Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quickie Review: Shiseido Integrate

Can't believe it's almost the end of June already! Did anyone else in Toronto feel that bit o' earthquake yesterday? I thought it was construction outside, then I walked into the hallway and saw my cats freaking out. It wasn't that bad... 5.0 magnitude that came all the way near Ottawa. Trust me, it was much scarier when it happened while I was sleeping in my hotel in Tokyo.

Anywho, thought I'd write a quick review of this nifty little Integrate product. It's called the Impact Double Liner, which you can purchase from Imomoko and there are 2 colors to choose from. I think I have a love hate relationship with this.
I got mine a loooong time ago while I was in Japan (I seem to keep digging up stuff from last year).
I got the black x silver one, which I kind of regret now, but I love how this combines 2 products into one. I knew the black liner was going to be a super inky black which didn't suit me, but the silver shadow got to me. I should have gotten the brown x gold one which is more suitable for everyday use.

One end of this product comes with a black liner. It's super inky and gives off a pearlish kind of finish, but not shiny. I find the brush to be too flimsy thus making application a pain. I'm used to the felt tip applicators or a brush that's more stiff.

On the other side is a very pretty pearly silver cream eye shadow/gloss. The applicator is sponge-like but a hard sponge. It's very difficult to create a straight line or even spread it properly. I end up using my fingers to do it which looks a bit messy.
The shadow is meant to be on your upper lashline and a little higher, that way when you apply the liner, you can see a glimpse of the silver.

To get the silver to show up well, it needs to be layered on. However, even if it's not layered on a lot, you can still see the silver at different angles which makes it unique.

In the end, I'm not even sure why I purchased this. It might be because it was my last day in Tokyo and I didn't want to leave empty handed from a drugstore! I think I would have been better off using a silvery white shadow to get the same effect.
If you have the patience with brushes like this and the shadow applicator, then you'd like how it combines 2 products. Otherwise, I think everyone should save their pennies for other things.
Back to playing WoW...hehe


eri said...

i think it looks cute on you :)

i am not good w/thin brush applicators like those. (hence why i don't use liquid liners! haha)

Lisa ✿✿✿ said...

I think the black liner looks great on you, I would blend the silver color abit more rather than a liner for my own taste.

So many ways of wearing it. Color looks pretty on you ^^

aisyah De Cullen said...

not to make it sound bad, but i think the combination of brown x gold would probably be awesomer than this one.
it looks good on you though =)

acutelife said...

unusual product @.@ I might buy it just because of the unique combo hahaha :p

coffretgorge said...

it would be handy and nice for a metallic look hehe :)