liking this work, school, or work + school schedules.

I ran out of my MJ liquid liner and since Adambeauty never seems to carry them anymore, I ordered 2 Lavshuca liquid gel liners.. as inexpensive as they were, it wasn't worth it because they were terrible!!!!

The colors are what I want but here's the bad part:
1) They take forever to dry
2) ..because they take forever to dry, if you blink, the liner transfers easily around your eyes
3) Too much liner comes out so you end up with a big glob on your eye
4) It takes layers to get the right pigmentation
But I guess it's ok, considering they were about $11CAD per liner.. since then, I've went on a desperate rampage to find my beloved MJ liner and managed to find it on with free shipping. I resisted buying it from Pacific Mall, partly because they didn't have BK902 anyway and it was $27!! Bobodave only cost $20.

Moving onto the Maybelline Fit Me. My friend in class had convinced me that it was the most amazing foundation ever..and seeing how I happened upon an Ulta on my trip to Buffalo, I thought why not try it! For $6.99USD, it's cheaper than getting it in Canada plus the 13% tax on top.

I tried a sample from the Lou Lou magazine and 125 seemed to match me well.
It's definitely sheer for a foundation, but I'd say more coverage than a tinted moisturizer.
It has a weird smell to it, like of like baby powder but not really. Blending is smooth and oil control neither good nor bad, but better than using a TM.
I find that if I used this instead of my TM, my bangs don't tend to get all the oily from my forehead as easily.

You barely even notice the foundation in the picture, I didn't apply it on my whole face and I didn't blend out the spot either.
It does a good job at covering any redness, but not freckles.

In terms of lasting power, I'd say.. if I use blotting sheets, then I notice it, but other than that, I don't notice it coming off that easily. But, I'd still by it again because it's affordable, although I wish it came with a pump.

The boring nail polish I use at work..either this or pink. So sad that I can't use any color because it's not natural enough. But this Essie (Sand Tropez) will do.
I apply 2 coats and it's quite smooth and doesn't chip very easily. I had it on once for at least 5 days and still looked decent.

While I was working yesterday, a girl that came into the store said she recognized me from my blog! First time this happened hahaha..oooo I feel so special because someone actually recognized me. I'm not too sure what her blog address is, but her name is Wanda. So nice meeting a fellow blogger ^__^


miss wiggle said...

Hey missy! Long time no visit ~ ~ :) I'm glad you're still blogging along! It's awesome you are training to be a makeup artist now - follow your passion, woo ~ ~ ~ :D

Sarah said...

i hear topless and barefoot is also a good color to use :D very nude and pretty.

i hope you still get some R&R time!

foreveryang said...

i'm glad you addressed me as "a girl"... made me feel years younger! LOL

I've been using my Kate super slim liner for a good year and a half. Dries fast and pretty easy to use because of the slim and pointed tip. Pigmentation isn't the best but 2-3 swipes usually does the trick. I'm now on Heroine Make Smooth liquid liner. It's all Kate has except that it's very intense black. 11USD on adambeauty... quite cheap! :)

I love the color of sand tropez but it's such a pain to apply. chips easily on me.. i use 3 coats tho... i'll try to layer just 2 coats... hopefully it'll stay on longer...

great review on Fit Me :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Millie, it's Vanessa! I've been reading your blog all day (instead of studying lol) because it's so entertaining and you're making me want to start my own!! But I don't know nearly as much about make-up as you do so it would have to be about other things too, perhaps just all my daily purchases hahaha. Congrats girl and keep it up :) See you soon!

Fruity Lashes said...

it's cool that someone recognized you. i guess blogging could be a good way knowing people.

foreveryang said...

hey M! Fit me is on sale at shopper's for 7.99. if you check maybelline website, they have $5 coupon... so that's 2.99 for the foundie! worth grabbing a back-up :)

what coloring are you in MAC? I'm NC25 and seems to match with 210...

Katherine said...

I love that nude polish color and how cool that somebody recognized you! I just found your blog but am really enjoying it...just followed you :)

frecklesspeckles said...

I switched blog address... follow me at :)