Monday, June 1, 2009

Updated: My Usual Makeup Routine

I meant to do a post last Friday but there was a last minute decision to go to Busan for the weekend so I didn't have time.
I have an updated version of my usual makeup routine. I've been keeping this same routine for the past 2 weeks. It's getting SO hot here so I don't want my eyeshadow to melt while I'm teaching. I can't believe my freckles appear so well in the video (if you watch it in HD)! Plus I keep making funny faces and sticking my nostrils into the camera XD
Such a creepy still haha.

For those of you who didn't catch the products in the video here they are. I didn't realize that the shade/color names would be blurred.

Lunasol Control Makeup Base Moisture 01
Lunasol Modeling Water Liquid Foundation

Sana Concealer
Maquillage Liquid Concealer Natural
Lunasol Micro Finishing Powder N Natural Beige
Coffret D'or blush OR24
NYX Taupe and Suede
P&J Pencil Liner 01
MM Automatic Neo Liner BK911
Fairdrops mascara
Dejavu Mascara
I got my order from Bobodave! It got here super fast. I ordered on a Thursday, Bobodave got back to me with the shipping fee really quickly and bam, my package arrived the next Thursday.
I got the famous Taiwanese makeup sponges as seen on Nu Ren Wo Jiu Da(?) and Fuz's review and some masks. I'm SUCH a dumbass for getting the masks on Bobodave because Sasa sold them for a way cheaper price! The Kose Cosmeport Collagen masks went for about $10 on Sasa while Bobodave sold them for $20...argh! I've learned my lesson.. I really just wanted the sponges and thought to add the masks in the cart without thinking. The eye masks are Naris Up Wrinkle Eye Mask for about $11.
I'll let you know how they work out soon!

Here are a few pictures of the weekend. I took a 3hr train ride to Busan with Tim and a few friends. We rented a condo and altogether with the round trip train ticket, the total cost was 110,000won per person. Not a bad deal and look at the view we got from the 16th floor. I forgot which beach we stayed next to, I just know it's Hae-something.

I don't like soju, it tastes really bad, like turpentine or something. I can only take 1 shot of that nasty crap. Soju is super cheap, almost cheaper than bottled water. See my sad bottle of iced tea? Hehe.

Dinner by the beach. A big plate a sashimi which I didn't like, it was very fishy and chewy. We also had some raw shell fish which I also didn't like. It's not like the Japanese sashimi which tastes so much better.

There was a sand festival going on and I snapped a lot of pictures, but here's one. You can see a little boat on top of the whale. The 2 sand pieces connected to each other.

Thankq for all the followers!!!!!! It's almost contest time =D


Yumeko said...

i dont mind soju like lemon soju but then i guess tats really all sugar haaahha

Old Cow said...

I like shochu.....mmmmm especially with peach juice.

Your view is AMAYZING!!!!!

I love that concealer it works a treat for me.


dreamer0703 said...

I can't drink soju either, but you should drink beer or other alcohol instead of ice tea while everyone's having alcohol,lol.Yeh, that's not good having unfresh sashimi..i might get that Lunasol water foundation if i go back to taiwan.

Hana aka acutelife said...

I cant drink soju too friend took the trouble to bring one for me and I could only manage to drink one glass hahaha :P the beach looks lovely btw

pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

Those views of the beach are amazing! It looked almost like the Gold Coast in Australia :)

Thanks for sharing abt sashimi in Korea. I never knew Korean sashimi was so different from Japanese sashimi.

aquaracer said...

the sand art looks amazing! and wow at the beach! looks so relaxing.

Becky said...

That beach is pretty day & night!
I've never seen beach art before in real life but those are amazing~~

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

nice routine, mine takes like 15mins at least.. i dont even put shadow/liners on LOL!

beach looks awesome i like the korean alcohol that looks milky cant remember what thats called!

miss wiggle said...

OH MY GOD.... Is that sand depiction of the whale crying and bleeding? :( What does the speech bubble say? I wonder what they used for the blood... O_O

Lulu said...

sos sounds like so much fun! Those sand sculptures are so neat, I wish I could go see them!

smilecusiluvu said...

hey those sand thingie looks really cool and i love that blush that your using =) o yea I recieved ur package and thanks alot! I did not expect anything in return cant wait to try it out!

izumi said...

ooooo contest time :)

that beach view is gorgeousssss.. sorry that the food/drink sucked :(

i bet i make funnier faces when i'm applying my face xD i think you're cute<3

mszcheysser said...

Wow! I love the sand art! I only saw big castles, but the whale is greaaaaat! & the scenary looks pretty, as well.

:) Woohoo! Conteeeest.

fuzkittie said...

Omg I love soju!! xD Hahaha, we should swap locations! :P

ilovepink said...

hehe the sashimi looks so good hahaha
yea i dont really soju..but peach soju isnt that bad..haaha xP

everytime i look at ur blog...the more i want to visit korea haha

love ur look =)

Natgn said...

Wow! That is a really really lovely view you had from the condo!

eri said...

i really like that picture you took at night! :)

ning * star said...

lol, I love your food. and also your blush. haha xD.
I'm searching for blush actually, but i think your blush look really pretty in its shade!

♥akisalove♥ said...

It's Hae-un-dae. Nice view from the hotel!! I agree with you on Korean sashimi not being as soft as Japanese, but I love it nevertheless. I can't touch the raw creepy crawlies except for octopus that squirms on the plate after being chopped up!! haha..

Audrie said...

wow, Busan looks beautiful! Glad you had a fun weekend :)
I hate soju too! Actually, I have all hard liquor haha.

kylie said...

i wish they had sand festivals here! that sand artwork looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

first off, i dont think you even need foundation! your skin looks flawless already! ooh and have you tried defining your eyebrows? i think it'd really compliment your features =)
as for soju, at the restaurant i go to they mix it with some lemonade and sprite. really yummy!! =D

AbcGrrrL said...

Sounds likeyou had a nice get away. The beach is always a nice place to go :P

M said...

wow busan looks really nice!
are you gonna be in korea mid to late july?!

Hana aka acutelife said...

lolz..thankss for the comment..abt the snowcake soap bar, Ive heard ppl rave abt it too..but im not too sure whether i should buy lush soap bar or not..they are quite pricey XD

melsaeve said...

Hey Millie~ Nice update! I hope you're having an awesome time in Korea! I loved all your past posts and just decided to comment on all of them in this one~~

Thanks for telling me to start blogging! It's been really fun! Thank you!

ps: Woot! Another giveaway! I love skinfood :D
you're really sweet~

xoxo Mel