Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Smoothing Primers = Dislike

I think I'm going to safely conclude that I do not like pore smoothing primers. I don't like the feeling of having a layer on my skin, although smooth, it feels so weird to me. I swear I get some of my break-outs from these silicone-feeling primers too.
If you've read my blog while I was in Korea, you might have seen the Orbis products in one of my posts, yes I still have it even after 3 years hahaha. I just haven't used it ever since and it just sat around my drawer.
I've also tried the Lancome La Base in a sample, still don't like the feeling of it >_<

Thank goodness I didn't have to purchase the Porefessional, I got it as part of a seminar giveaway. That little tube is like $34! Although I do have to say you only need a tiny amount.
I think I'm going to stick with Laura Mercier primers or anything else that has a watery light feeling to it.
Anyone like pore smoothing primers?


Georgina said...

me too, i dont like silicone based products >.<

Anonymous said...

Some people break out from silicones. I'm fine with silicones, but these kind of primers usually make my sunscreen underneath roll off. :(

Anonymous said...

Which LM primer are you using? There're like 5 types of them!

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