Friday, June 4, 2010

Jill Stuart Seductive Eyes

Oohh..I'm on a roll with another post in the same week! Finally making use of the Jill Stuart palette on its own rather than mixing it into other things. I never really thought the bright pink was very flattering on me, but I decided to try a different way of applying it.
I didn't use the light pink shade, it's more matte which is so not me.

JS Seductive Eyes 01 (seductive doll)
MM Liner BK911
MM cream shadow pink
Fiberwig mascara
JS Blush Fresh Apricot 06
Lunasol coral pink

I'm spending the day at Tim's place while he's at work because I don't have water in my house for the day =/ ...this explains the crummy lighting for my pictures. Stubutt watermain being fixed on my street and I need a flushable toilet! .

Start off with cream shadow, applying it on the crease area.

Using the liner shade, apply a thick heavy line on the top lashline.

Smudge the shadow up towards the crease but not any higher. Add more shadow if the gray is too light, but make sure you still create a gradient effect.

Apply the bright pink shade on the crease where the cream shadow is and lightly blend it into the gray.

Line the top lashline thinly and line the bottom with the bright pink.

Dab the silver glittery shade ontop of the gray making sure not to cover the pink or touch the liner. The silver shade is a bit gritty and won't apply well with the sponge tip, so finger is the best!

I think it would look a lot better with false lashes for a more doll like effect.

At Tim's house with his weird lighting. Oops... I see an unblended spot under my right eye =p

I had a McGriddle for the first time this morning and wow, it was a heavy meal. Don't think I'll be doing that again!
This Friday's Lotto Max is $50 million!!!!! I'm going out to get mine soon =D What would you do if you won? Swim in a pool of La Mer? I think I'd find a condo in Hong Kong with a walk in closet in my room.


miss wiggle said...

My mom ALWAYS buys lotto tickets whenever we do grocery shopping!! I always get annoyed at her b/c... hey, there's a lot of things you can do with $1!!! Plus, she never checks her tickets.. -____- I think, once, she won $5, but that hardly makes up for all non-winning tickets LOL~

Cute cute look~

Denysia said...

Love the look!

If I won the lotto, I would buy a huge house! And then I would just relax and do nothing all day long!

ipehishere said...

love the eyes look.. if i win lotto i ll travel all around the world hehe

Jess said...

Love the gradient look you did, MiuMiu! The pink and silver combo looks so good on you!

I think the lighting is quite good! Not weird at all! ;)

fuzkittie said...

I would definitely swim in a pool of la Mer... hahahaaa! LoVE the look on you, great job. I liked when you said that matte is so not you! :]

Dina (XYYan) said...

Love the gradation color! Ah, I think I'll use the money to travel, I love traveling too much :D

Anonymous said...

great look! love the sparkle touch :D

izumi said...

definitely would lean towards a house with a walk in closet xD hehehe. amongst other things! spoiling bloggers, for one.

love the look! i wish i had a double lid D:

Anonymous said...

Hi Hi, Fuz introduced your site to me; she thought you might like to check out this miniature artist.
She has an etsy shop.
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hi, Fuz introduced your site to me; she thought you might like to check out this miniature artist.
She has an etsy shop.
Have fun!

Fernanda Occhioni said...

I love your look ^^
Last week I did a blog, if you are interested in meeting it, the link is:
It is in portuguese because I'm from Brazil ^^
Thank you for the attention !!!

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

Cute pink + grey look! I don't think I could stomach McGriddles...those are the ones with pancakes right?

I got a lotto ticket too but didn't win :/ Well we have another chance this week! :D

acutelife said...

how are you Millie!!?! long time no comment your are you really moving to HK soon?or wait, are you in HK already? -.-"" ive been absent for too long really

Anonymous said...

ahh JS! Pretty and shimmery look!! is that Mcds for brekkie? Omg i havent done that in a long time :D

Lisa ✿✿✿ said...

Jill stuart look so pretty on you. I think the purple suit you really well. the color graduation looks perfectly done.I don't think I could get away with someof those colors but I think they really suit you ^^