Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Base Makeup

Summer's practically here in Toronto and it feels like 35C today when you factor in the humidity @__@ Lucky for me, my condo is shielded by another one right in front so it doesn't get too hot inside.
When it comes to summer base makeup, like most people, I like to know it won't melt off my face or feel heavy and icky, especially on hot humid days.

I picked up the Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free with SPF 15 as a spontaneous purchase while I was in Buffalo. This is in shade Light to Medium. I'm glad it's oil free because the last thing I need is more shine in the summer.
I also picked up the new Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24 in shade Bisque 250 W $50CAD.
I initially purchased Bisque 320 W which turned my skin orange after 5 minutes!!! I've never had this happen with any of the foundations I've tried with the exception of the Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation. I took it back to the store for a shade lighter which in the end, blended into my skin tone after oxidizing.
The Lancome foudation is very creamy, not like a runny consistency. I find it applies best with a stippling brush and gently pressing it with a sponge to make sure it's properly blended.
If you're looking at buying this foundation, I highly recommend you try it on your skin in-store and let it sit for about 5 minutes before purchasing it.
The wear on this is very good, hence the 24hr, but I wouldn't say it's super long lasting if your skin is oily. When I blot my t-zone, some of the foundation would transfer onto the sheet. Everywhere else though, still looks relatively fresh.My skin doesn't feel like it's melting off and I'm surprised at how it sticks. When I was changing out of my black top, there were no smudges on the collar.

As for the BB TM, it's what you would probably expect out of a tinted moisturizer. I find the coverage is a little more than sheer and it provides a nice even color to my skin. I blend it on with my fingers and use a sponge to tap around to make sure it's blended. The texture is quite creamy but I wish it had a little bit more slip to it. Although oil free, my t-zone and the cheek area next to my nose would look shiny after a few hours.
The BB TM is slightly more yellow toned than the Lancome foundation, but both works well for my skin.

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