Friday, October 14, 2011

Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color

Tim recently went to Las Vegas for a business trip at Zappos and he was nice enough to help me pick up a couple items from Bobbi Brown. It's always such a confusing thing for guys, if they ever have to go into a makeup store.

I saw on the BB website the Marrakesh Chic Collection and fell in love with the Creamy Lip Color in Washed Seashell #52. It's described as a shimmering medium tone nude pink on the website.
This is my first Bobbi Brown lipstick and I'm impressed by the packaging; a sleek black tube that has a nice click when I close the cover. No need to worry that it'll come loose if it fell out of my makeup bag.
It's a nude color indeed, it pretty much matches my lip color and adds a light shimmer on top without changing my lip color. The shimmer looks almost frosty rather than crystal-y shimmer. Great for everyday wear with subtle color on the lips.
My only complaint is the texture/feel of the lipstick. I figured a "creamy lip color" would feel very smooth and soft, but I had to use a bit more pressure to apply. It feels more like I'm applying a lip balm, but it feels sort of sticky on my lips. For comparison, my Laura Mercier gel lip colors are much softer and smoother when applying on my lips.
I don't mind the stickyness too much unless it's windy outside, I wish it didn't feel like I'm wearing a lipgloss. I suppose the stickyness makes up for the lasting power. Also the lipstick has a slight plastic smell to it, which I'm not too fond of.
Oh well, it's still a very beautiful nude pink, as if I didn't have enough lipsticks already, still worth a try since it's cheaper to purchase in the states.
Just a quick EOTD with Lancome Crystal Rose duo eyeshadow. I can't believe how sheer this goes on, sheerer than my beloved Japanese eyeshadows, which I think aren't super pigmented to begin with. Throughout the day, I notice the eyeshadow slowly fading out a bit.. -___-'
Using the Majolica Majorca pink cream shadow as a base helps the pinky beige color stand out a bit more. Also blended the darkest shade on top of MUFE Aqua Liner in 2L and topped it off with Majolica Majorca liquid liner in BR601.


Jamilla Camel said...

Very pretty haul! I like BB creamy lipsticks, but the regular lip color is still my fave.

Kai said...

I know what you mean about the sheerness of the shadows, I own crystal rose too. Actually I don't think i'd mind it as much if the duo i picked up is slightly more warm. Crystal Rose is clearly a cool gray toned shadow duo, so it doesn't look quite as good on me lol.

I used to like their Le' Ombre e/s (the square panned ones) more than their Color Design (round) due to a bunch of the older gwp quads I own, but i think these are different formulation...the gwp le' ombre shadows were softer and more pigmented, and less shimmery.

i'm gonna have to try with my crystal rose again i think. but I do think it looks pretty good on you still!

Mai said...

lovely eye make up (:

CMPang x

Anonymous said...

I recently bought this BB lipstick and have the same issue with the texture. It's very sticky for this kind of product, not 'creamy' at all, along with the fact that I have to press so hard to apply the product. I can see me running out of this product quite quickly because of that. Although it does last a lot longer than other lipstick brands once it's on the lips, so I'm not applying as often. I'm not a fan of the smell either, unfortunately. I also find that when I'm applying the product it sometimes feels slightly gritty. Love the color but it's just got too many other things wrong with it.

I'm going to stick with the Rich Color glosses & lipsticks. Those were my first Bobbi Brown lip products that I fell in love with. They're both far superior to this BB product.