Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Update

My second TESL course is starting tomorrow so I'm not sure when I'll have time to post again.
It's such a beautiful day today but I'm stuck inside doing nothing but playing with my makeup.

I have another long lost eyeshadow I got from my Tokyo trip, the Coffret D'or single eyeshadow in WN-33 that came out last spring/summer.
It's a really deep purple shade that's meant for lining. It has a lot of fine shimmers but doesn't really show up upon application.
I picked it up as an impulse buy in Japan, I didn't want to leave empty handed from one of the drugstores. I've only used it once but didn't like it at the time due to the lack of staying power, but I had to give it a second chance.

I chose this color because the model at the time was using it. I skipped out on the white shadow because I already had my Jill Stuart one.

The shadow is a bit deeper than in the picture, there was too much light in my room.

The first time I used this as a liner, the shadow went everywhere and didn't stay. This time I used a black pencil liner as a base to help it stick and last longer.

I made a pretty thick line with the shadow but it didn't appear too overwhelming when my eyes are opened. It's a nice change from using black all the time.

It's Sunday, I get lazy and didn't do the base makeup nicely which explains the blurring.

With the Coffret D'or Shining Eyeliner in WT-04 for more shimmer.

So that's it for now! Still waiting for my Yes Style package. One of my items was discontinued so I had to call them to replace with something else and now I gotta wait all over again for the item to be in stock.
I also ordered 5 China Glaze polishes from 8ty8beauty and it's almost been a month's wait. They're located in New York so I don't understand why it's still not here. I didn't realize that there was no tracking number until after I placed the order. They didn't e-mail me back to let me know until after it was sent out. $15 shipping and no tracking number? I thought UPS has one. Grrr... Has anyone else ordered from them?

Glamourous March 2010, not a lot of makeup tutorials.

Sweet (March) This issue was a bit on the boring side, didn't find any makeup tutorials. They have a list of top 35 makeup items though.


ning * star said...

thanks for the scans... your EOTD is lovely.... hope everything smooth and sleek for ya <3

Bea said...

your eotd is pretty! i love the purple color(liner). :) take care!

izumi said...

cute scans! i love the cranberryish color :D

purpleflower said...

I like the look..very natural!

Thanks for the mag scans, it's always nice to have something to look at. Good luck with your course!

May said...

Your EOTD is very pretty. I hope you get your 8ty8beauty package soon. UPS offers tracking number but, not sure about shipping to Canada. You should try to contact their customer service to find out.

coffretgorge said...

i like the color of the shadow liner it is a refreshing take on the usual brown and black liners :)

i hope you get your packages soon :)

Jessica C. said...

thanks for the scans =)
good luck and thanks for mini tutorial LoL

superwoolu said...

seems like the eyeshadow worked out the second time around!! It's a good plum shade! i hate leaving stores empty handed too..esp in a foreign country that you know you will not be visiting very often!

Catherine said...

Pretty! I love these bolder colors on you! Thanks for the scans too!

Dina (XYYan) said...

love your EOTD! it's really nice to switch to purple :) and Thanks for the scans!

Sofie said...

Very pretty eotd! I like the single eyeshadow looks so nice a deep!

Good luck with your TESL test dear!

acutelife said...

oh i love love love that purple plum color!! I thought it's gonna look so much darker in real life though lolz..but the color is sooo lovely! nice fotd millie!

LindaHii said...

Luv your make up tutorials ^^

☆Anastacia☆ said...

looks very adorable!

Naiyana said...

Very Very Cute!!! Nice Tutorial!

Anonymous said...

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