Tuesday, October 25, 2011


My attempt at doing a vampire look for Halloween..although I won't be going anywhere or doing anything for Halloween since I have SFX class.
I sort of did this look off the top of my head, while using inspirations from other vampire looks I've seen on YT and blogs.

I don't normally use so much color on my eyes, let alone dark colors. I blended purple and black on the lid and a bit of dark brown in the crease to add depth. I kept the shadows matte and didn't blend too high up to avoid looking like I have a black eye.
As I blended the outer edge of the shadows, I used a tissue to guide the blending into a wing, but it's barely noticeable, if I blended out or downwards, my eyes would start looking droopy. Using false lashes also adds more oomph to the eyes.
Brows were lightly filled in to keep them from over powering the eyeshadows. Sorry I don't have any close up pictures.
I also kept my complexion matte since I imagine vampires are pale and dull looking. I added a bit of deep red blush and a contour shade under my cheek bones, but didn't over do it to keep the eyes the main focus.
For the lips, I just dabbed foundation on and red lipstick on the inner center of the top and bottom lip.
The blood is just fake blood from my SFX kit.


eri said...

i love it! :) love the blood too.

Mischievous Mack said...

I love the blood! It's too bad you aren't dressing up on Halloween!

Jamilla Camel said...

Spookily gorgeous!

miss wiggle said...

lol.. i wanted to be a vampire but then i couldn't get the teeth right. so i settled for pirate. :/

Emy said...

Still so cute!

Isabel said...

"I also kept my complexion matte since I imagine vampires are pale and dull looking."

Edward Cullen would disagree xD