Thursday, June 4, 2009

What's Your HG Contest

Hello everyone! I've reached 200 followers!! Thankq so so much!! In celebration of that, here's the contest that I've promised.
I decided to do an HG contest because I thought it'd be interesting to see what you ladies like. This could also help me decide on future purchases!
Please watch the video for the contest prizes!

1. Be a follower of my blog. Make sure I can identify you in the follower's list. (like let me know if there's a difference to your name and your blog etc etc..)
2. Tell me 1 of your HG makeup items. Why is it your HG and what makes it stand out from other products.
3. I forgot to say in my video...What do you like about my blog and why?
4. Leave your email in the comment box.

Deadline is June 20 midnight my time in Seoul. The winners will be drawn randomly, then you have 2 days to reply back so I don't have to make separate trips to the post office, otherwise I will give the prize to someone else!

This is open internationally. You don't have to post it up on your blog, but it'll be nice if you let others know about it =D

Only contest entries in this post please! I don't want to go through counting all the entries through the non entry posts.
Anything non contest related will be deleted, so please comment in the previous post or my cbox.
This should be everything... if there are any changes, I will update!

Thanks again to all my readers!!! <3


Crystal said...

ooh contest! anyway, this is crystal of musicalfanlovesminerals :P one of my HG products is UDPP. who doesn't love it? i have EXTREMELY oily lids and this is the only primer where my eye makeup stands a chance of lasting long! anyway, i love your blog because first of all, you are so cute! i love the fact that you use a lot of asian brands since i've just begun exploring japanese brands! and also i love the soft looks you do, since i prefer soft looks on my self! anyway, here's my email address:

i'm sorry if this appears multiple times. my browser is acting up :)

Yumeko said...

Do i have to say who i am? XD

ok my HG i have so many but i can only write one..hmm ok Sekkisei by Kose. though i use things other than it, i always go back to it. so i think its considered a HG. especially when i have used it since 16!!

and what i like about your blog..YOU! i think with a lot of beauty blogs, i can only read abt makeup for so long but then i really get to know that person so now i cant stop reading, i wanna know wat u get up to!

Hana aka acutelife said...

ohh,skinfood madness lolz :D my HG product would MM pressed foundation :D im on my 2nd refill and dont have a plan to buy another brand after I finish with it.
I think you're lovely and very nice hehehe..thats why I likey your blog very much :D and you talk not only abt makeup but other things as well, plus you review alot of korean n japanese make up which i love :D

donnarence said...

hi miu.. :D okay.. i think it is kinda weird.. i followed you before and hit again the follow button.. now,, there are two donnarence following you..hahaha with different pictures.. LOL

anyways,, yay for the 200 hg product is nichido liquid eyeliner which is locally available here in the phils. it's only 60 pesos!! for that cheap price i get a long lasting liner.. the color pay off is awesome! i always use it on my fotd's.. what i love about your blog is an overflow of korean and japanese products.. i am always drooling when i see your blog.. haha.. i love your reviews and initial thoughts on these products.. :D

Jamilla Camel said...

Hi MiuMiu!

My HG product is Paul and Joe Whitening Serum. It has totally evened my complexion, removing uneven pigment and discoloration left over from my IPL treatments.

I love your blog because I love to hear about your adventures in Korea, as well as your beauty posts!

laugh4ever_2 said...

Hi MiuMiu!

I'm a follower of your blog and I love your posts about hauls and skincare. I like hauls because, well, who doesn't like hauls? lol. And I like the skincare posts because I'm always looking for products that will give me smooth, glowy skin.

One of my HG makeup items is Annabelle smoothliner in Black. I have extremely oily eyelids and even with primer, all the eyeliners I've tried except smoothliner creases like crazy on me. And, the Annabelle is smoothliner is only 6$, 4$ if I get it on sale, and it performs much better than the 15$ or more eyeliners I've tried.

Congrats on the 200 readers!


fuzkittie said...

Yay giveaway!! yay 200!!! <3

Hmm I'm trying to think of an HG that you don't already know! I would have to tell you that I consider Integrate lipsticks one of my HG lippies because they're so smooth, nondrying, and they come in great OL colors! Plus they're not as expensive as other Japanese brands, while having the same great HE quality.

I love your blog because you're Miu MIu! xD Because you share with us interesting things in your life, and because you're sweet and genuine! <333

fuzkittieo at gmail

-Yu- said...

Congrats on the 200 followers!

Yu from Ugly Is In [link on the name]

My HG is Kose Coen Rich Q10 White UV Protector SPF50+. I cannot leave the house without this my face and neck. I have this fear of the sun beaming on me. Always protect yourself from the sun. :D The texture is milky and glides on like primer plus it is affordable when purchase at the right place.
Miu Miu, i love reading your blog because you share interesting posts about your life, products, events etc also your sweet personality. :3

kylie said...

congrats on 200+ followers! one of my HG makeup items is my laura mercier oil-free foundation. this foundation is the only one that works best with my skin. it doesnt break me out (i have oily, acne skin), it stays oil-free, coverage is buildable, and it blends flawlessly. i love it! im going to actually do a post RIGHT NOW! haha.. and what i like about your blog is that you're very real. i like it when beauty bloggers can be honest, and can blog about their life in addition to beauty-related posts. i esp like that you use asian cosmetics because it's unfamiliar to me and very interesting to read! thanks for the giveaway!


sindylicious said...


I'm a follower now and what I like about your blog is your hauls and all those products that you show us.

My HG product is my black eyeliner from KATE "KATE quick eye liner BK01". I can't live without black eyeliner cause I'm a monolid and I feel very insecure without it!

thank you for this contest :)

Swtest2Lips said...

Thanks for the contest!
My hg beauty item is the Clarisonic brush. This brush gets rid of all makeup left behind by regular cleansing. I used my regular cleanser to clean my face (Philosophy Purity Made Simple) and I thought my face was fairly clean...until I went over it with the clarisonic brush. There were still traces of foundation left on the brush bristles! This is a hg item for me because not only does it remove all traces of makeup, its also provides gentle everyday exfoliation. I noticed within a week that my face was glowing (in a good way)! The clarisonic has really improved my skin texture and evened out tone. The price is steep, but totally worth it in my opinion!

izumi said...

i'm a follower-- duh :P hehehe.

my HG is YES TO TOMATOES moisturizer. my face has been oily.. and.. it is now less oily. x_x; i can't think of more descriptive words. it smells pretty good (may be a little strong if you have a head ache) but i don't have dry patches on my face at ALL anymore. plus the price tag is pretty good, it can be bought at drugstores. apparently the "yes to carrots" and "yes to cucumbers" lines are also really good :)

cleung341 said...

One of my Hg's is the Shiseido mascara base. I love it because it does not weigh down my lashes and it gives me fuller, longer looking lashes and it keeps my curl too. I have Asian lashes which are pretty non existent and are short and stick straight, so this product makes me feel like I actually have nice lashes.
What I like about your blog is that you review products that are interesting or products that are not common in the US, but can still purchase online, like the fringe thing that you blowdry with.

Angela said...

One of my HG makeup item is Loreal Telescopic mascara. I have always bought high end mascaras, but I recently bought the Loreal one after reading some really good reviews on the mascara. I have to say that Im totaly amazed by it. I really make my lash longer and doesn't smudge. I love it.

I love your videos, especially the makeup toturials.

alice said...

hihi muimui~
HAPPY 200!!!!<3

My HG product would have to be the Missha's oven pop blusher in 01 light. I got it as a gift from my friend, and it does wonders in highlighting my faces! brings my cheekbones to life! It's not like typical highlights that is infused with heavy amounts of glitter and shimmer. This h/l, simply adds a glow to my face without obvious shimmers and glitters. i really dun know how they do it. but this has gotta be my hg!

i dun like your blog, I <3 your blog! you introduced me to korean cosmetics with all ur reviews and hauls. also you seem like a really nice person!


LK said...

Hi :o)

**congrads on reaching 200!!**

I'd have to say that my one of my HG makeup items has to be MAC's Lovelorn lipstick! I cannot live without it, and it always gives me a "awake" look and brightens my entire complexion up (even if I haven't been sleeping all that good!). I was in the search for a "dolly light pink" color that wouldn't make me look washed out or dead, and this does it for me. It also gives a slight shine to the lips, so I look more youthful :)

The reason I was drawn to your blog in the beginning was that, I thought how cool it is for someone to be living in Korea and having a beauty blog to share with everyone else in the world! And also, we both share the same love for asian cosmetics, and I love reading your reviews on various products. It's also interesting to see how life is over in Korea as well, besides just beauty postings. But most importantly, you're so nice!! :D

*linakelaita at hotmail dot com*

Annie said...

Hi Miu Miu!

Congrats on reaching 200!!

My HG would have to be the Shiseido 'Accentuating Cream Eyeliner' in Khol Creme Relief because its goes on so smooth and lasts on my eyelids!

I really enjoy your blog because you give great, genuine reviews especially on Korean products.


AngelicBB said...

Hello~ I've been a silent reader for awhile but now I'm a follower! Thanks for having this contest :] My HG item would be the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Cleanser. Everybody, even people who don't use makeup should use cleansers and I've tried many due to my acne-prone skin. This one was the one that best controlled my acne and I've been using it for the past few years now. It's cheap, not harsh and it works!

I like to read your blog because I find your life in Korea to be super interesting. I hope to travel abroad to work in the future, hopefully to an East Asian country, and this blog makes me want to even more! Haha, I like your posts about daily life the most interesting.

lastly, my email:


mascara whore said...

hey miu miu !
my HG would be the majolica majorca mascara base ^^
simple because it makes my lashes longer and holds a nicer curl<3

i like that your blog talks about the makeup items and brands i like, (jap brands etc)

my email,
hehe add me on msn if yu got its :)

Beauty Snap said...

Hi Millie!
Congratulations on your 200 followers, that's a great accomplishment!
1. I am a proud follower of your blog!
2. Ok, one of my favorite HG products is the La Mer lipbalm. It's quite expensive, about $45 for a tub (it lasts a long time but still, $45??!) but I love it! I actually haven't been using it for a couple of months now because I can't afford to buy it now... but my lips are suffering. I have peeling lips all the time even though I apply lipbalm frequently. The La Mer lipbalm is minty but not overpowering and tastes very nice. It moisturizes like a dream~ It's a nice base for lipgloss and lipstick too. I love it and I think I'm going to have to save up and buy it again. I've repurchased it about 3-4 times already and have used it for about 4 years.
3. I really like your posts about your students--real life situations and just in general, your life! It's fun to know about what you do outside of blogging. Also I love your extensive reviews on Korean cosmetics since I don't know ANYTHING about Korean brands. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Sorry to make this so long! :D

AbcGrrrL said...

Hey Millie!

Congrats on 200 followers. Now it's at 211!

I'm Edna from also known as "E" since I HAAAAATE my name, but I guess I'll reveal it sooner or later on my blog.

We're so similar with our blogs! Not only are they PINK, but they're 3 columns! :)

My HG item has got to be MAC's Blacktrack fluidline. Prior to that, I used pencil eyeliner and I find that it always fades away, smudges, all the stuff we DONT want happening with our liner. I tried liquid liner ONCE, and hated it. I cannot control that flimsy brush and I ended up looking like a raccoon!! Then, I tried Blacktrack fluidline with an angled brush. The application is super easy and it stays on ALL day! I can make the line as thin or as thick as I want and that little pot is still going strong! The reason why it's my HG, is because if I'm in a rush to go out, I'd do my morning routine, spat on some BB cream, then line my eyes with the liner and rush out. It makes my eyes look bigger and more awake. I don't think I can live without this item :)

And lastly, my email is

Yin said...

congrats on so many followers!

1)My Name is Yinnie [under follower Yin]
2)My HG item is definately my Estee Lauder Sumptous mascara, Its pretty new and im only using the sample atm, but the results are BEYOND amazing, it holds my curls all day and i usually have totally flat lashes. =) It stands out because it's such a wonderful product for asian lashes. =)
3. I'm loving the abundance of Korean products. I'm in awe and kick myself everyday for not buying more makeup and skincare in korea last year.
4. My email is

and I'm spreading the love:

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

congrats on your 200 :) well you know i follow your blog :P

My HG makeup has gotta be my shiseido mascara base. it never disappoints, it keeps my lashes curled when all mascara makes me lashes droop. it also protect my lashes, builds up volume and length effortlessly. it basically does the bulk of the job of a mascara!

I like your blog cos it has a mix of everything, from personal to beauty :)your videos are fun too! keep it up!

xy said...

My HG product would proberly be anything from Kawaii Tokyo!!hmm i like anything from japan products but this is quite affordable and does not breakout my skin!..=)

love your blogs and how to put on on makeup!

miss wiggle said...

Hi Millie! :D

MY HG: Vincent Longo Water Canvas Creme-to Powder Foundation. This stuff just m-e-l-t-s into my skin, and gives me THE MOST FANTASTIC my-skin-but-perfect look. I think it's because of the 75% water content. I'm not sure how useful it is for you, since even I have trouble finding it in the states!! The brand just got pulled from Sephora (SADNESS!). But in case you come across it, it's absolutely worth a try - I'd say your color would be "Warm Beige" (or a little lighter). By the way, I can't vouch for their other products since I've never tried them.

YOUR BLOG: Love the no-nonsense content, and the clear photos. AND I love your videos - it's always nice to hear your voice.

MY EMAIL: miss dot wiggle at live dot com

Dianna said...

hi! thanks for holding this great giveaway for your followers!

i love your blog because you give really great and in-depth reviews on products you try out and i also love hearing about your stories of working in Korea.

one of my HG is the Japanese brand Yu-Be cream that comes in the tub. I purchased it through Sephora although I am sure it's much cheaper in Japan. I really adore this cream because I can use it on my body as well as my face and I have very acne prone/problematic skin. What i like to do is apply the cream right when I step out of the shower when there is still some water on my skin. The water helps the cream absorb better and my skin is left feeling so smooth and moisturized. I actually don't have to apply the cream on my body every day because it keeps my skin moisturized for so long. I do apply the cream on my face everyday and it helps keep moisture in, but also controls oil! The other thing is i love how the ingredients are so simple and there's no addeds fillers/extra preservatives. I hope you'll give it a try sometime. It's really worth it in my opinion!

Lulu said...

yay congrats on 200! it's way over 200 now :)

1. I am a follower, my name is Lulu aka Luluchinadoll at

2. My HG makeup item has got to be the MUFE Aqua Eyes liner in black. I use it to tightline every morning. Before that, I tried drugstore brands that always smudges on me and leaves me w/ a racoon eye soon because of my oily lids. And then I tried Urban Decay's 24/7 liner, but those didn't stay on my lids well either until I found the makeup forever one! It stays on my lids really well for the whole day, very pigmented, yet very soft and doesn't tug my eyelids at all!

3. I love your blog because you not only talk about makeup and skincare, but you also have some personal updates too and beautiful pictures. I also enjoy hearing you telling us about your teaching experience in Korea. Your blog is just a joy to read and I definitely look forward to your updates everytime :)

4. luluchinadoll at gmail dot com

cibicco said...

Hello from Singapore. My HG concealer is Helena Rubinstein's magic Concealer. It's pretty lightweight but pigmented enough to cover my dark circles.

Hmm, I like that there is an even mix of skincare and makeup posts. And also the you occasionally provide some insight into what interests you like collecting miniature food.

K said...

Hey Miumiu!!!

It's K from bihadadiaries :)

My HG makeup item... is not a makeup/skin care item, but the net I use to foam up my facial wash! It makes any facial wash just FANTASTIC!!!

I like your blogs because it's YOU! I like your personality and I like to hear about living in Korea!

hellokittyromance said...

yay for 200 followers!
my HG will be....the L'oreal felted tip liquid eyeliner. i love it! because since i have school, i always sleep in until i HAVE to get up. so i dont have much time to put on makeup. and the felted tip eyeliner just makes it soooo much easier and faster for me to put on my make up XD

i love your blog because i like all your stories about your school and the things you get are really cool and intersting. like that bang shaper thingy (the pink one with holes) XD


Lumy said...

Hi, what a great contest!~
One of my HG products is Guerlain Khol in Black because it really makes your eyes stand out. It's not like other eyeliners which don't last on your waterline. Even though not as when first applied, it stays really incredibly after a lot of hours. I also love the reaaallyyy small glitter in it and it doesn't hurt your eyes at all!

What I like about your blog is your way of telling things, I mean, you just don't talk about make up, but also about your life and because I like Korean culture a lot I found your blog very interesting to follow =)
Sorry for my bad English~

lumychan (at) hotmail (dot) com

ChyiX2 said...

Congrats on the 200 followers! \(^o^)/ Yay!

This is hard...but if I had to choose only one HG make-up product I would go with MAC powder blush in Style. It's the perfect shade and although it looks kinda scary in the pan it's really pretty and is great on asians.

I really like your blog because you share tidbits about your life and also because you use so many asian brands. I'm always on the lookout for those so I can make a list for whenever I visit an asian country and your blog is perfect for inspiration.

Btw, this is Chi aka Crookedsmile from


Lisa said...


My HG... for sure it's a concealer! I have really dark under eye circles. My HG concealer at the moment is Lancome's Effacernes Waterproof concealer in "light bisque". Although, I can't really say it's waterproof but I really like it because it isn't cakey and dry and the coverage is pretty good. You can layer it without making it look cakey.

I've been always checking out your blog website for awhile.. i can't really remember since when tho.. a while back. I check your updates weekly but I never subscribed. I never subscribe to blogs cuz I check them weekly anyway. I really enjoy your blog.You have a variety of makeup and skincare reviews and ramblings that are helpful. I enjoy Skinfood products a lot, as well as Japanese skincare products and your blog provide a lot of the things I want to know and learn.

Also because I was also thinking about going to Korea to teach hence I look into your blog to get more information about your experience there. ^_^


tessa said...

Hi Miumiu,

Congrats!! :)

My HG product is the Shu Uemura eyelash curler!! I've repurchased it many times over the years as it gives the best and longest lasting curl that no other curler has given me.

What I really like about your blog is the wonderful reviews you make on the different products that you've bought from different places in asia :)


Teressa (teressa1[@]gmail[.]com

KRYSTAL said...

hello miu miu!! congrats on reaching 200 followers!... first off, i am a follower! =) ( and i wanted to join ur contest!

1. Tell me 1 of your HG makeup items. Why is it your HG and what makes it stand out from other products.
my HG makeup item is my vaseline lip protectant! its what i use EVERYDAY, because my lips are just so chappy.. this product really helps with it so thats why i love it so much and i think it stands out from my other products becausae i use different products on my face... but for my lips, i use this vaseline ALL THE TIME, i can wear it even without any lipstick or gloss on top! =D

3. What do you like about my blog and why?
i love how your blog is so neat and organized! and i love ur eye fotds, swatches, and tutorials, its so detailed and not boring! and i like how u always post pics! =D

and lastly, here is my email:

Sally Rose Mei said...

Hey MiuMiu! CONTRATS reaching 200 follwers!! && Thanks for hosting this giveaway! =P

2- My HG would be Make up forever lift. because I have really really dark circles.. & i always apply this before i go anywhere outside. This concealer works great! It's layerable(i put layers to cover up), water resistant, and very HIGHLY crease resistant. Every other concealers I've ever used either looks dry, cakey, creases, vanishes or doesn't even cover up.

3- i love how you do reviews/swatches/fotds with stuff I'm about to try on or thinking of purchasing =) & all your reviews, ramblings are what I want to know as far as other things about korean/japanese cosmetics!

4- my email -

janny said...

So here goes for my comment
2 - My HG product would have to be my Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation because it just gives me such a flawless, natural coverage and it feels so light on my skin as well

3 - The reason why i like your blog is the fact that it features a lot of korean products (a big fave of mine) since you are situated in korea

4 - my email is (

[hazel] said...

Hello! Congrats!! and Thanks for the giveaway!

My HG makeup item is Etude House's Magic BB Cream! Although I still have to blot a few times during the day, I LOVEEEEEEE the way my skin feels and looks after using it!

I like your blog because I love that you talk about asian products! & I love asian products myself, even though I don't have much ^^ Plus your banner is super cute!


[hazel] said...

Ohhhhhhhh I forgot to add that I don't blog at blogger but I do blog at :)

Amelia said...

congratulation with 200 followers

My HG makeup is Missha perfect cover BB cream, its better than my previous BB cream and doesn't make me break out.

and I love your blog because its interesting, good reviews and help me to figure out how living in Korea looks like since I'm a Kpop fan and always want to go to korea one day =]


mint said...

hi miumiu, i'm quite new =P found your blog from fuzkittie's blog.

one of my HG makeup item is benefit's Dr Feelgood face balm. it's abit pricey but the results are good x3 cute packaging and comes with a sponge. sometimes i just use my fingers =P, it goes on top of moisturizer and under foundation like a primer. i find it best under foundation and using a small amount. it does say you can use it over foundation. but its annoying putting it on afterwards and you cant rub, must pat it on. i only use it on needed areas and it really it hides my pores, smooths my skin, controls the oily shine and doesnt weight my face down.

what i like about your blog is the product reviews and swatches x3 i always have a hard time deciding what to buy, so it's helpful when i see other's reviews on it. helps me judge whether it's the right product for me and which shade i should go for =3


amynaree said...

Hello! My HG product is Shu Uemura Depsea Mist in Rose! I use it before I go to sleep and during the day if my skin feels like it needs a pick me up. I really like your blog and you tube vids because it features Asian make up brands that i've never used, so it helps me alot on deciding which brands and colors to purchase. I also like that most of your looks are simple and appropriate for everyday usage! My email is :)

diskogal said...

Hello!! :)
The product I can't live without is my Clinique city block sunscreen. I love how light and non-greasy it is, the fact that it is tinted and perfect as a foundation primer and its high spf(25)!

As for your blog, I love the pictures you post and your videos :)

Vanessa said...

Hi Miumiu ~~ Congrats!

I tried to read thru most of the comments above so I can recommend something out of the ordinary but haha I think I've failed. Here's one love of mine: Shiseido Majorlica Majorca Mascara Base. Their mascara is awesome too but the base is definitely a keeper! IMO most mascaras weigh down my lashes at least somewhat but using this base will cure that. HG HG HG!

I like your blog cause it's asian oriented. I like seeing all the things you're doing/experiencing in Korea/Asia not just in the cosmetics area.

Jenn said...

Congrats on the 200+ followers!

My most recent HG product is the Shiseido The makeup mascara base. It helps my lashes hold a curl and just makes them seem longer and more defined even before putting on any mascara. It stands out bc it gives really dramatic results right away!

I like your blog for the reviews and the daily life stories. It makes me more interested in traveling to Asia. =)

KawaiiFallenStar said...

My holy grail item.. I guess it would be my bourjois liner mascara. Cheap and cheerful. Does what it says. Make my eyes flutter. Doesn't smudge!. yay

What I like about your blog is the asian product posts. I like the parts of talk you do about you in korea and your students. Cuz it is something I am considering I want to do.

Congrats. Keep Blogging. Thanks for opportunity.

Shan x

Phoebe85 said...

Hi Miu Miu!

Congrats on reaching 200 followers!!

I'm from Indonesia
My HG Mascara is Make Up Forever Smoky Lash.. This mascara works extremely well. Its thickening and really dark black.. Makes my lash looked natural.. Luv it!!!

I'm a follower now and what I like about your blog is your hauls and all those products that you show us. Especially... I'm also interesting to see how life is over in Korea as well, besides your beauty postings... I luv Korean!!!


flowoftime said...


My HG product is probably my Benefit Benetint lip tint. I love it! it brings my pale dead looking lips to life haha. Gives them a rosy glow.

I like the food on your blog LOL i basically like to read anyones blog for fun.

Shobe said...

MY HGproduct would be my ellana lip and cheek tint when it comes to natural look flushed cheeks,it really gives me this beautiful flush out of the shower look,its ceap but it stands out compared to all of my liquid blushes,like bodyshop.what i like about your blog is all the korean brands that you have reviews and stuff,coz i really dont have access on all of those and its really nice to see it even if i cant have it haha.

Linda said...

My HG product is Urban Decay Primer Potion. If I don't have this product, then I might as well not use eyeshadow. My lids are so oily that everything creases within the hour. It makes any type of eye makeup I use last all day. And because I live in the hot desert, that rocks!

I love your posts. I know I don't comment, but I do stalk your blog all the time! I think you write well and I don't get bored reading your reviews.


miemiemie said...

omg i forgot to post a comment..hahha i wanted to join back then but was too busy with my review then.. hahha

okay, my HG product is mac's select cover up concealer...i could never leave the house without putting concealer on my undereye area or the reddish spots on my face..i could wear bb cream but still it fails to cover my problem areas..i could live without all of my stuff but i would die without this..what makes it stand out? aside from the fact that it has a lot of shades to choose from since its from MAC, the consistency is a big help for someone like me with oily skin. i've tried a bunch but i still come back to this one :)

what i like? no! what i LOVE about your blog..i love it coz i can easily read your blog without feeling left know what i mean..i find comfort in reading asian blogs..why? coz i can relate more..not that i dislike other nationalities..its just that i can easily relate to asians like myself..not to mention know what would work well with my skin and such..another is that i've always liked korea and korean stuff, and i enjoy looking at your photos and hauls. its like eye candy to me..and last but not the least, here in blogger i've found new friends. and i really appreciate it when bloggers would leave me comments on my entries even if i don't update all the time. its really heart warming :) i love all of my lovely ladies here. thanks a bunch!

anna said...

my hg is MAC's angel lipstick! it's the perfect light pink lipstick for my pale skin. i can just throw it on in the morning and leave the house! i love it:)
i love your blog because you write about everything i like. food, makeup, korea, japan, daily life... it's exciting to read about your life in korea ^_^ and you're so cute and lovely:)

yousquishedmypuppy said...

Hi millie!

My HG would be the concealer I was telling you about - the Za Concealer Perfection. I love how I can just dab it on and leave the house if I'm in a hurry, because it's so light and has pretty good coverage it works on undereyes and on any redness I have around my nose. BB cream is great of course but my skin gets dry easily so some bb creams look cakey at the end of the day. this concealer NEVER does, and even when it's hot and my skin produces oil the concealer doesn't melt away. It removes easily with makeup remover and doesn't clog pores. Love it.

And I love your blog because you make me laugh (still giggly over the walking bb cream) and it's so interesting to read about your life in Seoul. Not to mention you always buy and review the exact same products I have lemmings for. You're cute and always have something nice to say =P

Hope this makes your ego swell.. hahahahaa.

Love, Sarah

jojos4eva said...

Hi Sweetie!
My HG product is actually Ego. DermAid 0.5% cream.. its for releaving skin irritations, sunburn, itching, rashes and mostly eczema. I have a bad case of that when they switch seasons.. SO... HG!
If we're talking makeup?
It is actually Stila Eye kohl, because it stays put all day! I love it :p

and... I love your blog because you have a bit of everything.. You have food that makes me tummy rumble... and haulages... i love them! lol

My email is

ilovepink said...

1. Hi MiuMiu =] its Anna from hehe
2. my fav. / hg product is the SHU UEMURA DEEPSEA THERAPY moisture recovery lip balm spf 15 sunscreen.
i seriously can not live without this.. haha i have like 3 of these. it really moisture ur lips, i tried so many other lip treatment and i always go back to the shu uemura one. it works and i get fast results which i like =) there is no smell, its just a clear.
3. I love ur hauls and pics of food...actually everything u take in korea haha .. i really wanna visit korea and when i do. im going to write down all the places u suggested haha

theotherworldly said...

Hi! I just became a follower, but I've been reading for a pretty long time. Finally got the push to join the contest... since you've been reminding repeatedly :)

My HG product is Vichy NormaTeint Anti-Imperfection Foundation. My colour is 01, Porcelain, but I'm trying to finish my 03 Ivory one. It's a great liquid foundation for oily skin and sets quickly on its own, without the thick stuffy feeling of a foundation after application. It's glowy but is matte to the touch, and lasts me all day through the heat and humidity of Singapore. It oxidises on my face to a darker colour after some hours, but this can be solved by a light dusting of translucent powder. It's a thin liquidy texture that has good coverage. :) You might like it for your T-zone, that's where I use it too.

I like your blog because it's not just about makeup or beauty but because it's personal (I know I sound like a stalker here). I enjoy reading about your life in Korea, I imagine it isn't the easiest of things to uproot and live there. I think you're really adventurous! I like the way you write because it's really quite lucid and isn't just a few photographs and kisses.

My email is theotherworldly at gmail dot com .

Lisa said...

hello miumiu! :)

My HG product is my Merlot Grape Seed Moisturizer. I have quite oily skin and I am acne prone, and most moisturizers just make me an oil slick. I searched endlessly for a moisturizer that would really do its job without making me look so oily, and I finally knew I found it when I got Merlot. I've gone through 2 jars and I still love to use it. It is especially great for the summer because it keeps my face moisturized without any excessive oil.

I like a lot of things about your blog. I like all the Asian beauty products you present and just how down to earth you are :) Keep it up!

Sabine said...

Hi Miu Miu!

Thanks for the holding this giveaway and congrats for hitting 200 followers! :)

One of my HG makeup items are Nars blushes. Blush has always been my favorite makeup item because I find that it's the easiest to apply. Perfect for a quick pick me up on mornings that I'm too lazy to wake up early for school. I love Nars in particular because the blushes come in wide range of colors and different finishes and great pigmentation. But the best thing about them is the staying power. It's the only brand I've tried that doesn't fade with me after a full day of wear. :)

I love your blog because I love reading about Asian beauty products. I've also always wanted to visit Korea so I also enjoy reading posts about the places you visit. I like your writing style and your honesty. :)


Whit said...

1. I'm a follower, you know me, right? lol

Congrats on over 200 followers!!!

2. One of my NEW holy grail makeup items is the Skinfood Lime Secret Pact powder- because it's an Illuminating Powder- it doesn't make you look cakey nor does it make you look shiny- it just adds a really pretty glow to your skin (I think you'd like this stuff!!)

3. I like your reviews, I like your diversity- you have an interesting blog that I could read everyday :)


cassie said...

I've been a lurker but I want to share my HG :]
Egyption Magic cream! Its an all purpose cream that I swear solves every skin problem like flakiness, blemishes, and scars. Its made of just 6 all natural ingredients but it works wonders. I put this on at night and in the morning, my skin is GLOWING. I've used a wide range of skincare before but nothing has topped this. There are youtube reviews here:

Try it!

Rachel said...

Hmm...good thing you asked about a HG makeup rather than skincare item or I'd have a lot of trouble narrowing it down :P

I think my HG makeup item def. has to be the Anastasia Brow powder and Highlighting Trio brow kit! (which reminds me, I need to review this item) I don't always need to wear foundation or concealer when I leave the house (depending on how bad my skin is) but I MUST wear eyebrow powder since I have sparse brows. I used to just use brow pencils and I noticed a huge difference in how pasty and strange I looked in photos. There are three diff eyebrow shades in this kit, and I use the lightest one all over my brow first as a "base" color, the middle one from the beginning of my brow to the arch, and the darkest from the arch to the end of my eyebrow. It looks very natural and great with dark brown or black hair. The powder also contains minerals + natural botanicals which are good for skin and won't clog the pores. Other than the 3 brow powder shades, the kit also has three highlighting shades--ivory, pink, and gold. They look great on the browbone, cheekbone, and inner eye and very versatile.
The kit also has a mirror in the compact so I can toss it in my bag if I'm running late anywhere. I can even double up on the brow powder as eyeshadow and the pink highlighter as blush if I'm in a hurry--true minimalist style!

*that was long....pheww*

Hmm..I like your blog bc it gives great insider perspective on Asian products. I've never been to Asia so it will def come in handy when I visit (esp that HK post)!

My blog name = minimalist beauty reviews
email = flyfarawayy at yahoo dot com

Thanks for holding this giveaway! :-)

Jess said...

1) It's Jess from Ohh... pretty! ;) And I'm a follower to your blog.

2) My hg product is the DIOR Diorskin Sculpt Lifting Smoothing Concealer. You know, I'm concerned with some redness around the nose and on my cheeks, on the chin and slightly dark under-eye circles. This concealer really covers up everything - it's smooth, non-drying, very natural looking.

The best concealer ever! When I'm working at the bf's restaurant, I only have this concealer and some loose/pressed powder on my face, and my complexion is nicely evened out though. ;)

So yeah, I can't live without it! Have purchased 4 times now already, haha... my hg item forever!

3) I like your blog, b'cause you write about different topics, such as beauty, food, and travel, and b'cause of your cute layout, hehe...


ning * star said...

hihi, is me nlngstar

1. my HG makeup is elisha coy always nuddy BB 24. I think it is better than skin79 Bb cream and skinfood bb cream. Like other BB cream that I've tried so far, they tend to leave a layer of oil, which I really dislike and I have to blot my face as frequent as possible. But elisha coy BB cream works really good. It almost conceal all my blemishes and it goes well with my skin.It is just so natural. I never blot my face when I'm using this start from 8am till 6pm and it is pretty hydrating too. It works really, really great!

2. I love your blog because tru your blog, I know more about korea, and korean brand cosmetics. Other than that, i can see a lot of korean food too, which makes me get so excited. U have posted some cute stuff too, such as the donut :lion shape. hehe.

aichaku-愛着 said...

Aichaku/Karen here. :D I have so many HG items, I'll just let you know one. It is Fancl Sun Guard. I just read it has 12% Zinc Oxide (great UVA protection hence - good for preventing our freckles from getting worse - cos we both have freckles from our moms!) and 6% Titanium Dioxide! It's not too thick, white or oily. We've met before, so you know what my skin is like - a bit on the dry side. :D I like your blog cos I got to know you as a person and your life, especially the fun things you are doing in Korea and your travels. :D

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

My HG product that has to be KOSE Moisture Skin Repair Essence. It's so hydrate and leave my skin so supply. The essence does not leave my skin any sticky or oily feeling and this product has been introduced in Queen, a Taiwanese show.

What I like about your blog? That has to be your FOTD. Never over doing it and suitable for everyday use. Easy blending skill is what I need as I'm very careless and impatient. Hahaha

Cherish Cyndi said...

My HG makeup item is Kate Gel Liner. It is cheaper than Bobbi Brown and MAC's gel liner but suits me much better. I have it in both black and brown and I love both of them. The colours are natural and suitable for daily use. However, the colours can be layered for a more intense look. It also comes with a lovely eyeliner brush which has since become my HG eyeliner brush. I don't know whether it is because of its texture or what, I don't really make mistake with Kate gel liner. I normally line my eyes perfectly with this liner. However, with MAC, I made quite some mistakes. It doesn't smudge on me and it is very very waterproof. Best eyeliner I have ever used!

I like your blog because you are one of the most interesting blogs which blog about Japanese and Korean beauty items! I am so in love with those products and it is not easy to find a good blog which blog about them.

cherish.cyndi [at] gmail [dot] com

Tamara said...

Hey, I blogged about this here:

2. Fruit of the Earth 100% aloe vera gel. I love it, I use it for almost anything, so I decided to do a review on it, here it is:

3. I love watching videos. It's fun, but aswell I love reading looong blog entries :). I love your natural MU too! ^^

4. milost dot tamara at gmail dot com

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

My HG would be Lancome lipstick in 302 SOS Pink. I get tired easily of makeup colours but never get tired of this one. Its a cute neutral to slightly warm pink that goes well with dramatic winged liner or a more innocent doll-like look.

I enjoy your blog because I get to hear about Korean brands, which helps if I want to order something online / ebay.

My email is watercoloursky[at]

M said...

My HG item is the Shu Uemura basic mascara. I've tried so many different mascaras but always have the the shu one around, its never failed me. It holds the curls and separates really well.

I love your blog since you always have something fun to post about, it may not always be makeup related which i like :)


Sherry said...

My HG item is Revlon foundation, got to have them, I try other but they are not long lasting and cannot keep long. I mean the bottle dried up! :(

I am new follower :)

I like your blog as I am new in makeup and love to food,shopping, makeup and cosmetics,that you share on your blog :)


sherrygo at hotmail dot com

Parisky said...
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Glamorouxx said...

Hello! I am following you :)

2. HG product is definitely GOSH Darling lipstick, because I am very into sheer nude colors on my lips. I leaves lips very creamy and moist as well.

3. I love how you blog about everything in your life and you keep it so simple and easy-to-follow.

4. glamorouxx at gmail dot com

♥akisa♥ said...

My HG makeup item is Utowa cream foundation. It gives flawless coverage, melts into the skin & is dewy at the same time.

I love that your posts are not too waffly (that go on and on.. I have a short attention span, haha) and love it whenever you feature stuff from Korea since I miss the place so much.

my email is akisalove at gmail dot com.