Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Maquillage VI767 Dupe

Thank you for all the comments on my last post! I was thinking about it, and I probably won't end up doing the look when I go out, it's not really me hehe. I also don't really take full face pictures because I'm usually in a rush to leave when I'm done my makeup...or I'm either bored at home and just decided to play with eye makeup without foundation.

Anyway, if you're a student like me, you're probably poor and can't afford to spend money if it's not necessary.
So..when the spring collections rolled out, it was hard not to get anything! Rather than spending the money to buy more makeup, I used what I had. I really liked the new Maquillage VI767 palette and I was able to find shades that were similar to those in it.
For more info and pictures, check out Lotus Palace's review.

I used Kathi's pictures as a reference for the colours and this is what I came up with. I think it's pretty close to the palette judging by her swatches.

Paul & Joe cream shadow 03
Maquillage Eyes Creator GY865
Maquillage Forming Shiny Eyes 52
MM Liner BK911
Fiberwig Mascara

I also used Kathi's eotd (thanks!!!) as a guide to how to apply it. I tried applying the shadows the way the website had it, but it didn't turn out nicely.

First using the pinkish cream highlighter shade..which doesn't show up pink at all, but I just didn't want a white highlighter.

Next, purple cream shadow up to the crease, making sure not to go beyond that, otherwise blending is a pain.

Using the light brown shade from GY865 in the crease. Applying more purple shadow if necessary.

I lined with the cream liner, extending it out a bit. It wasn't dark enough so I went over it with the MM liner.

Finished! I really like this, I'm probably going to do this for school tomorrow.


superwoolu said...

oh that's really cute! i think you can easily turn this look into a night time look too!

ning * star said...

nice try. i can see that fiberwig works great on your lashes!

Sofie said...

Super pretty! It looks so nice a subtle

Lina said...

Lovely!!! Great idea too! A lot of times I see a palette I like, then upon further investigation, I realized I have the same colors in my collection. Great minds think alike!!

Saving money owns :)

izumi said...

hahah! even though i lOVE how palettes look.. sometimes it's just smarter to look into your own collection.. and even though the colors may not be TOGETHER in one convenient thing, it's just.. smarter. hahahaa. love this post! thanks for reminding me to shop in my own collection <3

btw your lashes look awesome!

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