Sunday, April 4, 2010

Toronto Food!

No makeup today, too busy to even think about makeup, although I do have my update of B-liv ready..but I haven't edited the pictures yet.

Tim and I have started a thing where we try to eat food according to Best Of Toronto on BlogTO. But with school and the lack of funds, we could only try so much at one time.
I think we've found our favourite burger, onion rings and fries place at the moment. It's at a small burger place called Craft Burger. I thought I went to heaven and back after eating there.
If you're in the Bloor & Yonge (right across the Toronto Reference Library) or King & Spadina area, this is THE place for the above mentioned foods. They were listed on BlogTO as one of the best new restaurants that serve the top burgers, fries and rings. It's a local joint that serves freshly made food to order and the people there are so nice.

So far, I've only been there twice and I ordered the same thing: Craft Signature. It has rosemary garlic mayo, mushrooms, lettuce and tomatoes...I'm drooling just thinking about the mayo.
The onion rings are so cripsy even after I finish eating the burger first.
Yesterday, we opted for the poutine (which is also on the best of toronto list) instead of regular fries, something we didn't regret. The gravy is sweet and savoury at the same time with a hint of onion flavour.

A walk after lunch is necessary...look at the size of that burger. Oh, just for the record, we had a total of 2 burgers, I don't think I would have shared mine with Tim, and we cleaned our plates. It's funny how some people couldn't finish theirs!
For a price that's similar to say..Harvey's, I'd rather make the trip downtown to get something that tastes so much better.

Last week while we were looking for another burger place near Yonge and Eglinton, we stumbled upon one of Toronto's best cupcakes at The Cupcake Shoppe.
There are mixed reviews about these cupcakes, but I think they were pretty good..not really worth the $13/half dozen though.


lilluna5416 said...

yum yum yum i love cup cakes!! they are so cute!

Sense Your Style said...

aww the food looks so yummy, especially the cupcakes!!!

Lulu said...

hmmm yum yum!!!

K / BihadaDiaries said...

FOOD! YUMMY!!! Agh you are making me want to visit you in Toronto!!!

Vivi said...

Oh wow, the food looks delicious! Especially those cupcakes! They're adorble.

:) I also like your bag! It looks great.

Dina (XYYan) said...

The cupcakes are so cute and yummy looking! :)

Jamilla Camel said...

That FOOD is wonderful!! Thanks for the pics!

ning * star said...


jewels said...

craft burger...yes my co-workers go there all the time...but everytime i want to try it...for the last 7 months now....there's always a line up there at 12pm and at the end i would head to McDs or jack astors for lunch. >_< i love burgers...i can always eat burgers...

Jenn said...

Yum! Next time I go to Toronto, I'll have to try this place! Thanks for the pics!

Love your totebag! =)

ko0ty said...

That food looks so good. I haven't had burgers, onion rings and POUTINE (my absolute favorite) in soo long. Sigh.

izumi said...

oh your description of the food is making me drool, hahaha! yummmm..

superwoolu said...

thanks for sharing about Craft Burger! I have to try this now! I'm surprised you like the cupcakeshoppe! So far I've only tried two of their flavors and I was really not impressed. But I'm planning to go back and try my luck once more!

charlene-ann said...

OHMYGOSH! craft burger is LOVVEEE! i still need to post up pictures when i went there! YUMMY =D

Anonymous said...

the burger does look good!!

cute cupcakes too!

shaynaJo said...

that's a super huge burger, haha and looked yummy~
oh, the cupcakes r so lovely and cute too...

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Mischievous Mack said...

The burger looks so yummy! Rats, now I'm all hungry!

Mona said...

gaahhh! the cupcakes are way cute!!

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