Thursday, March 18, 2010

B•Liv Part One

A few weeks back, Selina from the B•liv (pronounced "believe") asked me if I could do a review on the products. I thought it would be sample packs so I was pleasantly surprised that these were full sized products. Thank you Selina!

For those of you who are not familiar with B•liv, it is a sub brand of Cellnique (which specializes in repairing problem skin). The only difference I find is B•liv is geared to younger people and they offer products for those in that age group. To learn more about Cellnique, click here for Eki's review.
B•liv specializes in taking care of skin that has large pores, blemishes, blackheads, oily or dryness, whereas Cellnique deals with things such as discoloration, aging or sensitive skin. I think I could categorize my needs in between the 2 brands, I need a little bit of both.

I will break down the review in 2 parts. This first one is my initial thoughts after the first 2 uses and then I will report back in about 2 weeks. I will also be using the products in the morning and night and the mask once a week.
You can check out Ji's review of some of these products.
For the sake of this review, I will stop using my Clarisonic, but I'll still be using my cleansing oil and Skinfood toner.

Selina sent me 4 products to try out (plus a travel pouch and reusable bag). There are 2 products for blackheads/oily skin. The cleanser is called Squeaky Clean and a serum called Off With Those Heads. The serum is for the T-zone or any areas that have problems with white/black heads. It is also one of their best sellers.
The blue label bottle is the moisturizer called Submerge Me, which is from their dry skin collection.
The purple tube is the Glow and Shine from the large pores collection and it's a mask that helps reduce pore size, rejuvenates and exfoliates.

The cleanser is green tinted and gel-like with a kind of citrus smell, it's hard to describe. It has fine micro beads to help exfoliate and does not feel drying at all. There is 130mL ($25USD) of product and I use about 2 pea sized amount.
I was a bit irritated by the bottle though, it was very hard to get the product out easily, I had to press the pump so many times before the cleanser was dispensed.

After cleansing, I use a toner then apply the Off With Those Heads serum ($63USD 45mL, also available in 30mL for $49USD). I mainly have white/black head problems on my T-zone, corner of my mouth (I know eww..) and a little bit off the sides of the bridge of my nose, so those are the areas I apply to.

I haven't noticed any immediate results other than a cooling sensation which didn't last more than 5 minutes. Since I only need it on a small area of my face, a pea sized amount is sufficient.

As for the moisturizer ($49USD for 45mL), it's a very light and slightly milky. I use 1-2 pea sizes which is plenty. The best part of this moisturizer is it absorbs almost immediately and doesn't leave any residue or oily feeling.

Remember that this is a moisturizer that's designed for dry skin so it might end up making those with oily skin even oiler. Besides that, the moisturizer says to help with anti-aging and brightening the skin.

I was kinda surprised how small the mask was, considering the instructions said to put a thick layer all over your face and neck. I only put enough to cover on my cheeks, t-zone and a bit on my forehead and it already felt like I used half the tube ($25USD 50mL).
You're supposed to leave it on for 5-10 minutes and it gave my skin a bit of a cooling sensation. However, after 5 minutes, my chin started so sting so I had to rinse it off.

I like this mask because it doubles as an exfoliator (there are micro beads in the mask). After the time is up, you add a bit of water and massage it around your skin before rinsing. This is the only product that provided immediate results. Some of the crap on the side of my nose was pulled out with the mask and was sitting on top of my skin. If only I had a nose strip to yank it out, but I didn't, so I just scratched it off.

These are the results after the first use. It doesn't look that much different from before I used it. You can see the pores are still big and there is nasty stuff in the pores, excluding my freckles

I personally think these products are way out of my budget. But, if they actually show results then I will repurchase them when I can fit it into my budget.

Since you've made it through my extensive review, Selina has provided an offer to the first 50 readers to try an Off With Those Heads sample.
Simply e-mail with the subject line Be sure to include your full name and address. The sample takes 4-6 weeks for delivery. Enjoy!
Offer ends a week from today!


Vivi said...

Thanks for the review! I was always wondering about the products since they're pretty expensive. I'm going to sit this one out. According to your initial review.. these products don't really suit me. So how's life? I haven't seen many of your posts recently. I've been stalking your blog for awhile.. but I haven't commented much. Sorry!

Dina (XYYan) said...

Great review! It's great that you get to test them out :)

izumi said...

aaahhh interesting. i keep hearing about this company, haha. well, waiting for your 2wk review! :)

eri said...

thanks for the review! i've actually never heard of this brand...thanks for introducing me to it :)

superwoolu said...

this product definitely sounds intriguing! i hope it works for you, thanks for the review and for trying it out for all of us!

Anonymous said...

ahh yeah i saw Ji's review!! cool to hear it's working :)but i think Japanese cosmetics is an easier access for me :/

ning * star said...

cool I saw Ji's review too. but it is really expensive for me. but if it works then is worth.
how are u lately?

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Nice review! I already saw a review on the same products and seem like it nice stuff!

acutelife said...

I'm starting to see B-liv products around quite abit. Blair reviewed the serum and apparently it does her wonder :)

Mary in Wonder said...

hmm That pore tightening mask irks me big time! I need one that does work....and if B•liv is as good as Cellnique, then I'm starting to save up money and buy that mask! hehe

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ciawei said...

The mask seems effective !!! ^^

Miu said...

wow! selina actually send the package to Canada? i got a packaged from her too to review :( but it's not the b.liv range.. i so want to try the b.liv range! perhaps it's just for T_____T young people like u... i'm kinda old T__T sob sob